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Turn Me On: Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar


We want to know what turns you on, ladies! Which fics are rocking your world and are must reads for us Pervs? We want you to tell us what you like, what turns you on about this fic. Let’s talk about it over a glass of wine and get everyone reading it.

Title: Million Dollar Baby
Author: clpsuperstar
Status: WIP
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 119,341
Summary: When Renee is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Isabella makes the ultimate sacrifice. Selling herself to the highest bidder to do with her as they please may just prove to be more than she bargained for.

*Bleriana walks into the room with two mugs and a bottle of wine. Jess is sitting in one of the two armchairs with her back to Bleriana starring at the fire, obviously lost in thought.*

"What were you thinking about, J?"

"I was thinking about that story again. You know, Million Dollar Baby. I swear that story sucked me in (pun intended) from chapter one. Do you remember how you found out about it?"

*Bleriana hands Jess her mug and slumps into the other chair, while trying to open the bottle of wine.*

"Basically I felt the need to read something ULTRA-smutty and funny-fluffy. I asked around on twitter for suggestions. I got a bunch of recs and all of them sounded pretty good, but Million Dollar Baby sort of stood out. First, because it was mentioned quite a couple of times by several tweeps that I KNOW have an awesome taste, and second, because it had been suggested to me a while back. So, I decided to give it a shot which, now that I look back, was sort of a bad idea, because I was on my way to work when I started it. Once I started, I never wanted to stop.

Usually it takes a fic about three chapters to draw me in, but in this case all it took was one sentence at the end of chapter one. Yeah, I was that easy."

*Bleriana finally manages to pop the bottle open and starts pouring the wine into Jess' mug and then fills hers as well*

*Jess giggles* "I could have told you that! Same kind of deal for me. I saw it rec’d on twitter and initially thought of the movie, but when I asked and then read the summary, I was immediately intrigued. I mean, the idea of Bella willingly selling herself to the highest bidder, of her own free will, just had me itching for the reason why. Plus, any story that has a Colossal Cockward (CCW) is just begging to be read. By the way, why didn't you get the wine glasses?"

*Bleriana shrugs* "Couldn't find them. Plus these CCW mugs are waaay cuter, more handy and more appropriate don'tcha think?"

*Jess rolls her eyes* "Seriously, though, isn't it strange how a story can get you this level of addicted?”

“After reading so many great stories, I’m not sure it’s surprising, but Million Dollar Baby has this effect, because it‘s so different from any other fic I have read so far. For one, clpsuperstar's writing is so descriptive. She describes everything in such perfect detail; it’s like you can see the whole thing as a movie in your head. At least that’s how I feel. So, I made one video of it (the next one is planned) and lots of other stuff inspired by it.

Plus, that woman cracks me up! Her sense of humor mirrors mine quite a lot. So, how could I possibly not love it? Smut itself is good, but combine smut AND fun and you've got a lethal h00r mass destruction weapon, imo. I craved this. Especially since there have been a lot of fics with the smut-angst combination for me lately.

Talking about smut: The smut is E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T. And I ought to know because I read lots of smut, Jess. Lots of smut. Thus, I think
Million Dollar Baby can definitely keep up with the "big" fics. The lemons are ultra-hawt and don't get me started on the fucktastic build up towards the cherry pop..."

“Oh, I completely agree. I’m sort of an UST junkie, so even though there was stuff leading up to the cherry pop, I was aching for them to finally do the deed. I loved how he taught her exactly what he liked, demanded it even, and in the process showed her what she liked, too.

Plus, to be honest, I really appreciate how she has managed to tell the story with humor and snark, even though the subject matter could have been really heavy and angsty. There's no doubt
clpsuperstar has a way of bringing the characters to life. Even when I wanted to punch Edward for being such an ass, I still found myself loving him.”

"Totally. She wrote the characters such that Bella and Edward's personalities and their relationship are quite different from other fics I’ve read.

This Bella is one of the only Bellas I really really like. And that’s sayin' something since I usually either want Bella dead or to end up with Jake... just so I can grab Edward and we can drive into the sunset in his Volvo. Or something like that. You know what I mean.

Not this Bella though! She is refreshingly different. So bold and fierce and headstrong. Oh, and did I mention she doesn't take shit from Edward? Yeah I am in awe of her..."

"Yeah, I really like this Bella too! She’s ultra independent, snarky, and seriously doesn’t take any of his..."

"Enough Bella-talk. Can we talk about ColossalCockward now?" *Bleriana bounces in her seat almost spilling her wine in the process, clearly excited*

“You are seriously insane." *Jess rolls her eyes* "Fine! Let’s talk about CCW.”

"Ok, CCW is one of the hawtest Edwards I have stumbled across since... well, I'd say forever, but I'll settle for saying since Beautiful Bastard or Fifty Shades because, to me, CCW is at least the same level of hot and sexy as they are. Just think about the sweet sinful things rolling off that talented tongue of his." *Bleriana swoons*

*Jess sighs* “Yeah, he’s very swoonworthy. I love how even though he technically owns her and can do pretty much anything he wants with her, he doesn’t just use her for his own pleasure. She’s been getting lots of O’s along the way. It’s clear he has a sensitive streak... even early on.”

