Monday, February 22, 2010

MrsAC wants to Stay

There’s no doubt that I would read anything that crimsonmarie wrote. But before I got to know and love her, I found Stay. There’s something about Stayward and Stayella that I just can’t let go. I find myself rereading this fic often, especially chapter nineteen.

Edward is a Hollywood heartthrob who’s looking for a place to go to get a way from it all. Bella is a small town girl next door, who never knew anything was missing from her life, until she meets Edward. It takes some time for them to realize their feelings for each other, but once they do — hotness ensues. Crimsonmarie weaves a beautiful web with this story, bringing in all our favorite characters in ways we've never seen before, and giving them so much depth.

Chapter nineteen, is the epitome of everything I look for in a lemon. It’s raw, sexy, and just a little sweet.

The heat in this chapter starts from the first line, these two can’t even make it out of the club without a little pit-stop:
We were stepping onto the second floor landing when she turned, grabbed my shirt in her hands and slammed me back against the wall, her lips on mine before I had a chance to do much of anything else.

I breathed out a moan into her mouth before I wrapped my arms tightly around her and turned us, pressing her back into the wall and opening my mouth to hers. She whimpered, her hands still fisted in my shirt as she attempted to pull me closer to her.

"Ugh, that's disgusting," I heard some girl say from behind us, her heels clicking on the stairs as she passed by us.

"Get a room!" a man shouted, his muffled footsteps following the heeled ones up the stairs.

I backed away from Bella, looking over my shoulder and narrowing my eyes at the redhead and who I assumed was her boyfriend as they disappeared around the corner.

"Not such a bad idea, huh?" Bella breathed, one of her hands cupping the side of my neck as she rolled her hips against mine.

I briefly closed my eyes, biting down hard on my bottom lip to suppress the moan that was lingering in the back of my throat.

"No," I managed, grabbing her hand again and taking the lead as I started back down the stairs.
The dialogue between these two is always one of my favorite parts of each chapter. She writes it some well that I can hear them talking, and feel what they’re feeling:
"I need you," she moaned out, her hands trailing down my chest and latching onto the button of my jeans.

My heart jumped, all but leaping out of my chest at her words.

I'd heard other women say that they wanted me, but not a single one of them had ever said that they needed me.

I quite liked it. I liked it even more simply because it was Bella who said it.

"Let's go," I breathed, my chest heaving as I looked down to watch her hands easily slide the button through the hole, "upstairs."

So, what is it that makes this lemons stand out for me? Here it is, the reason I can’t get this lemon out of my head, the reason I read it over and over, and the reason I fell in love with crimsonmarie. Do they make it upstairs? Fuck.No.
"Tell me to stop if…" I started, swallowing hard.

"Say another word and I'll go home," she threatened, digging her fingernails into my shoulder blades.

I leaned down, my lips resting against hers and my eyes rolling back in my head as she thrust her hips up a little.

I slid into her quickly, a long, loud moan sounding from the both of us as I fought to stay still in an effort to let her adjust to me.

And it was not by any means easy to stay still. Being this close to her, being completely open and vulnerable with her only managed to heighten all of the feelings and emotions dancing with her had brought to the surface earlier.

"You are home," I grunted through my teeth, my heart in overdrive and my breathing coming in short gasps as I stared down into her eyes.

And she was. She was the epitome of what I'd learned to call home and being with her this way; being inside of her and being able to love her this way just solidified everything I'd ever felt for her.

"Yes," she whispered, slowly starting to move her hips up into mine.

I breathed out a small, almost relieved laugh and grabbed onto one of the posts of the railing to steady myself as I started to move with her.

"Oh, God," she moaned, throwing her head back and resting it on the step above her.

I kissed her throat, moaning into it as she started to move her hips faster against mine. She wrapped her legs around my waist, one of her hands moving to my outstretched arm and grabbing onto it tightly.

I widened my knees out on the step I was on, my free hand running up and down her thigh as I continued to meet her thrusts with my own.

I was close. Everything inside of me was ready, begging for the release I knew was on its way, responding to the way Bella's body was shaking and jerking underneath mine.

I felt her clench down around me and that was all it took; both of us crying out and moaning into each other as we reached our peaks.

I reached out with both of my hands, bracing myself on the edge of the stairs in an effort not to crush her as I finished and buried my face in her neck.

I felt like I had turned into mush; every inch of me was completely spent and satiated, satisfied and happier than hell about being with her.


If Stay isn’t already on your read-it-and-loved-it list, you’re definitely missing out. Not only are the lemons indescribable, the characters are lovable and the story is unforgettable. Edward and Bella’s relationship is a thing of beauty, and their love for each other is obvious from beginning to end.

The story is complete, with the exception of a future outtake, and more than worth your time. Make sure you check it out, if you haven’t already, and leave crimsonmarie some love. You won’t be sorry.

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BeckTheWreck said...

Thank you for reminding me how much I loved Stay. The stair sex is classic. If only all lemons could read this well... Yummy.

Tiffany (vixen1836) said...

Wow. I've not read Stay, but this makes me want to! Thanks for such a great recommendation. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Just thank you for your recommendation!!
After reading it, I went straigh to fanfiction and I couldn't stop until I read all the chapters of "Stay" ! A beautiful story!!