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Dark Delights: Exploring the Darker Side of Fanfic

PPSS Special Feature...


Dark Delights is a new feature that takes our Pervs to the darkside of erotic fic. The most deviant Pervs of the pack have lined up quite a selection of fics for you to explore, if you're brave enough. Strap yourself in, take a deep breath and don't forget your safe word.

Jeanne's Pick

Breaking the Girl by swill122
Leah/Felix, AU, o/s. Warning: Blood, BDSM, Edge Play.
This one shot was written to answer to a prompt that I left in the . It was my hope to just get a little smutty fun with one of my top non-canon pairings. Swill122 blew all my expectations out of the water, and she set my pants on fire.

It’s only fair to warn that this is not a story for the faint of heart. This delightfully dark one shot is an AU that follows Leah’s journey to Volterra, after volunteering to be a “guest.” She finds herself in the shadowy world of the Volturi, and in the sights of Felix. The story centers on their interactions and budding relationship. These two do a delicious dance of flirtatious banter and violent play that can walk the line for some readers. It’s a balancing act that Swill122 pulls off with the unparalleled grace of a trapeze artist. I found myself squirming with goosebumps covering my arms, and aching for more.

Put on your big girl pants, and lock yourself in a room. It’s time to play dirty with Leah and Felix. You’ll like it, I promise, maybe a little too much. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. ;)

Chele's Picks

Deceptive Little Flower by LoreliD
Jane, Pre-canon, o/s

It really doesn’t get any darker than canon Jane, and few write her as well as LoreliD. Deceptive Little Flower is sinister and dark and perfect. Jane has tired of having her meals delivered and seeks out the seductive scent of a beautiful young man to satisfy her thirst, both for blood and for pleasure. When she finds her prey, the only question is whether she will sate her erotic desires before the compulsion to drink cuts her fun short.

Being in Jane’s head is wicked. Her sense of entitlement is so insidious that I don’t even want her to feel remorse for her prey, which is good, because she certainly isn’t going to. The scene is set perfectly, every word loads down the senses with intensity. The hints of Jane’s relationship with Aro are subtle and tantalizing, causing my mind to compulsively go places it didn’t want to.
LoreliD has a special gift to write a tale that makes me want the villain to win, and this little erotic story of hunter and prey is a perfect example.

Edgeplay by DirtyBrat
Bella/Edward, AH, WIP/2 chapters. Warning: SERIOUS FUCKING BDSM,

Sometimes darkness is about perception, a deep desire of the mind. Edgeplay is an extremely intense, and beautifully crafted exploration of a couple’s journey into BDSM play. This is not your mom’s cute, kinky sex story (if it is, I want to meet her). Bella and Edward are practiced participants and take part in some serious play.
DirtyBrat takes care to insert the subtle realities of being in the moment during a scene, noting the wanderings of the mind, the hesitations, and the skills that Bella employs to push through them to reach the pinnacle.

Edgeplay is exactly as it’s title suggests, and the players involved are satisfying their cravings for experiences which push the boundaries of their own comfort zones, taking them to the absolute heights of erotic ecstasy. No doubt it will drag the rest of us along with them.

Miss Kitty's Picks

Okies, now I’m the first to admit that I’m an HEA, sunshine and rainbows kitteh...however, this kitteh has a dark side. I do enjoy a good dark and twisty tale.

Red Heart by PhoenixRising25
Edward/Bella, AH. Warning: Bloodplay

One of my personal little kinks is that I absolutely LOVE to read about blood play. I don’t know what it is, but especially in the vamp world is seriously turns my crank. This one shot is from PhoenixRising25 called Red Heart. It takes place in the vamp on vamp world where Bella has a pint of her human blood saved just before she is changed. She meets Edward in the meadow and they get to gettin’ with the bloody sexy times. Ohhh yeah! I think it’s the intimacy of the blood play that I love and the primal aspect of it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a bit of a freak like that, but I can live with that.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by lilly9999
Edward, AU, OOC

My second rec is something particularly dark and twisty one shot by lilly9999 called Something Wicked This Way Comes. This is an Edward that grabs me by the short hairs and makes me all wonky in my brain. It follows the same vein as the Twilight story, but with a decidedly more dark twist to it. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say that Edward gets taught the proper way to love by Tanya and thus uses his new found skill to overcome his thirst for human blood...until he meets Bella that is. Okay, that’s all I’m going to say. Trust me, if you like a little dark and twisty, you will LOVE!

