Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's this whole "Honorary Perv" thing?

You might have noticed that the Shack has more bodies rubbing about since December? You might be wondering just what is going on? Well ladies and gents, it is with great delight that I tell you a wee bitty more about our newest members - our Honorary Perv's!

What is an Honorary Perv I hear you ask? Well, an Honorary Perv is an author or a reviewer in the fandom, that we think will add another layer to your favourite bunch of perv's! We all have our own tastes here at The Shack - but we know just like Ben & Jerry's that you dear pervlings enjoy variety and getting a taste of a new or different flavour. So every month, in addition to your regular favourite Perv's, you will get one or two different Honorary Perv's and all the deliciousness they can offer! They will be partaking in our round table recommendations and offering up their favourite lemony one-shots just like the regular pack girls. From this month they will also be joining in on our other fun like our recc's for our specialist teams - Wussperv, Slash and Anything Goes.


Ninapolitan said...

YOU SNATCH! Saying the P word in an interview!!! hehehehe

ordinary_girl said...

that baby pic of your kids is so freaking adorable! God, I'm a sucker for that sleeping baby face!

Alby Mangroves said...

Young Kellan appears to be smiling, but I wonder if he got out of there alive. perhaps this is the real reason for a delay in filming BD.