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The Lemon Report 10/19/10

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favorite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favorite update with us by leaving us a comment.

by denverpopcorn

Chele - I love this one shot like crazy. Edward works in the projection booth in a porn theater in the 70’s, Bella is a fresh innocent lost in the big city. The details are so well-written it’s like I was there. It has one of the most unique and vivid interpretations of the meadow scene I’ve read. The passionate physicality left me panting and hoping it will be continued. I have no idea who this denverpopcorn is, but I immediately put her on author alert after reading this one-shot.

Emmy - This is on my ‘To-do-list’ (alongside sex & another couple of fics! lol! hahahah) As a couple of my delish perv’s have recc’d it to me...

Kitty - What is THIS?! *runs off to add this to my to-be-read list*

Jess - Oh my... this looks like fun!

Jeanne - I love this adorable little one shot like crazy. It's so sweet even though it was set in the seedy underworld of New York City's redlight district. You all know how I feel about Ed/Bella stories, but this one is on my fav fic list. Give it a chance, you won't regret it.

Beyond Time
by TKegl

Emmy - I had this author on my alert list for a fic or 2, and I kept getting alerts for this story. But I hadn’t dug into this one before a boring train journey on Saturday... Holy moley. Lots of stolen kisses, trying to be restrained and good because its the turn-of-the-century leads to VERY hot and intense times once they finally “yield” to their love. Woah mama! **fans self** Tkegl wrote these two and their at times chaste courtship beautifully. To the point that scenes which would be decidedly vanilla and mundane to kids & perv’s today read downright dirty... Its wonderful! Certain scenes had me blushing - due to how much you could tell it meant to this B and E. How long they had waited. (E not knowing quite how long B had waited for him...)This story is a ‘Bella ends up back in Edward’s Chicago in 1918 after barely surviving in the months since Edward left her behind and in pieces’ fic. But its intriguing and very well done. Carlisle’s canon character is very well done - especially is his ‘interest’ in Bella. But what I love best is how Bella copes with seeing Edward again, and how Edward with no prior exposure or knowledge of his future love and lust for Bella falls for her. Beautifully done! Oh & if you love this you will also love Only Human In Beyond Time - Chastity & UST = DELISH!

by Subtlepen

Jeanne - OMG this fic. Fuck! I’m not even sure I can be coherent about how awesome, thoughtful and FUCKING HOT this story is. Seriously, this is the fic for those of you that are scared of slash and kink. Despite what you might think it is Wussperv safe, just trust me. Open your mind, and hearts to this delicious erotic adventure. UNF!

Teal - Subtlepen rocks my fucking world. That is all.

Jen - I fell, and fell hard, for Pegged when Subtlepen first posted it. I was so excited when the alert for a new chapter popped up in my inbox, and I was not disappointed. I’m completely in love with the ‘voice’ Subtlepen has given Bella in the latest chapter. Bella and Edward are grown ups, in a mature relationship, and the realism of this second chapter is gorgeous and inspiring.

Chele - Thank fuck Subtlepen added another chapter to this story or I may never have known it existed. What am amazing job of creating a vivid and perfect scene, then completely pulling the rug out from under me. It was erotic, intense, and uplifting. This newest chapter held a realism I find starkly lacking in most fics that deal with sexual exploration. I love, love, loved it and I will promptly be begging for another dozen chapters.

Emmy - I LOVE Liz! Subtlepen We recc’d her Mind Over Matter back as a Team WP recc. I’ve had her on alert since before then.. She does write some non-WP fics though... But I think most WP’s can handle Pegged.... Its delish AND realistic... Perfect! I cannot wait for her to add more to this slutty but sweet saga! Its a total treat! Enjoy it!

Raw and Rosy
by Tuesdaymidnight

Jeanne - OMFG! Tuesdaymidnight is killing me with these two. The sex, emotional depth and EDWARD POV!!! I love how this complicated relationship just keeps going deeper and deeper. I was very flaily when I got to the end of this chapter, but I trust that she will end this story in a way that will make me ache, swoon and want to bear her children, more than I do already. *happy sigh*

Chele - At first, this was a smutty indulgence read for me, but as the story progressed, the characters really developed and I became invested them. It’s a difficult balance to include sexuality in nearly every chapter of a fic and still keep me interested, but this keeps me coming back for more each time. The chapter was no exception. Wickedly hot, and emotionally charged.

