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An Introduction to Swirl & Daisy by m81170

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An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy





A first kiss, a first dance, a first curse word shared between best friends. This is the tale of a boring young geek and the social pariah who thought the world of him. A tale of growing up. A tale of a Non-Romantic Romance.

If someone told me to go read a story about tween-aged Bella and Edward with a title and summary using such adjectives as non-romantic, boring, and social pariah (okay, that last one wasn't an adjective), I'd be hard-pressed not to put it off as long as possible. Fortunately, I didn't have a choice in the matter. Being asked to beta this little gem, I went immediately to check out what I was getting myself into. I was hooked by the third paragraph, in which Bella reminisces over her first love at the age of five with the boy in the sparkly princess shoes; it didn't end well.

Thankfully, little Aidan Case was not Bella's soulmate, and at the ripe old age of twelve (almost thirteen!), our young heroine finds her true love in Edward "Swirl" Cullen. Because Oh. My. God. He is so cute and shy and sexy and adorkable! They even shared a moment, staring into each other's eyes that first day in Yearbook Class. (Seriously, I feel wrong for falling in love with a thirteen-year old, but I give myself a pass seeing as I'm in Bella's thirteen-year old head). It takes me back to my own middle school days, full of heart-scattered pages of notebooks, covert glances at the boy I'm sure I'm going to fall madly in love with, and those overwhelming doubts all centered on one defining question: Who am I?

Though M brings a brilliant comedic tone to this innocent little T-rated fic, the feelings, actions and topics brought forth through the mind of Tween!Bella ring real and true for anyone reading, whether she be fifteen or fifty. With a torrent of emotions ranging from giddy happiness to heart-crushing sadness to pride in the way these characters react to difficult situations, the funny is just a small part of what makes this story so wonderful. It wouldn't be complete without the want you feel towards slapping Renee (or Alice for that matter). Nor could I imagine not feeling that twinge of sadness when Edward discloses his insecurities over being the adorable geek he is. And though comedy is laced through these serious and realistic issues, it does nothing to hide or cover up their meaning. If ever there was a coming of age story more deserving of praise, it would be this one. And it's the perfect antidote to all those angsty fics that make you want to toss your computer from a ten story building.

If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself. From the very first chapter, M sets up a foundation for who these characters are and who they will become, all the while making your heart sing and your cheeks hurt with a smile. I've been threatened by none other than M, herself, that should I reveal any of what's to come, I will be very sorry; but I think the writing speaks for itself. Life comes with problems. Life comes with hurt. But life is also what you make of it, and Bella and Edward make it charming and beautiful. Don't let the title fool you. This is the most romantic and sweet non-romance I've ever read. He may think himself boring, and she may think she's socially inept, but to each other they are perfect. To us they are true love. Together they are Swirl and Daisy.

*siiiiiiiigh* Okay, so I know this is not our usual MO in regards to fic. I mean, The Perv Pack's Smut Shack rec'ing a story that's rated T?!? Oh, the humanity!!! But...obviously if it was good enough for us to throw our smut out the window, this must be a spectacular fic. And, it sooooo is.

The author had me from the first chapter. I about fell out of my chair when a young Edward gives Bella his business card (with his home number, beeper and fax on it, tyvm) and then again when Bella asked if he was gay. *gigglesnort*

The characterizations are so spot on, it's almost like being transported back *cough eighteen cough* years ago to the same time in my life. Bella's insecurities and thought processes are a perfect replication of a 12yo girl and a joy to read. And Edward? I want to take him and all his professionalism and maturity and lick his face. Or, you know, bake him cookies, since he's still pre-pubescent and all.

Their interactions are so cute, and definitely true to the time period the author is writing about. The ups and downs they go through - the miscommunications and those catty girls that try to get in the way - are totally believable and 100% true for the story.

The outtake she posted had me rolling so hard that my husband asked what was so frickin' funny, so I proceeded to read him a good portion of the chapter, and we were both laughing at the end of it. Seeing a portion of the story through Edward's eyes was priceless. There were so many good lines, and I could honestly quote almost this entire story to you because there's not one single word of it that I don't love. But this:
“Hello, my name is Edward Anthony Cullen, age thirteen, currently enrolled in Forks Middle School. I am here to speak to you about a matter of great importance, and by the end of our meeting, I am sure that I will have convinced you that I am the best possible candidate for the position I am inquiring about.”
...pretty much sums up his lovable and hilarious character.