Emmy's Picks

I know I am probs the weirdest WP ever. But I love a darkward... So sue me... ;) I love the Edward who is desperate to drink from his singer. Who sometimes doesn’t even try to stop himself from taking what is his - other times he fights it to the death (often quite literally). Yes my recc’s fall in the rough domain of being WP safe. But there is deffo a bit more bite to these tales than you would find in the Team WussPerv recc’s...

Up Side Down by BettiGefecht
Edward/Bella, AU, O/S

Ok. Although Edward is the vamp in this story - Bella is to me the dark character in this tasty wee O/S. Edward auditions for a band, and is instantly taken by the vulnerable lead singer Bella. He is consumed by her and joins the band with his own agenda. Not knowing that Bella might have her own. Interesting and although not technically a DarkWard - its got a great edge...

This Mortal Coil by Eddie’s Cherry
Edward/Bella, AU, o/s, ANGST Warning: NOT WUSSPERV SAFE

If we are talking DarkWard we MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST talk this fic. BUT WUSSPERV’S OF THE WORLD BEWARE!!! THIS IS NOT WP SAFE!!! But yes I still read it! Eddie’s Cherry aka Moiz is too fabulous a person and a writer to not read it. If you are broken and are searching for your escape - what can bring you relief? An amazing O/S that hints at the humanity and salvation that lies behind the beast... My fave quote ever from my fave book ever I think works beautifully for this fic:
“The softness of the lover in the beast”
But its up to you to see if the Lover or The Beast win in this Edward...

The Canonical Five by EchoesofTwilight
Carlisle, AU (Dark Vamp), o/s

My final pick is a fabulous and very dark piece featuring dear Big Daddy C aka The Good Doctor - pre twilight.... Sure, sure! He’s a good guy now. All about helping folks and healing the needy etc... But who knows what the feck he was up to when he was newly turned and on the loose in Old London Town..... In fact what if Carlisle was around when bad things were happening on the streets of London. Which side would he be on? Brilliantly written by darling Em. I swear she can write Vamps like no-one else. She also writes the DELISH Innocence is Dripping Red. (A DarkWard Edward with a very special feeding habit) Read The Canonical Five - its a very different Carlisle - one who, to me, is believably portrayed in light of his sudden and severe change, and his extreme and religious family beliefs. Brilliant

Jen's Picks

Silent Signs by LAli-Cat
Alice/Jasper, AU, o/s

This wonderful o/s takes SM’s basic story of Alice’s time as a human and tweaks it a bit and it really works. Alice is institutionalized and her existence is not what anyone would consider truly living. She has a visitor at night, but the hospital staff believe he’s simply another one of her delusions. Alice can be herself around him--she doesn’t have to hide her visions. The only affection and kindness shown to her comes on the nights of his visits. He also gains something from their visits--sustenance. LAli-Cats description of Alice’s existence is chilling; only the details of her day to day life in the hospital could possibly make what happens at night preferable, even when her days are made harder by the same visits that she lives for.

These are just a few Dark Delights to warm up your cold Fall nights. If you have dark erotic fics that you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment or tweet us at @PPSSBlog.


Liz said...

I like this feature! Thanks for the recs!

Betti Gefecht said...

Holy shit!! Thanks so much for the kind shoutout... what a way to wake up while I'm having a crappy time in hospital right now. Just great!!
Especially as a German pervy hoor, writing in her second language, and with my obsessive tendency to write somewhat broken characters suffering from all kinds of shit like disorders and what not (and having hawwt sex in spite of everything, LOL), I'd never expected any of my stories to end up here. I'm thrilled and flattered, fistpumping in my hospital bed :)
Thanks!!!! xox Betti

Emmy said...

Hey Betti!

Get well soon lovey.
We were really to recc you & the other delciously dark tales in this feature.
Thanks for writing such great words.
x x
(ps - you really could not tell that English is a 2nd language for you! Bravo)

Emmy said...

Thanks Liz.

This feature was a lot of fun for us to put together.
Keeps your peepers peeled for more delicious delights from us pervs...
We have new features starting all the time.
Much love.
x x