Emmy - Yet again this fic is owning my ARSE!! (pun unintended). Gah. I can’t believe we are almost at the end. The emotions revealed by the EPOV in the latest chapter has killed me dead. Again!!! I have a wee kernel of hope for these two boys. But my heart is also pretty feart.... **wobbly bottom lip**

Jess - OMG! Finally! This chapter was freaking phenomenal and EPOV to boot! The ending left me all flaily, warm, and gushy! If you haven’t read this story, get on it... literally, now!

Jen - I’m not ready for this to be over! I might be repeating myself, but the fact that the emotions are what grabbed me the most in this chapter, and not the smut (although it was as delicious as ever), speaks volumes about Tuesdaymidnight’s skill as a writer. I’ve re-read this chapter several times now, and I think the heartclenches are just growing stronger each time.

Kimpy - *Interrupts her private time with Raw and Rosy to comment on the chappie* Oh, dear god in heaven, you KNOW that I’m a h00r for Edward in general, but a R+R EPOV? I still haven’t fully recovered from this one. These boys are so magnetic, charismatic, yummy, and alluring. I just love to sit back and watch the chapter unfold in front of me. It makes me feel incredibly voyeuristic, and I love that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my wussperv heart will remain intact when this story ends, but one can never be quite sure. Never mind that Tuesdaymidnight ruined me for the song “With You In My Head,” which ALWAYS reminds me of these two spankalicious bois--every time I hear a slapping noise, I look around to see where Edward and Jasper are. Bitch. I love you something fierce.

by Belindella

Kitty - Our dear sweet little Emmers brought this little nugget to my attention and I am in freaking LOVE! This Edward makes me so happy in my pants I can’t even stand it, he’s surferward that has spent a few years in Australia and has those hot little Aussie sayings that make my toes curl. Bella can’t stand him but I mean really, how long can that really last? It’s only 4 chapters in but make sure you are buckled up for chapter 3, there’s some fingering on the couch that made me squeal like a piglet! GAH! Seriously, GAH-HA-HA-HAHA!

Emmy - I am seriously in love with this fic. The tension is brilliant. Bella is interesting and unusual I think in spirit and situation. I enjoy the characterizations of others - especially this Rosalie, and Edward? Well he is quite the fitty! Amazing UST and some top-notch storytelling. The lemons when they come are going to be juicy! ;)

Jen - My tbr list grows every Tuesday! Who can resist the call of a surfing Edward? Not me! *click--bookmark*

Just call me Shameless
by OhPenelope5446

Teal - I found this story on a random fic dive, and it has a lot of waaaaay too convenient run-ins between Edward and Bella, but the dirty wall fucking/doggy style combo in the first chapter has me hoping for more of that Shameless smut.

Emmy - Shameless smut? I’m in! **scarpers off to read**

by twistedcoincidence and astible13

Teal - What can I say? I love pregnancy sex. Even though things don’t necessarily turn out as these two expected, I was still happy to see their reunion!

Emmy - Teal?! I am so surprised you are a PCO fan!!! :) This is one of the fics that I adore - even when I want to give the characters a rollicking aka tell the characters off & smack their heads off of each other... The scene stealer in this fic is Edward’s son Finn. He. Is. Adorable... (yup he even trumps, sexy, tatt’d DADDYWARD!) As I have said before - I have a very soft spot for a well done DaddyWard. This one fills all my boxes. Or ticks them.. Whatever! ;)

by ltlerthqak

Jess - I have had this story on alert for a long time and am just now finally getting a chance to read it. There are no words for how ltlerthqak paints these characters and scenes in this fic. She has a lovely, visceral, and very visual style that makes me feel like I can “smell” everything there. Bella is a carnie with an enhanced sense of smell and has to struggle with life’s realities and attitudes toward carnies when she meets her fioghra, or one true love, Edward. The chemistry and draw between these two is powerful, I can’t wait to see what it’s like when she finally brings them together.