"Yeah I agree. But I also feel the need to point out that I love that badboy attitude he has going on. Sure there are lots of badboy Edwards walking around in the spheres of fanfic, but it's sort of always the same: Eddie is a badass badboy until Bella steps into his life and changes him into the good guy. That ain't happening this time though. CCW changes a tad bit, but he basically still remains his cocky and arrogant self. Which is good since that is a huge part of his charm and sex appeal. So damn irresistible."

Bleriana sighs* "Badboys are my kryptonite."

“He’s definitely a badboy. I mean the whole "no panties" rule... gah!”

"Hot damn, I know! Oh, and he got a fantastic ass."

*Jess nods fervently* "So, I mentioned early on that this story completely sucked me in from the first chapter. I meant that. Here’s the bit that made me hit the Next button.

"Well, let's see if you're worth it," he said with a sigh as he undid his pants and pulled his massive dick out.

I looked at him dumbfounded because surely he didn't expect me to lose my virginity to him in this shithole of a place like this. I mean, I know I'm his property now, but…really?

"On your knees, Isabella. Or the deal is off and you can go home with the lard ass in the other room. He really seemed to want you," he said with a sexy smirk while he stroked his glorious cock with one hand. "Now, show me your appreciation."

Problem number one…I had never given a blow job in my entire life.

And then from there, him teaching her how to give him a proper BJ... hot damn!

But the thing I've really loved the most is watching them progress and try to deal with their feelings while they navigate through the murky waters of her sexual inexperience. Call me a sap, but I love how tender he can be, even when he’s barking out orders at her. And seriously, seeing the two of them try to process through all the crazy feelings they’ve been having when it’s just supposed to be about sex.”

"True. True, but I have to say it was bound to happen. Of course they'd fall madly in love! What I was mesmerized by was the fact that we could FEEL it. Yes, we knew it was coming and yet, I could feel them falling for each other. I got all giddy at the cute little moments that brought them closer and all pissed that it took them ages to figure it out."

“Exactly! Like when she made him breakfast. Who knew burned bacon could be so freaking hot?!”

"No shit! That was hysterical."

*Jess & Bleriana burst into fits of laughter before Jess clears her throat and gets serious again.*

“But on a more serious note, it was interesting seeing how they changed as individuals and as a couple, if you can really call them that, given the business-nature of their relationship.”

“Did you feel like their roles were reversed after a while? I mean Bella was supposed to be Edward‘s slave, but sometimes it felt more like it was the other way around. He seemed to be addicted to her so badly. I'd even go as far as calling him insatiable. Not that I had a problem with that..."

“Oh, there’s no doubt he’s insatiable, and I agree their roles definitely reversed a little. I think that’s because he felt some measure of trust there. He owns her, and therefore, he can do whatever he wants to her and with her. It helps that she’s just as into it as he is. And plus, after everything he went through with Tanya and Jake... I don’t blame him for being the way he is.”

"OMG yes!" *Bleriana screeches way to loudly causing Jess to shrink back* "The whole Tanya/Jacob thing was one thing, but did YOU expect the whole James thing?"

“That completely caught me off guard. Talk about SURPRISE and ewwww!”

*Bleriana shudders* "Can we go back to a bit more... uhm... happy topics?" *

“I don’t know about getting paid... that’s Bella’s job, but the smut is freaking fantastic. I mean every scene is well written, vivid, descriptive without being too much... and I can seriously still smell the bacon. And the scene on the piano... unf!”

"Unf is right, bb! Glad we both agree on the smutaliciousness of this fic...

The fact is, Jess, I have read lots of smut. I love smut. If it were liquid or something, I'd bathe in it. So I think I can judge good lemons and bad lemons.
Million Dollar Baby most definitely has VERY good lemons. I already mentioned how much I loved the cherry-pop-build-up, but it's not just that. clpsuperstar has an incredible way of describing lemons. The way she weaves the act itself and the emotion together is just... indescribably good. It's amazing how she can deliver at least the same super good quality every single chapter.

Truly amazing. She puts so much thought into it. I don't even need to mention this, because you can clearly feel that when reading. Plus, she likes to put filthy words into his mouth, amongst other things. (pun intended since the moment I read this)."

*Both lean back against their seat, somewhat calmed down, sipping their barely touched wine absently. A few seconds of silence pass before they're suddenly interrupted by Bleriana screeching*

"Oh my god, bitch!!!"

*Jess opens her eyes wide in shock and confusion*

"We totes almost forgot Gay Gabe!! How could we talk about God and the world and leave out Gabe?!"

“Um, because we were too busy talking about CCW? But OMG yes! He is seriously the highlight of this entire fic! Every time I read a scene with him in it, I just cackle with laughter. His fascination with Adam Lambert is too freaking much! I just can’t even!”

