Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bri's Tempted

Lead Us Not Into Temptation



(AU/AH and it’s rated M, I’m a dirty girl) Bella’s bad. Really bad. So bad that her mother has had enough, and sends her off to Bible boarding school in the South, where she meets a delectably Christian Prudeward who wants no part in her sexual shenanigans. Can she use her body to change his mind? After all… doesn’t it all boil down to biology?

I have the fabulous Kassiah to thank for pointing me in the direction of this fic. I started reading it right away and knew I had a winner. From the very beginning, ipreferbrunettes captures the readers attention with her humor and wit, and the extremely OOC Bella. If you want a quiet, unassuming, pushover...then, uh, you'll wanna look elsewhere.

This is a completely fun ride, absolutely no angst; just hilarity and UST and...yep, smut. We follow Bella as she gets shipped off to the Christian boarding school, The Light of Day Institute and watch her fumble her way through interacting with all these straight laced teenagers.

Her first interaction - with none other than Mike Newton - is as hilarious as the rest of the story and certainly sets the tone for how things are gonna be:

“Bella Swan? I’m Mike Newton from the Light of Day Institute, and golly we’re just thrilled you have you!” He approached me excitedly and offered his hand, like I cared.

“I just gave the pilot a handjob, you might want to rethink that,” I said, disinterested as I sailed past him and pulled the passenger door open.

That pretty much sums up the personality of this Bella, and she doesn't let up as she enters the school.

Now, where does our wonderfully hot (and seemingly virginal) Edward fit into this? The fun begins as she sets her targets on him, and with the help of a Wingman (Emmett, who happened to be forced to go to the institute as well), we get to watch all her failed (well, except for one) attempts at getting Edward to break. She does everything she can think of - from wearing thin shirts with no bras, to getting fire ants poured over her and jumping in the shower with a very naked Edward, to being very *ahem* enthusiastic in her pursuits.

Does she finally get him to crack? Well, there's smut, so what do you think?

Now go show this author some love - this deserves WAY more than 9 reviews!!



jennifer said...

omg was eating when i read the clip and nearly spewed on my screen! running over to read.