Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emily Needs to Relax with a Good Rubdown

Title: Relax
Author: freakyhazeleyes
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 3,904
Reviews: 43
Summary: All Human lemon one shot. Bella needs help relaxing and Edward's the one who helps her. Requested by and Dedicated to damnprecious124

I have to agree with my fellow perv MsKathy in that I usually do not like one shots because I like more depth to my fic. But sometimes a quickie dose of smut is just what you need to get your blood pumping. Freakyhazeleyes spins a tale of an overstressed college-aged Bella preparing for her final exams.

We all remember those days and some of your are probably immersed in them right now. The cramming, the stress, the last minute edits to your paper...the life of any college student. What would be the perfect solution to all that stress? How about a long, slow, languid massage delivered by Edward Cullen.

The ever scheming Alice, cajoles Bella into taking her appointment at the spa. Bella having never had a professional massage before is tentative but she agrees because really; who can say no to Alice? Of course the reader knows that the masseuse will be Edward but reading the reaction through Bella's eyes places the reader right on that massage table, naked and ready to feel firm hands on flesh. Without giving away all that happens, I will say there is a good dose of smut that left me satisfied and also wanting more.

So go read, review and then have some nice alone time "Relaxing". Will it be as satisfying as Bella's massage? Of course not but then again you don't have to take final exams either.


Mad4Hugh said...

Hmmmmm...loved it!