I honestly can't say enough good things about this fic. No, it doesn't have smut, but I promise you, you won't even miss it. This is a feel good story, one to read when all the angst tries to strangle you and you just want to smile.

5 out of 5 T-spot t-shirts

No, don't worry, its NOT the cockpocalypse - YES, the Perv Pack is reccing a T story. But there was no way we could not recc this blinder of a story. It is just too damn good.

This story is just so easy to read, before you know it you've read all the chapters - its so engrossing and entertaining and just the cutest thing ever. The characterisations are SO spot on. Their teenage ages are believable - their inexperience and innocence is cute without being cloying. The way they see their situation and each other through eager, bright and confused eyes. Dear god its so cute. I just want to hug the death out of this fic. Bella's narrative? Bella's diary writing, her sweet crush, her confusion over her feelings over supposed friends (Alice F-Word Brandon for example! ;) ), her being torn between her mother's provocative and her father's more practical advice, all make this Bella a joy to read. But the piece de resistance of this fic? Edward. He is so cute and nerdy and adorable and cute and sweet and loveable and shy and CUTE - what a little sweetie! His obsession with LOTR and his hatred of Harry Potter? All adorable and creates so many cute scenes. I love love love their chaperoned excursion to the cinema. Just perfect! Sigh. You don't even miss the smut. I promise. Even if you only ever read M fics. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS STORY!

Its perfect for Valentine's day. Its funny, well-written, entertaining, and will warm the cockles of your heart. It will leave you with the biggest smile on your face. :D I promise.

5 elfish ears out of 5 from me. SO BLOODY GOOD! & CUTE!

It's no secret that I'm the Shack's resident geek/nerd and I am ashamed to say that NINA, of all people, rec'd this story to me. ::facepalm:: I may lose some of my geek cred for that alone. le sigh. I have a theory about Nerddom that can be found below. It's only a theory, my theory and is not mandate or law in Nerddom.

I tend to fall into the Sci-Fi nerd area, dabbling heavily in the other areas. I'm a fan of LotR, but not in the way Edward is. I would never quote Elvish (Quenya or Sindarin) or wear a Hobbit outfit. I might dress up as Leia though. Swirl & Daisy Edward is firmly in the Fantasy nerd realm and shows his disdain for the Sci-Fi side.

That aside, I fucking love this story. No story has ever made me sigh and awww as much as Swirl & Daisy. As a nod to Edward's grown-up, meticulous nature I created a flow chart to show how my love grew.

Yep, I'm in the process of building an alter to the awesomeness that is this story. It has "The One" ring from my LotR Risk game, spreadsheets, a photo album, one copper penny and quotes in Quenya so far.

So, why do I love this story so much? Well, it's not for the geekiness, though that is a part of it. The main reason is that it's completely realistic to how two 13 year olds would behave and act. There isn't any sexually charged moments (so far) and it's incredibly awkward and endearing.

Bella at first is just trying to navigate through the rough waters of middle school. Her choices include the "Plastic" like girls or the boy sitting in front of a computer with a camera around his neck. She picks the boy, then in a social faux paux ask's him if he's gay. I think that moment is when I fell in love with this story.

Edward is a special. Special in that he isn't like any other boy Bella has ever met. He doesn't bow to the social structure of popularity vs. outcast. He's his own person. The cute little entrepreneur that has business cards and his own company at 13. Freaking adorkable.

These two are comfortable, yet incredibly uncomfortable around each other. The comfort comes from finding someone that get's it and doesn't look down or make fun, who simply accepts you for who you are. The uncomfortable comes in realizing that this person is of the opposite sex and suddenly that makes a big difference to you, where it didn't before. There are new feelings and they are embarrassing and the S word (sex) seems to be brought up a lot and you tend to blush all the time. Ah, young, awkward love and crushes, how I puffy/sparkly heart thee.

There are geek references sprinkled throughout, but the non-geek *coughNINAcough* can navigate their way through it without the need to go Wiki every little thing. Though I do recommend translating the Elvish, because what Edward is saying is worth the little bit of effort to do it.

Yes, this is a T-rated fic. And honestly I hope the innocent, awkwardness remains throughout the story. Graphic Smut would ruin this story. Now a little making out (when they're older) and maybe a kiss or two would be fine, perfect even.

In the latest chapter we found out the "Daisy" part of Swirl & Daisy. m81170 has assured us that we find out the "Swirl" part in the next chapter. I, for one, can't wait!

