Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PPSS Important Upcoming Events Post and Information

I have some bad news, I'm leaving the PPSS to become the sex slave of Cam and Rob w/ a little Peter's peter on the side.

Okay, I'm not really but I can hope can't I?

Proud Pervlings,

I come with you... shit...no that's not right.

I come TO you with the exciting changes that the PPSS is going through.

As you can see my the fine specimens of man meat that are under me...er...under this post I mean, there will be a monthly poll, pitting the US hunks to battle (hopefully naked) against the UK hunks (also hopefully equally naked).

So keep your eyes peeled (and your batteries handy) for that showdown that will take place on the first of every month!!!

Along, with the Mighty Bohunk Showdown we'll be having weekly polls arranged by the pervalicious PurdueLiz. Anything goes in these polls and I know we're looking forward to your input! If you've got a poll idea please forward it to purdueliz@pervpackssmutshack.com

Ask a Perv will be a monthly feature that highlights YOU the proud pervling and your questions. Our darling, blushing Brit Emmy will be taking your questions at askaperv@pervpackssmutshack.com

Now, you can either ask a specific PPSS member your question for example.

"Nina, how big is Peter
Facinelli's dick

Or you can be all encompassing and ask the PPSS as a group.

"Do you guys really all know
what each other's lady
pillows look like?"

Anything goes Pervlings, give us your worst (or in this case your best)

Hmmm, twat else is there. Ah yes, the AUTHOR INTERVIEWS. Girls, let me just tell you how fucking excited I am for these bitches. First of all, the author turnout was astounding. I can't thank them enough for agreeing to have the pervy minds of us (and you) unleashed upon them completely uncensored. So, that being said. I give to you the following...

First, you should know the address to send your questions. Our lovely and multi talented (and double jointed) Bri aka Antiaol will be compiling your questions.

bri@pervpackssmutshack.com is the email to use!

Be specific to the author/PPSS member that you're writing it for please. Get them in soon too! We want as MANY questions as you can muster up for these authors!!!

Perv Pack Author Interview Extravaganza

PPSS Antiaol
Pervy Author Algonquinrt

PPSS Tallulah Remiter
Pervy Author SorceressCirce

PPSS Fiberkitty
Pervy Author JannaBanana

PPSS Pippapear
Pervy Author Americnxidiot

PPSS MsKathy
Pervy Author Gustariana

PPSS Manyafandom
Pervy Author Melissa228

PPSS Ninapolitan
Pervy Author Feathers_mmmm

PPSS Cullenitis
Pervy Author ObsessingOverEdward

PPSS Love=Edward
Pervy Author Adorable Cullens

Pervy Author gemmabobella

Pervy Author tby789

PPSS 4theluvofMary
Pervy Author Gondolier

PPSS PurdueLiz
Pervy Author Bittenev

So there you have it ladies, get cracking on those author questions, we're expecting a lot from you! You've supported us with this venture and we're giving back.

We want your input!!!


antiaol said...

How excited am I?!? Hit me with your best boobs...err...questions. :D

Anonymous said...

Yay! How exciting. But I must say how delicious is that pic of Rob and Cam. That would make one delicious sandwich...