Let’s Get Physical
by Lalina

Jess - Lalina freaking killed me with this chapter! It’s full of self realizations, love, and HAWT wall sex! Sweet heavens... I need a moment!

Jen - Who says you can’t be Team Anything Goes *and* indulge in some sweet, fluffy E/B fic? I love this story hard. It never fails to make me laugh, even in the chapters where it felt like nothing was going right for Bella. Bella is finally getting her much deserved smexytimes on with Personal Trainerward, and the sexing is as delicious and decadent as molten chocolate lava cake.

Starry Eyed Inside
by Rochelle Allison

Jess - So, I’m a sucker for high school fics. Ro does an amazing job of crafting a mysterious Edward and a Bella that you’ll actually love. She’s strong and independent, but they are still drawn to each other. The UST and lemons are just... yeah, go read it! You’ll love it!

Emmy - I am still flailing for this fic! Brillo

by Dance Alice Dance

Jen - I am really sad that I have no idea who rec’d this to me, because I want to kiss them all over. It’s senior year at Forks High for Edward, Jacob, and the gang. To say Edward and Jake dislike each other is putting it mildly. Throughout the o/s we learn more about Edward and can see that some of the anger he spews at Jake is just a front. What happens when they each sign the other’s yearbook? Go read this sweet o/s and find out!

Chele - This was adorable. While I craved more smut, it was tender and happy slash.

Jeanne - As a Ed/Jake fangirl I nearly exploded when I saw the summary for this fic. I love the relationship, dialog and UST (that kept me on the edge of my seat) in this beautiful, and and all too brief one shot. It is heartwarming, realistic and left me aching to know more about these men. *heartclench*

by KiyaRaven

Jen - KiyaRaven always brings the sexy smut and snarky laughs. In her newest fic she brings intense passion, UST, and a healthy dose of hatred between Edward and Bella. The story alternates anecdotes from the diary Bella kept in drama school, when she and Edward first met, to present time, where Edward and Bella are in rehearsals for a new Broadway play. KiyaRaven hit this chapter out of the park. The most recent chapter has a passionately angry and hateful argument between Edward and Bella back in drama school. If these are the fireworks they can produce while arguing, what’s going to happen when they do get together romantically? I cannot wait.

Emmy - Ooh! I love this fic! Its so good.The UST could be cut with a knife. I LOVE the complex back story to these two actors and the journey they both went on as young actors in training. Especially inexperienced Bella - I think she finds her education in different ways.... Pure brilliance.

by WriteOnTime

Kimpy - I’ve been an avowed WriteOnTime fan for a longer period of time than I’ve been writing, so we are steeped in history. I’ve been remiss at getting started with Breaking News, because I was afraid that nothing could match one of my all-time favorite stories, also by WOT, “The Port Angeles Players.” I needed to start reading some new fic, so I dove into BN this weekend, and OH MY FUCKING GOD!! I don’t know what kind of stick was up my ass, but people, this story is amazing. Incredible. Dramatic. And let me tell you, the Unresolved Sexual Tension? You can put it right up there in the UST Hall of Fame, following Lifetime UST HoF members Agents Scully and Mulder. Oh yes, it is THAT good. I felt like I was discovering a new “Behind Enemy Lines,” it was so intense and delicious. In a twist on canon, Bella is more like canon Edward, and Edward is more like canon Bella, and the result is the sexual chemistry equivalent of TNT. It takes a while for these two to finally do the dirty deed, but it is incredibly satisfying once they finally do. It made ME want to go smoke a cigarette! GO. READ. NOW. PERIOD.