Go revel in the geekiness of this story. While wishing you had your own real live Aragorn/Edward to give your Evenstar too. Le sigh.

Oh and if you don't laugh or giggle at Bella's first love Aiden in a pink tutu, there's something wrong with you.

5 out of 5 Evenstars, Business Cards, Shiny Pennies, "I Love You's" in Elvish, T-Spot Shirts, etc...

Okay, I confess: I feel like the last person on FanFic to read this story. I held out intentionally, though. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to appreciate it, and I knew it.

So finally, the day arrived where I knew I could read it with an open (non-bitter) mind and heart. To say that I fell in love with this story is a drastic understatement.

I was giggling from the very first chapter. One of the things I love most about this story, aside from the characterizations, is the ease of reading. The story is well-written and clean of grammar/punctuation errors. It's easy to get through all 8 chapters posted because of this, and each is a delight in its own way.

I empathize with Bella. I can relate to her inner dialogue, and I bet you can, too. I love that Renee is so fucked up, because I think she's like a lot of misguided moms. I want to show her the way, but I am glad that Charlie is there to be a sane force of reason in Bella's life, and that for once, Bella is learning her own way and that maybe taking Renee's advice isn't always the best plan.

Edward reminds me so much of my own LotR-loving geek of a husband. Edward is cute and adorable, and reading this was maybe a small reminder of why and how I fell in love with him. Edward is also very detail-oriented and a huge planner

I don't want to spoil anything in the story, because I love how it all unfolds so beautifully.

5 out of 5 evenstars

I can't accurately explain how very much I adore this story. I'm not exaggerating either. I am in love with it. I want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George. Yes, it's a T-rated fic but who gives a fuck. Twilight was rated T too!

It's wonderful, and even the most cold hearted devil bitches *coughEinfachMichcough* love it! Haha I love you Jeanne.

The chapter titles, I swear make me giddy in anticipation at what is going to happen. They're so fucking cute. Their dialogue is perfect and the little curse slips that pop out when they're nervous. Gah.

Her diary. Come on now, who didn't have a diary that they poured their hearts out to? sigh <--- I do that numerous times throughout each chapter by the way. I have a stupid smile plastered on my face each update! What is there NOT to love about this story?


*sigh* My 13 year old self swoons for his little nerd heart. My God, he's adorable and sweet, he's in love with her and it's so pure and cute your teeth hurt from the sugar. I wouldn't have it any other way! He's awkward but not to the point where he's nearly incapable of functioning. The way they meet and react to each other is priceless

And no, I am not gay

Oh my God, I giggled at that so hard.

Their interactions play out like a movie, you picture everything, you feel all of it. The awkward tension, the giddy anticipation, their sweating palms and seat fidgeting. JFC you're watching them experience first love and it's perfect.

He's quite the little businessman. You've got to read it to know exactly what we're talking about but it's priceless. The business cards! Gah.

His shining moment is his meeting with Charlie. He goes to him all dressed up and I can imagine the little clip-on tie as he asks him to 'court' his daughter.



I'm not going to lie, I am rooting for this girl like nobody's business. I will admit, I teared up reading the museum chapter. Thank heavens for Ms. Evans. (As of the last chapter, her character has new meaning too).

She's the epitome of a teenage girl. Her mom is still a flake and clueless on how to help her daughter grow into her own. Floozying her up is not the answer Renee! She of course listens to her mother and changes her appearance in the hopes of winning Edward's affections. Of course, because he loves her just as she is, he's saddening by the trampy exterior and wants her back to au natural.

I love how true to form that she's the one itching for her first kiss. That first romantic movie quality lip lock that never happens because seriously, unless they're practicing on pillows or whatever nobody knows WTF they're doing. It's still one of the sweetest first kisses ever.

The last chapter again had me tearing up. I'm just a big old bucket of mush with this story. Maybe it's the LitNerd in me but all the parallels with LotR is killing me in the best way possible.

The Supporting Cast:

Alice (F-Word) Brandon
is quite possibly the funniest nickname ever for her. The only thing that could make it better is if she made her dress like a slutty pixie for Halloween. I'm totally kidding.

Mrs. Evans
So we know now who she is but JFC. I love this version of 'she who must not be named' and it kills me a little inside to say it. The museum chapter. She won my affections (but only for this story)

Grandma Evans
Bwahahahaha JFC too comical. The interaction between her, Hot Bitch and Edward during their business meeting. Bwahahaha. Perfect and hilarious.

