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einfach_mich finds The Upperside of Down

The Upperside of Down




Entry for "The Rain Scene" Challenge. A downhearted Leah finds herself on a deserted beach at sunset. A storm is approaching... and so is a devilishly sexy wolf. Rated M for a steamy Rain Scene!

I think that is important for me to explain something. I have never identified with the main characters...pretty much ever. The main characters never looked like me. I'm six foot tall, with light brown skin and I am in no way conventionally pretty. In other words, I am not Bella, in other words the pretty special girl that gets the dream guy and every fucking thing I've every wanted. I've never been that girl and even if I wanted to be her, it is never going to happen. So, it's next to impossible for me to every identify with a characters like that.

That is why I've always had a weak spot for the overlooked, underestimated and misunderstood characters, because in a way they are just like me. Some characters are easier for me to identify with, while some I just find more fascinating than the main characters. I love to take these lost children and give them another chance; to give them new life, new loves, and to try to show other fans how I see them. Which naturally leads me to be a sucker for non-canon couples.

Relationships do not change who we are, but that can deeply effect our lives, and how we choose to live them. That's is one of the things I find fascinating about a non-canon pairing. How do these two people change each other, for good or ill. I could ramble on for years about this subject, but I won't.

Anyway, it should be no surprise that I am about to recommend a one shot containing a non-canon pairing that features the most overlooked, underestimated and misunderstood character of the series, Leah Clearwater. I am not ashamed to say that she is my girl.

The Upperside of Down takes place post Bella's rejection of Jacob and pre-Nessie. It's at the perfect moment in the series' canon where Leah and Jacob are both in the same place. They've been rejected by the love of their life, they are both unwilling shape shifters and in this moment they fine a kind of kinship with each other. In that moment of connection, commiseration, and a little healthy snarking. Jacob and Leah become the voices of reason for each other.
“You need to get over him. It’s not like he’s gonna wake up one day and decide he wants you back.”

I look at him, dumbfounded. Then I level a menacing death glare on him. “Fuck you.”

“All I’m saying is, he’s not gonna change his mind. So why keeping stewing over it?”

I’m furious! How dare he? “This coming from the guy who is actively trying to persuade a girl to leave her fiancĂ©? Please, Jacob.”

He’s getting a little red around the ears, apparently now just as pissed as I am.

“Look, Bella and I are different! She loves me! He’s just manipulating her!”

I full on face him now. He asked for it.

“Oh, please, Jacob!” I throw my hands up in frustration.

For months I’ve listened to his thoughts about this little nothing of a girl. He’s completely convinced she’s somehow being brainwashed by the bloodsucker. Don’t get me wrong, the creature is vile, but clearly he loves her and she him. It’s just a question of bad taste, is all.

“She’s in love, you idiot! Totally and completely. She chose the one she loved more. Plain and simple. You aren’t good enough! Nothing you do will ever change her mind. He broke her heart, you healed it, and she went back to him. Period. GET OVER IT!”
They each make great points, and they both make them in their own unique ways. Jacob in soft resignation and Leah in misdirected anger. The combined energy transforms into a delightful sexual tension that Leah describes as a “heaviness in the air.”

One of the things I love about this story is just how in character these two are, because in a contemplative moment, when skill and tact should be employed Jacob says the right thing and the completely wrong way.

“Have you had sex since Sam?”

Smooth Jake, real smooth, and yet so very him. Honestly, with most seventeen year old boys this is about as suave as it gets. He is a teenaged boy after all, one with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Who is also, supposedly a virgin, but we'll get to that a little later. It takes Leah a little while to get over the initial shock and insult of Jacob's question, but as it sinks in it starts to make sense. Leah, being the instinctual fearless creature that she does what only she has the courage to do, she acts on it. Which is the only way anything sexual could ever happen between these two, because for all of Jacob's bluster he is anything but the sexual aggressor.

I lean a little closer to him. “Maybe sex is the answer.”
His eyebrows shoot up and his eyes widen.

“If I wasn’t wound so tight, I could handle all this better,” I say, with a slight smirk on my lips.

His jaw slacks, and I make my move.

My lips connect to his. Not gentle, not harsh, but firm. Firm, with purpose. I coax his lips to follow suit.

They do.

In this moment, they don't need pretty, perfectly packaged romance. They need respect, understanding, and some good, old fashion tension relief. Boy howdy, do they get it.

My fingers pinch his nipples, eliciting a gasp from Jacob.

Before I can do anymore, he bends his head and takes one of my aching, cotton covered tips into his mouth. The drastic change from the cool rain and his warm mouth has me biting my lip to keep my scream in.

I can feel my core spasm every time his teeth bite down and roll over my nipple, every time his tongue does something new.

For a virgin, he sure does know how to work his way around an erogenous zone.

Speaking of, his hands have begun working the button and zipper of my jeans.

Yes! As they continue you join Leah in her suspicion of Jacob's virginal status, very suspicious. The sex in this is hurried, hot and explosive. Just as it should be for two animals like Jacob and Leah. This isn't about love or romance, it's about filling a need, scratching an itch. Yet, through this intense, intimate moment Leah sees her Alpha and friend as a man for the first time.

Looking at Jacob, I’ve never been more jealous of water.

I am right there with you, sister. I love this one shot. I love how trish.bribes uses the rainstorm to mirror the emotional moments in the scene, especially during the sex.

He makes a throaty sound as I begin to work his pants off as well.

Thunder is rumbling in the distance.

I love how after sex Leah and Jacob see each other in a new light, but they are still able to slide back into their normal humors banter. They don't have some huge revelation that changes their relationship, and it's not about imprinting or love. They have this initiate, steamy sexual moment born out of friendship and a connection that these two characters share in canon. They give each other the unconditional, supportive love and companionship that they so dearly need at this time in their lives.

Jacob and Leah aren't a hurricane. They are a thunderstorm, that starts as a gentle rain and ends in calm drizzle.


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