"I love Gabe. Wish I had a BFF to DEF like him..."

*Both sigh and then bust into another fit of laughter*

“Seriously, though, I really love this fic. I’m anxious to see where clpsuperstar takes this whole James bit and how Edward and Bella work through things now that they are where they are... I don’t want to give anything away.”

"Agreed. People should just read it if they want to know what the hell we’re talking about. Million Dollar Baby really is a fic EVERYBODY should read. It's got smut for the pervs, fun for the people that like to laugh, and a tad bit of angst to round it out. If you're searching for a fic, that'll keep your girly bits tingling, then this fic is for you!”

*Jess and Bleriana continue sipping on their wine and musing about Million Dollar Baby remembering each chapter to make the time until the next update shorter*

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clpsuperstar said...

Well, fuck a duck...I get to be the first to comment? *looks from side to side* Hope I'm not the only one, or I'm going to look beyond pathetic.

Let me say this first...I FINALLY FUCKING MADE IT ON PPSS!!!!! Seriously, this has been one of the biggest goals of mine since I first started writing. Pathetic? Maybe, but this blog is the epitome of fanfic rec sites and I hold it in the highest regards.

Secondly...You bitches have rocked my inner Cooch with this review! Masterfully done, bbs! Bravo! *gives standing ovation* Lushes! LMAO

And, I'll have you know that Gabe is doing his 15 minutes of fame jig right now.

*Gay Gabe looks over clp's shoulder* Gabe: Um, bitch...*raises a perfectly manicured brow* I don't fucking "jig" m'kay? I may drop it like it's hot, make the booty clap or whip my hair back and forth, but I definitely DO NOT jig...whore *rolls eyes and sashays away* Girl, you better recognize when you're in the presence of royalty. Shit, I needs me an entourage now. That's what famous people have.

*clp rolls her eyes and chooses to ignore him* I think you guys may have created a monster, and I really didn't think it was possibly for his ego to get any bigger. Lucky for him, I fucking heart Gay Gabe.

So, yeah, anywho...Thanks for the awesome rec! I really fucking love you and shit!!


Teri said...

Million Dollar Baby had me hooked from the first page of the story. I loved the idea that Bella really was a good girl in trying to save her mother, but at the same time with a snarky attitude to boot. But the scene which actually hooked me was in the beginning where Edward was just sitting back in the dark room smoking a cigarette while bidding on her. That was it for me and that was even before all the smut and humor started. I love Edward's bad boy image, but also love his sensitivity. Clpsuperstar's sense of humor is so entertaining. I think anyone who does not take the time to read this story is absolutely crazy. It is one of the best out there.

Keye Cullen said...

How much do I love CLP's writing? One helluva lot!! I read the first chapter of MDB and was hooked!!! I mean, seriously? Who wouldn't be? OMG it is hot! Not to mention it has comic relief with all of Bella's internal thoughts and Gay Gabe. Edward, well, I have soooo enjoyed watching him falling in love and being completely frustrated with Bella!!

Trust me it is just a little gift when you open up your inbox and see an update on this story. But, don't shortchange yourself. If you like MDB, and really, who doesn't? Then check out CLP's story, "I Love College". You will love that too. She has some one shots that I have read that will light your ass on fire too. Slowly but surely I am working my way through all her stories and am enjoying every minute of it!

Peace ooooouuuutt!


Jessypt said...

clpsuperstar - I'm so glad you liked it! Yay! Bleriana and I had so much fun writing this together! -Jess

thecoldshower said...

clp - glad you likey. Me and Jess put out whole heart and cooch into it and I am pretty damn happy with how it turned out!

Jess (and all the other Pervs) - I fucking love you. It's always been a dream of mine to be included in a post or a rec' in any way I could but this completely overshadowed anything I could have hoped for. I got to co-review with one of the Perv Pack members! Do you have any idea how excited I was? I was doing chartwheels in mah head I tell ya!
Doing this with such an extremely sweet and awesome lady like Jessy was a true blast!
We had sooo much fun perving, lusting and being crazy in general.
I fucking love you woman!
Thank you so much for letting me do this!

h00rette de la TheColdShower - Your source for Robp0rn/Fiftyp0rn/CCWp0rn

thecoldshower said...

clp - glad you likey. Me and Jess put out whole heart and cooch into it and I am pretty damn happy with how it turned out!

Jess (and all the other Pervs) - I fucking love you. It's always been a dream of mine to be included in a post or a rec' in any way I could but this completely overshadowed anything I could have hoped for. I got to co-review with one of the Perv Pack members! Do you have any idea how excited I was? I was doing chartwheels in mah head I tell ya!
Doing this with such an extremely sweet and awesome lady like Jessy was a true blast!
We had sooo much fun perving, lusting and being crazy in general.
I fucking love you woman!
Thank you so much for letting me do this!

h00rette de la TheColdShower - Your source for Robp0rn/Fiftyp0rn/CCWp0rn