Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get to know AmethystJackson & acireamos

Ready to better know an (honorary) perv? Amethyst Jackson here, sometimes known as AJ or Miss Jackson…or, as I’m known in the real world, Katie. You see now why I need that out-there penname.

I am a senior in college, graduating December ’10. For a long time, my major emphasis was in literature, but I made a last minute switch to creative writing after a big life crisis phase. I’ve been in creative writing classes for a few weeks now, and I already think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Besides that, my “real” life is painfully uninteresting. I have no significant other, only a handful of friends, and I live in Kansas, of all the boring places. I’m a bit of a hermit. Mostly, I hang around my dorm room, write fanfiction, watch TV, knit on occasion. I’ve always been drawn to creative pursuits. Personally, I get the most satisfaction when I’m doing something that actually produces something that other people can enjoy, whether it’s knitting or baking or writing.

This fandom thing has been going on for a long time for me. I started out when I was 13 with Harry Potter, and spend forever over there. Wrote a lot of fanfiction, most of it atrocious. I read Twilight and New Moon all in a rush my freshman year of college and was hooked from that point on. My Harry Potter love had been dying anyway, so it was that much easier to fall for Edward Cullen. I’ll probably keep writing fanfiction for a long, long time. The ideas just keep coming.

You can read pretty much all of my work (most notably, Only Human and Bonne Foi) at http://www.fanfiction.net/~amethystjackson. If I get caught in the current purge there, I’ll be moving to Twilighted under the same penname. I’ve also got everything on livejournal (cinnamon_kisses) somewhere or another.

Right now, I’m still working on Bonne Foi, and I’ve started a new project for the Twilight 25 called When Edward Met Bella – and yes, it is based on When Harry Met Sally.

So that’s me. If you’d like to contact me, you can shoot me a PM or find me on twitter (amethystjackson).

So, yeah. I am Erica, code name Acireamos. (apparently I have secret agent aspirations, ;) Introducing myself is not exactly my thing. I am usually one of those people that gets embarrassed when singled out in a crowd. And then turns a shocking shade of red. I am not one to brag, so writing about myself is a strange exercise.

A little bit about me though. Hmmm. I am a mom, a wife, a student, an avid reader, a Jayhawk, a future interior designer, and lots more. I can be pretty sarcastic and as an oldest child can be more than just a little bossy. I have shockingly low standards for what I will read and will read almost anything. I read fast so I am often asked to pre-read stories for friends to see what we think.

My kiddo is the funniest girl I know. She's a just turned 4 years old and is a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. She has even gone so far as to come up with her own dance routine for the "Ra Ra" song (Bad Romance) as it's her favorite. She, like her dad, is into superheroes, Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons and is a very independent chick. Unlike her dad she is into princesses so we can often be found wearing crowns and "princess" jewels while hanging out.

I love college basketball, namely the Kansas Jayhawks. I met the hub at University of Kansas and convinced him of the superiority of college bball enough that he now follows them more closely than I do! They are my first love sports-wise and I am actually watching them play right now. Instead of doing homework, which is me totally slacking!

My major is Interior Design and I graduate in less than 100 days, yay! I am a full-time student in an architecture based program so it can be pretty demanding. There have been many nights/mornings where I have gotten home from school just in time to head back out. It's something I love, but some days I just want to stay in bed and hide under the covers rather than get asked for the billionth time what my concept is! I get to play with frustrating programs like autocad and revit and 3dstudiomax which makes me crazy most days. Oh wait, I was probably crazy to start.

I like to read to historical fiction, chick lit and smut lately to offset the stress of school. One of my favorites is The Barefoot Girl, a story based on the life of St. Margaret. Its a short, simple but very moving book. With the hub having been a film major at one point, we used to watch a lot of foreign films. Now we watch a lot of kids movies though my daughter is HUGE Miyazaki fan which I am vary happy about!

As far as fic goes, I will read almost anything. Canon, AU, Bellasper, Slash, Wolf couples. Now, this doesn't mean I love everything I read but I will usually try almost anything. Some of my favorites are I Hate Myself for Loving You and Rite of Passage. These are fics I have reread millions of times (literally) and every time I love them even more! I absolutely LOVE Halo's Emmett and Rose. I think she translated their book characters into really interesting, well rounded and HOT characters. Plus she used Dan Carter as her Emmett and WOW. He is PERFECT! I really like the angst of Rite of Passage, its such a good emotional rollercoaster! And she worked music into the story in such a seamless way.

I have been so incredibly busy with school lately that my own writing hasn't really had time to happen. My friend Aly and I are writing The Highwayman and it takes me so long to get into the story that I just haven't had time. I have to build study models and draw perspectives and keep the bathroom clean and the fridge full. I don't HAVE to write, so it is usually the first thing to get scooted off my plate and to the side. I enjoy writing, always have, so I do plan on finishing the fic. We have the whole story line charted out and I want to write it, we just have to find the time. The minute cloning humans becomes legal I am so on it! There would probably be an update the same week, haha!

I have made some pretty amazing friends through all this fic business, people I will turn to when I have tough questions like whether nude pantyhose will look retarded with my dress and what kind of heels to wear with which outfit. Friends that get me signed up with fitness plans and make me try to go a whole week without sugar. Thanks BEKS! Friends that have flown all the way from a tiny island to go watch New Moon with me, someone I can complain about my nerd husband with and she totally understands. Thanks Rosana! And my rob-stalking, chola loving, dan carter finding friend, the one who I can always turn to when I need to mock Rob's pigeon-toed ungainliness and Kristen's perpetual bitch face. Thanks Halo! Without this trifecta of lovelies I would have probably been really lonely reading all this crazy fan fic.

And now that this sounds something suspiciously like an awards speech I figure its time to peace out. Thanks for my temporary Perv Status, it was lots of fun!

Tune in next week to learn all about this months Honorary Pervs.