Jen - I love this story. WriteOnTime is amazing. I adore her Edward, even when he’s being an arrogant jerk. Bella is sassy and confident and then fumbling and insecure in equal measures, and you’ll be rooting for her no matter what. As a bonus, this smartly written, well-crafted story has the fandom’s best and most fun Tanya.

by Tara_Sue_Me

Kimpy - I cannot avoid commenting on the last installment of Kalimando’s FGB-commissioned piece for “The Training.” The last of the three chapters posted yesterday, and with it, my heart clenched rather tightly. I’m never ready to say goodbye to these two, and I was especially interested to see how they would handle a week-long, 24/7 Dom/sub relationship. I was very surprised by the way the ending played out, but pleasantly so. It felt right to me, and it allowed us, as readers, to see more of their inner psyche, and their deep, abiding love for one another. So yeah, in a nutshell? My heart melted. Tara Sue Me, you had me at “Hello,” or at least at “Seeing her kneel before me? Wearing only my collar? It's like no other high imaginable.” GAH! Oh, Tara, are you sure you don’t have any other yummy tidbits in that deliciously twisted brain of yours? I *promise* to behave...

Emmy - I echo Kimpy. Gah for the last chapter. Gah for the whole series. Gah. Gah. Gah. (ps Tara - I would LOVE to see these 2 switching scenes again... now Edward is emotionally stable and all that! ;) No need for it to now trigger a Turpentine....

Jess - I’d be remiss if Tara_Sue_Me and it did not disappoint. I have loved watching these two grow individually and in their relationship and look forward to any more random snippits that Tara might throw our way!


Anonymous said...

I love that the PPSS is back but I wish the reviews told me more about the story. It seems to be a given that the stories rec'd under the Lemon Report are going to be hot, but they don't really draw me in as a reader. Nothing about them is screaming "READ ME". Perhaps a small recap, or the authors own summary to go along with the title so that the reader knows what kind of story it is. Just a little more in the review would be great.

SweetDulcinea said...

We're happy to provide those story and author links for you to check out the stories we mention in the Lemon Report. This feature is just a quick snapshot of things we're all reading and smut we love to lead our lovely pervlings toward some fun stories. You'll find more extensive reviews when we do our Roundtable and Team recs on Mondays!

Thanks for perving with us! =)

Anonymous said...

So again I come here for recs and am disappointed. Finding a Edward/Bella fic is like shooting fish in a barrel. I wish your blog branched out more from the Edward/Bella pairing; and no, one fic with Jake doesn't constitute branching out.

SweetDulcinea said...

Hey there, Anon, our Lemon Report is a recap of what lemon goodness we've all read in the past week. It's not everything we've ever read, so the content varies from week to week.

Personally, I've read some great Jasper/Bella this week, but since they're part of current contests, I'm holding off on reporting until those challenges close. If you'd like to find more great stories we love, you can check out our faves on our personal FFn profiles. You're also welcome to hit me up on twitter or gmail, and I'd be happy to share some of my favorite non-canon, poly, slash, and femmeslash stories with you =)

Now I must ask, have YOU read anything yummy this week??? We all loooooove recs from our bloggy friends in these comments *winkwinknudgenudge*

SweetDulcinea said...

Oh! Of course I would be remiss if I didn't refer you to the Team Slash feature that just posted yesterday and Going Deep, which went up last Wednesday. Both have LOADS of non-canon recs!

SweetDulcinea said...

PS -- I apologize to my fellow Pervs and all our pervlings when I sound like a fool and write nonsensical sentences. I worked 12 hours today =P

Anonymous said...

But I'm looking for more wolfy goodness, which seems lacking on major blogs.

Jeanne said...

Hey, Phase Fics is a awesome source for Pack fic recs. In fact, I just did a rec for a smutilicious Sam/Bella fic over there.

However, I see your point and feel your pain. We will be bringing more Pack fic love to PPSS.

Please share any Pack fics that you love with us. Feel free to leave an anon comment here with them, and I promise to read them. I am always looking for new, hot and smuty Pack fic. I especially love anything with Jacob and/or Leah.

Thanks for your honest feedback and please do not hesitate to share again in the future. We want to better represent the diverse world of Twilight fan fic.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I will start with Jacob & Bella... These two stories will make you, um, feel something in your lady parts.

http://fanfiction.net/s/5335706/1/ Seventh Inning Stretch
http://m.fanfiction.net/s/5694905/1/ The Neighbor: Anytime, Anyplace

Jake & Ness hotness (please keep an open mind)
http://fanfiction.net/s/4911524/1/ Lust: A Tale of Sexual Relations Between Neighbors

I have many more Wolf recs, but hopefully you will have some soon, as well.