WOOF. Dude, seriously. She killed me with this Carlisle. Not only is he uber dad taking his kid to the LotR midnight showing but he dressed as Legolas. Be still my heart. Bella talking about how she likes Hobbits more than elves and Carlisle's reactions is perfect.

There are too many fantastic bits to highlight! I beg you to read it and love it. These stories are honestly few and far between. This one is charming and perfect in so many ways.

I couldn't decide on a silly rating, so I went with my own nerdy one. Can you figure it out? I'm so transparent.

10/5 Mith'quessirs

This might just be the cutest fic I've ever read. Ever. I love T-rated fics and have at least a couple dozen in my favorites, but I don't actively search them out. It was a unanimous consensus among us pervs that we NEEDED to rec this fic. And trust me, you won't be sorry, and you won't miss the smut.

Her writing evokes all those, cough, wonderful (insert sarcasm here) memories from junior high. I don't know about you, but middle school was 100 times worse than high school could even have come close to being. And let's face it, girls are mean. I'd like to give Alice f-word Brandon a good sock in the nose, and Rose too. Catty bitches.

But hey, Bella's got the man. Er, boy. And OMG, could he be any more perfectly geeky and adorkable? I'd have fallen for 13 y/o Edward too. (Well, yeah, Edward of any age, but still!) On first meet, he gives her his business card. His what?

Oh. My. God. How old was he?

And each chapter just gets cuter than the one before. I love watching their friendship and then "romance" build. You can see how perfect they are for each other in all their young teenage glory. I can only say I'm very much looking forward the rest of their "firsts" together. That first kiss especially.

(Insert last minute edit.)

A new chapter that just came in this afternoon (Thurs). OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!! Could it be more perfect? I think not. An exchange of Christmas gifts. That longed for first kiss. Topped off with an interesting revelation. Don't you just wanna know what I'm talking about? Go read it!

Fully 5 out of 5 T-spots

The last time I went home to visit my parents, they handed me a box full of old notes and diaries. Most were from my HS days. But, buried under everything was a bright yellow notebook decorated with nailpolish, stickers, song lyrics, etc. that served as my diary from middle school. I read through it and just had to laugh at how silly in love I was with a certain boy named Mike (who, looking back, is a total Mike Newton come to life).
Anyway, my point is, S&D takes me back to those times too. In a really sweet, completely adorable, and extremely realistic way. Bella's characterization is spot on. When I read this story I am always thinking, "omg I so remember how that was" or "yes! the much anticipated first kiss!" or "ugh, girls are so heartless and cold sometimes and I can't believe she'd try to steal him away from me." And while sometimes situations like that can come off as petty and immature, m81170 writes it in such a way to make it endearing. You still feel the awkward, sometimes painful, emotions that come with middle school...but it's easier to laugh along when you've already gone through it all.

Bella meets Edward in their Yearbook class and within a few minutes asks him if he's gay. To be fair though, she did have a rather traumatic experience at age 5 with a boy named Aiden. Edward, who is shy and somewhat awkward around others his own age, answers in a way that helps keep him in his comfort zone.

COMP520072: You asked if I was gay.

Heat flooded my cheeks once again. I had actually managed to forget about that little mishap during my excitement over Edward kind of talking to me.

COMP520072: You look really pretty when you blush like that.

My eyes snapped to Edward’s face and I could see the slightest hue of pink tinting his ears, but his face remained composed and steadfast on the screen as he continued typing.

COMP520072: And no, I am not gay.

He is completely adorkable. I love him. Love him as in, top 5 Edwards of all time. And he's probably not even able to grow facial hair.

There are so many things I love about this story. From Bella's heartache over thinking Edward wants Alice (F-word) Brandon, Bella's song dedications on the radio, Mrs. Evans comforting her in the bathroom, Bella and BULLSHIT,, Carlisle as Legolas and Edward as a..., Edward speaking Elvish (Elven? IDK the proper term here...sorry) to Bella and holding her hand during LotR, ALL of EPOV in which he meets Charlie, and...and...and...the latest update!!!!! I can't say more. I'm already spoiling too much I'm sure.

Just...I know this is T rated and there's absolutely no smut. Hell, Bella mentally slaps her wrist whenever she swears in her head. But this story is worth reading. It's drawn me completely. I know it will have you awwwing and giggling and clapping; drawing out your internal 13 yo squeeing fangirl.

