Sunday, February 14, 2010

Announcing the Winners of the Golden Lemon Awards

We are proud to announce the winners of the Golden Lemon Awards! We had an overwhelming response, with over 2000 lemons nominated and 1198 votes. We'd like to thank the following lovely ladies. We wish we could give all of you awards too:

HeatherDawn for making our lovely banners and graphics.

FeistyY.Beden, Algonquinrt, and MsKathy for helping us with cool award names.

All of our validators: apolloandbaby, beans827, IHateCleanBreaks, HeatherDawn, HookaShewz, KeepingUpWiththeKids, Kikikinz, Legna, MrsAC, mozzer0906, Profitina, secamimom, SingleStrand, TSW_913, TwiSherry, and Viola Cornuta.

Everyone who promoted, tweeted, and told their friends to nominate and vote.

The Awards programs who answered Kassiah's pleas for voting help.

All of the writers, readers, voters, and especially those who took the time to nom.

The Fictionators and the PervPack Smut Shack for announcing our Winners.

Without further ado, the Winners of the first edition of the Golden Lemon Awards, as chosen by popular vote:

Link to Best Buttsecks Lemon

Link to Best Cherry Pop Lemon

Link to Best Cockblock Lemon

Link to Best Dirty Talk Lemon

Link to Best Dry Hump Lemon

Link to Best Fucking in Water Lemon

Link to Best Fucking Up Against Wall Lemon

Link to Best Group Sex Lemon

Link to Best Kiss Lemon

Link to Best Make-Up Sex Lemon

Link to Best Oral Sex Lemon

Link to Best Sex in Public/Outdoor Sex Lemon

Link to Best Slash Lemon

Link to Best Tie Me Up and Fuck Me Lemon

Link to Best Use of Food in Sex Lemon

Link to Best Vamp Sex Lemon

Link to Best Wank Lemon

Link to Best "Yes! They Finally Did It!" Lemon

Link to Most Creative Position or Most Original Lemon Lemon

Link to Sweetest Sex Lemon

We also are awarding the following Special Awards. The Special Host Awards were selected by Kassiah and bsmog and though nominations were taken into account, they were chosen completely by the hosts:

Link to "sin and fuck and heaven all rolled into one" Lemon

Nothing that Kassiah is involved in could be complete without OJward.

Link to Best Use of OJ in a Lemon

Finally, there really wasn't much deliberation when we were selecting the recipient of this award. She was immediately chosen by the two of us as well as receiving the most nominations. This person is synonymous with good smut and we love her so much. For all the lovin', smexin', and fuckin' (vamp and otherwise), The Lifetime Achievement in Smut Award goes to:

We'll be back (probably in August) with more Golden Lemon Awards! We'll have new categories, new lemons, and a whole new nominating process. So start thinking of your faves now and be sure to follow @kassiah on twitter for updates!

Thanks again and Congratulations to the Winners!

Love & Lemons,
bsmog & Kassiah


KJ said...

The titles are hilarious! Love them!

Alby Mangroves said...

The Award titles are brilliant. I'm going to make it my mission to verify that each of them is well deserved by reading through them several times.
Thanks for all the *hard* work Ladies x