Anonymous said...

the non-mobile link of The Neighbor

drtyltlsecret said...

I can't wait to get my hands on these new recs... you all definitely need to include All of Me by Flibbins... she hasn't updated in a while - not sure why - but the D/s relationship between E and B is absolutely amazing...and we get some LEMONEY GOODNESS with Jasper in the mix... Oh my.... check it out on Twilighted....

drtyltlsecret said...

Don't forget Our Lives Unbound...beautifully written and I love the vulnerable side that both E and B show to each other... this Edward is just heartbreaking... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

drtyltlsecret said...

Don't forget Our Lives Unbound...beautifully written and I love the vulnerable side that both E and B show to each other... this Edward is just heartbreaking... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Subtle Pen said...

i fucking love you h00rs. *digs out an ovary* see? this is how much i love you.

*looks around at your horrified faces*

ok, so the ovary was too much? note to self. *nods*

*hands you ice cream and cookies and porn instead*

there! i love you THAT much! and more.

Jessypt said...

Subtlepen... there are no words for how much I love you! LOL... and yes, the ovary was too much, but I'll take the ice cream cone.

denverpopcorn said...

Hi there. I wish I could leave you a cool message, but my face is still hot from seeing my story on your list.


Thanks, ladies. You made my day.

KiyaRaven said...

Holy crap, I've been rec'ed in the Smut Shack? My life is now complete.

Thank you so much ladies. Bewb gropes for all.

Lalina said...

Thank you so much ladies! I am beyond happy you are enjoying the story :))


Irritable Grizzzly said...

Kiya baby, I know yer lemons are awesome, but I have to say I dig your UST even more. You really know how to build up to a moment.

Love yew and yer bewbs madly..

Anonymous said...

I wish things were more categorized. PPSS is a HEAVY slash and non-canon site so I've always been wary of checking it out.

Like could there be lemon recs on one side for E&B stories, E&Leah, E&J just to help. I just like what I like and would rather not anyone try to convert me into anything non-canon.

WriteOnTime said...


I am beyond honored that you saw fit to include "Breaking News" on this rec list, especially since it's a well-known fact that I specialize in the non-lemon lemon. Being rec'd by PPSS is blowing my mind.

Thank you so much!

LtlErthqak said...

I snorted when I saw that you were recc'ing Gio on PPSS - I mean, B&E just french kissed for the first time in chapter 10 LOL

Thanks so much! I'm glad you're liking it.

Emmy said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for your feedback.
Don't fear if you are an E/B girl there are still tons of E/B reccs for you on the PPSS - Please know that if I am reccing a story it will be E/B UNLESS its slash which I will clearly state.... (also the above normally applies to Kim, Trin, Kitty and Jess too)
We are trying to make sure we let the readers know the pairings and status of fics we recc - unless it spoils the story to do so. But if in doubt about any story please feel free to ask us about it!
Team WussPerv will be re-debuting again in November - seriously fluffy E/B abounds... ;)
But just give me and us a shout if you want more guidance.
Hope you enjoying the Reccs and the site!

Emmy said...

Dear Lalina, Write on Time, SubtlePen, DenverPopcorn, Kiya, LtlErthqak
We LOVED your stories - hence us reccing them! So glad you appreciated it. :)
Hope you are enjoying the Lemon Report & all our new features at PPSS 2.00
Thanks for the amazing writing!
Cheers & much love

Emmy said...

Irritable Grizzly -
Well said. I echo your thoughts...
Much love.

Emmy said...

Dear DirtyltlSecret,

Thanks for your recc's!
I have the flibbins fic on my tbr list...
We have already featured OLU on the Lemon Report and as a full roundtable Recc on the PPSS. - We love it lots...
We do hope you are enjoying our new look PPSS and all our features.
Do keep giving us your feedback and suggestions!
Much love

Emmy said...

Dear Anon.
Thanks for your pack suggestions...
The pack loving girls in the PPSS appreciate your reccs! ;)
Much love