5/5 business cards

I have to confession to make, and it's not going to be easy so please bare with me.

*takes a deep breath*

I was once a...WUSSPERV!

*dramatic crash of lightning*

It's true! *sob*

I was a wide-eyed, gentle hearted dreamer. I had a puffy, pink kitty cat journal that I used to record all of my dreams and secret crushes. I couldn't stand to watch movies without happy endings. In every movie or TV show that I watched I tried to pair up all the characters so that everyone could have a happy ending. I loved HEAs, and sappy sentimental gestures. Hearts, rainbows and freaking unicorns...I loved them all! Yes, I was THAT girl. *grimace*

Honestly, I think we all were at some time in our lives. Now, I am a cold hearted devil bitch (I love you too, Nina. Twatburger), but I can still remember what it was like to be that girl who dreamed of marring Kevin O'Conner. He was quiet shy boy, who was the only person taller than me in sixth grade.

We've all had our Kevin O'Conners or Edward Cullen's in this case, and that's what I think is so appealing about An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy. This is the first Bella that I have EVER identified with, though I never got to go on a date with Kevin.

This story is about a young Bella and Edward as their journey to love. These two characters are in their primal forms here. Bella is hopeful, clumsy and fearless, while Edward is focused, driven and unwavering in his love for Bella. If that's not canon, I don't know what is and how could you not love that? At it's heart, this is very simple a love story, but it is also so much more.

Bella and Edward's romance is wonderfully supported by a cast of familiar faces and hilarious fannish touches that made my nerd heart scream with delight. Carlisle (and Edward's mysterious mother) are incredibly indulgent parents as well as being rather geeky in their own right. Alice and Rose are amusing, age appropriate foils for Bella's earnest heroine.

Charlie is hilariously clever and how much does my little evil heart LOVE how James, Victoria and Laurnet were placed into this story? *happy sigh*

Every chapter of this story left me with a smile on my face and fills my heart with nostalgic. This story has also given a list of Twi-Fandom must-haves:

-A manipulated image of Carlisle dressed as Legolas. Is there's a way that we could get Pfach to dress up as Legolas at Comic Con? I'm serious, I would pay money. CASH MONEY PEOPLE!

-A “I Love Orc-Meat” t-shirt. I'm not kidding people. I'm starting the cafepress account soon, I swear.

-Edward's business card. He even has a fax number. How could I not love this boy? to really exist and to sell Star Trek vs. Lord of the Rings t-shirts. I want one with Spoke facing off against Legolas. Two Pointy-eared the DEATH!

-A manipulated image of Edward dressed as Aragorn. RAWR

-A copy of the Fork's Middle School Year book, once the fic is complete. Hey, a girl can dream.

In short, read the damn fic! If it can breathe life, love and hope in to this evil bitches cold dead heart it's guaranteed to melt yours.

What are you waiting for? FLY YOU FOOLS!

I give it 5 out of 5 Daisies, because I'm a sentimental bastard. *sigh*

Dear m81170 Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin ;)

I am going to make a startling confession here: I've never read a T-rated fic before "Swirl and Daisy." NEVER. I mean, what's the point? I like interesting, well-crafted stories that happen to include smut. It is the T-rating on the Twi books that led me to the Fandom in the first place; if I wanted more of that, I would simply go back and reread the books for the 15th time.

That being said, I took Nina's recommendation to read "Swirl and Daisy" on a whim. I don't typically flock to the stories everyone else is reading. Within several paragraphs of reading this story, however, I was as hooked as I was on Twilight when I first read it. Swirl and Daisy sucked me in, and I voraciously devoured the story. Honestly, I haven't been this excited about a story for at least six months. To say it pwns me is an understatement.

In Swirl and Daisy, Edward is thirteen and Bella has her thirteenth birthday shortly into the story. They are awkward and shy. The author does a brilliant job of putting you into the mind of a thirteen year old. Alice Brandon appears as the original mean girl, and she is spot-on throughout the story. You just want to punch her in the nose. Bella is lovingly insecure, the epitome of the new girl, feeling unconfident and vastly different from her peers. Edward's body language while he is draped in front of his computer is perfectly crafted as "stay away from me." When Bella chooses to sit by him anyway, the result is a foregone conclusion.

