Monday, February 1, 2010

tarasueme wants All of Flibbins

Those of you who know me, know I read very little fanfic and I’ve said on more than one occasion that I only read mskathy’s BDSM stories.

I still read very little fanfic, but I can no longer say the later.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I was lurking around the Twilighted boards and I came across the story banner for All of Me, by Flibbins. I clicked on the link and soon became enthralled in the story I found waiting. Flibbins updates every other Tuesday and every time she does, I have to sit on my hands so as not to type out an, “UPDATE SOON!” review.

I’ll warn you now – if you read my stories and have ANY issue at all with its D/s relationship or BDSM in general, All of Me is not for you. In it, Flibbins explores the life of Bella, a 24/7 consensual slave, and her Master, Edward. As a slave, Bella has freely given all control to Edward. So much so that she has to get permission before she shops, uses the bathroom, or eats. In addition, she doesn’t speak of herself in first person or even think of Edward by his given name.

What I like about Chapter 13 is, yes, the hot lemon, but also the conversation Edward has with long term friend, Jasper:

"If someone is just looking to have a person they can boss around, then the relationship won't work. Every rule, every punishment, every reward, every decision I make is with Bella's wellbeing in mind. She is my world, just as I am hers."

And later, simply this:

His voice was almost inaudible as he murmured, "I don't work without her."

Chapter 13 also contains a juicy lemon between Edward, Bella, and Jasper as they eat dinner in an upscale, romantic restaurant. Imagine a secluded, rounded booth and Bella sitting between Jasper and Edward:

Jasper eyed me over the edge of his glass as he drank, his lips turned up in amusement. When he'd lowered his glass he said, "You know, Edward, I never felt envious of you when we were younger. You always had a way with women, confidence that seemed to come from your bones and more money than you knew what to do with. With all of that, I knew that you didn't have anything I didn't or couldn't have if I worked for it.

"But, now... I think you might have found the perfect woman and I can't help but feel jealous. You are a very lucky man."

"I am," Master said simply, his warm hand softly stroking the bare skin of my back. "But I'm willing to be generous."

Frankly if I were Bella, that would have turned me into a blubbering pile of goo. Fortunately, I’m not Bella, because we haven’t even made it to the appetizers yet.

I leaned forward so that the red sauce wouldn't drip onto my dress and sucked the slippery meat into my mouth. My motion had taken me away from Master's lips and with one final kiss to my shoulder, Master turned his attention to our meal. Between the two of them, I didn't have to lift my fork as they fed me morsels from their own. When a bite from Master missed the mark slightly, I ended up with a smudge of cocktail sauce at the corner of my mouth. Instead of allowing me to use my napkin, Master leaned in and kissed it away. As Master's kiss deepened, Jasper's hand which had been idly tracing the contours of my knee slid up to tease my wet folds. I sighed into Master's mouth as my body tightened in response to the stimulation.

The teasing continues through the main courses and by the time the entrée plates are cleared away, Bella’s ready to leave, but Edward orders dessert.

"Patience, slave," Master breathed in my ear as he grazed his hand against my most sensitive nerves and sent shivers of desire to my extremities. He placed my hand on his pants and the evidence that he was just as aroused as I. He continued to speak in a low voice, his lips brushing my ear and contributing to the sensations his fingers were building between my legs while his other hand guided mine in slow strokes over his hardness. "I'm sure Jasper is in the exact same state, but anticipation can be very rewarding. Of course you can come right here, right now. In fact I think you should. But you'll have to do it yourself." As he finished his sentence, he withdrew his hand from my pussy and accepted his coffee from the waiter with a nod.

Oh, that Edward.

Bella has a rule that any time she masturbates, she has to bring herself to the brink of orgasm three times before she’s allowed to come. She does that this chapter in-between bites of dessert, fed to her by both Edward and Jasper.

With a whimper, I broke off my actions, again on the verge of climax. This time as I waited for my body to calm, Jasper grasped my wrist and pulled my fingers from my pussy to his mouth, sucking my flavor from them. When he released me, I moved my hand back to my body, working myself back to the brink again while Master kissed me deeply.

My companions finished their desserts and coffee while I approached my peak for the third time. I was getting desperate at this point, shifting in my seat and panting. The waiter was approaching the table, no doubt to see if we were ready for the check. Master put his arm around me and leaned down to my ear and breathed, "Now, Bella."

I didn't need any additional encouragement as I came with a shudder and a sigh, my face pressed into Master's shoulder. The waiter was speaking, but I was oblivious as I caught my breath, hiding my face.

I love the give and take Flibbins shows with Edward and Bella’s relationship. I love looking and searching for the little ways they both show love and affection for the other while living their M/s relationship. And I love the few chapters when Jasper is part of that interaction.


Anonymous said...

How come no one commented on this post?? Where we all too speechless to do so?
I for one have been a little mifted at flibbins, since she hasn't updated since chapter 25, I found that she did a great job as a build up of getting to know this couple but now I find myself a little miserable since I haven't had my fix of this story. I've re-read it several times and left reviews and pleas for her to continue, but I know that when RL demands attention, priorities shift, so I sort of understand. I love your stories too tarasueme, I've read yours too, several times, I wonder if you'll do a look into the future for your story (the training)since I really miss them.
Thanks to all the ladies here at the Shack, I love this blog, and haven't really commented before (I think), even though I visit here frequently.
I think this blog is a great place for us gals that need the boost for our relationships or advice on anything else, so thanks!!