Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Number Poll" How Many Have You Boned?

Anonymous quotes from the Pervs: Match the Perv to the 'number of men boned' and Bri will send you some man meat.

This week's Match Game... Guess correctly for some Meat from the locker...

2 of the PP'ers have 1 on their roster...

11-20; 10 + 3 women. So lucky 13 I THINK? (Bad memory)

20++ I am a slut and proud of it!

20+ I also believe I hold the PPSS record, and yes. My slutty ass (and other parts) are proud of that.

FYI: NOBODY guess correctly last week! Bri's got a backlog of Man Meat trying to escape!

"I was 15, barely, and had already come to the conclusion that I 'needed' to know what the big deal was. The guy was just some hot senior. My one regret was that it could've been with the boyfriend before him who actually cared about me, rather than being a notch on Hot Senior's belt." This was from...Tallulah Remiter

"I was 17, it was with my boyfriend (now husband) of two years and it happened in Disney World." This was from...Antiaol

"I was 17 and there's no grand story behind it." This was from...MsKathy

"I was 3 months from my 19th birthday, with the boyfriend who would become my husband. On the floor in his dorm room." This was from...PurdueLiz

"17 with an older man. *shrugs*" This was from...4theluvofMar


Britt01 said...

Ok, Antiaol, this totally begs my perv question - Disney World? As in one of the hotels? Or actually in the theme park? YGG!

Anonymous said...

Well obviously Antiaol and PurdueLiz are the onces with "1 on their roster", since they lost their V-Card to their future husbands and they're still married. And I'm hoping for their husband's sake that I'm wright about this one *grin*, and also cause it would be kinda' creepy if I were wrong.

I'm gonna say MsKathy for 13, cause she's the only one that's written femme slash.

And that leaves Tallulah and 4theluvofMary with 20+.

antiaol said...

Britt01 - that was the first question of the PP girls, too. And, I'll tell you what I told them - I'll let you come to your own conclusions. :D

bellaslover said...

i love games.

um.. antiaol and purdueliz for one, using the same logic as dragonflyidt...

and for 10 + 3 im thinking manyafandom or mskathy

and for 20+ OIPEM and ninapolitan

what do i get if i win?

...wowie! said...

This pole...I mean poll makes me feel like a slut. That can't be right. lol

melooza said...
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melooza said...

here are my guesses

1= purdueliz antiaol
13= becks

OK and I have no clue for the 20...

~JO~ Cullenitis said...

Ha. I love this new game!