According to both Bella's and Edward's internal monologues, they share a "moment" when she decides to sit next to him. How Edward chooses to act on that moment is classic--he IMs her. But this is no ordinary IM--no, "hey, noo gurl, howzit?" This Edward says, "This is Edward Cullen to Bella Swan." The adorkable factor is suddenly ratcheted up ten notches.

The key to my heart is an earnest, geeky Edward. It is his earnestness that did me in. Although the story is told mainly from Bella's perspective, you get a very clear picture of they kind of person Edward is. You cannot help but agonize along with them, you feel every nuance, high and low.

For those people who know me well, they recognize that it is very difficult to get me to cry over a fic. I am notorious for NOT crying, except maybe five times. With "Swirl and Daisy," I cried during several chapters. It wasn't all heartfail or sad tears, either. Some were happy tears. Mainly, it was tears shed in remembering my own awkward adolescence, feeling acutely the same emotions Bella and Edward face. At one point, Bella runs to the bathroom to cry over something "Alice F-ing Brandon" says. Her teacher, Ms. Evans, comes in, and offers the type of advice you wish someone had given you when you were thirteen:

“Good. Remember that and hold onto who that person is because, believe it or not, there are going to be a lot of times in your life where you are going to think it’s easier to compromise that person in order to fit in. Whenever you feel like that, I want you to remember this moment and remember what truly makes you happy.”
Aside from the myriad poignant moments in this story, there are times of silly, geeky goodness. At one point, Carlisle and Edward take Bella to a midnight showing of "Lord of the Rings," attired in full geekgear. Carlisle is dressed as Legolas, and Edward as a Hobbit. Not only are the descriptions incredibly funny, it also made me laugh that Bella thought Carlisle was a hottie, too, but not in a lascivious way. Bella says it best in her own words, the night Carlisle and Edward pick her up for the dance:
"I mentally scolded myself for thinking that Edward’s father was good looking. This was the boy I imagined spending the rest of my life with, which meant Mr. Cullen would be my father-in-law, my family, and I was practically wiping the drool from my chin (that is a figure of speech ‘cause I would never actually drool in front of Edward. That would be gross)."
When Edward and Carlisle show up at Bella's doorstep, once again, this time in their LotR attire, Bella takes it all in. She comments upon how good both Cullen men appear:
"He looked good. Like really, really good.

I turned my attention back to Edward who was looking at me suspiciously. He also wore pointed ears, but his hair was his own and more wild and curly than I had ever seen it before.

Yeah, Hobbits were definitely cuter than Elves."
Suffice it to say, I encourage everyone to read "Swirl and Daisy" now. It is a heavenly slice of geeky, adolescent awkwardness wrapped up in true love. The perfect selection to put you in the mood for Valentine's Day. It is classic, epic goodness.

My rating is 10 out of 5 business cards, because it was twice as good as I anticipated.


Anonymous said...

If I hadn't already torn through S&D I would have beat feat after reading the wonderful reviews by all the lovely ladies above. After the week the fandom has had, this was the jolt of sweet I needed to get back to the fun. I cannot say anything that hasn't been said already, so I'll just hunker down and wait to find out the deets behind "Swirl." I will try not to scream when the chapter alert arrives, but I don't think I'll succeed.

Lo said...


Annie said...

I LOVE THIS STORY SFM! It's even fun to read all your reviews and remember all the awesomeness of these characters.

So glad you girls rec'd it. Lots of us need a smile and this story will have you smiling like a fool. :)


Dori said...

Can I say how much I adore the edits you guys made to the site in honor of the T rating? Lol, genius. I loved reading your guys' reviews. LOVED! Nina, you were my fave, lol. The Ms. Evans and Hot Bitch parts especially ^_^.

Dori said...

Can I say how much I adore the edits you guys made to the site in honor of the T rating? Lol, genius. I loved reading your guys' reviews. LOVED! Nina, you were my fave, lol. The Ms. Evans and Hot Bitch parts especially ^_^.

Janet said...

This was the first fic I've read the wasn't rated M, and I'm so glad I did! What an adorable story...the middle school emotions/diary are spot on! Thanks for the rec...

jennifer said...

this bella reminds me so much of myself. especially the diary. i wrote the most insane things in my diaries and when i look back on my absolute sincerity i am a little embarrassed. i suppose it will all be win for bella if she does become a cullen (secretly i think she will keep her maiden name because edward will encourage her to).
loved the reviews as much as the story. you guys are great, or as i once wrote in my own diary...'grand'.