Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween fic comes in all flavors: vamp and human, fluffy and fun, dark and disturbing, and of course, sexy and smutty; you name it, you can find it. Our pervs have worked hard to gather some goodies so we can play a little Trick or Treat.
We'll start with the Treats:

by nerac AH, E/B

Jen- Night Time Romeo by nerac is a sweet and funny o/s (it was written for a contest; subsequent chapters stand alone). It’s almost Halloween, and an unwilling Bella is dragged to a costume shop by Alice. Alice insists that Bella try on costumes. After a struggle to get the sexy dress on, Bella meets Edward. They’re immediately attracted to each other, but are completely awkward together. What happens at the Halloween Party? Will Bella get her Night Time Romeo? Will they give in to the tension between them and have sexytimes?

Her Own Particular Shade of Ebony
by theladyingrey42
AU, Alice/Jasper

Her Own Particular Shade of Ebony by theladyingrey42 is a dark vampire story. Jasper is a vampire and Alice is still human. He’s drawn to her because through his gift he experiences people’s emotions as colors, and Alice’s color is the strongest he’s ever experienced. Theladyingrey42 has created a visually rich story, and you feel the storm brewing as the o/s builds to a conclusion. Though there is an undeniable attraction between them, this is not exactly a love story. Theladyingrey42’s stories are always beautiful, so go and read this one to find out what happens at the intersection of madness, blood, and sex.

Countdown to Halloween
by Breath-of-Twilight
Supernatural, E/B

Jenn - Breath-of-Twilight is hosting the Countdown to Halloween II One Haunted Hallows Eve. This ‘story’ is a collection of 31 anonymous one shots. Authors will be revealed on Halloween. As I was reading through, chapter 5 (oneshot #3) really captivated me. From the time she’s 14, Bella finds herself being comforted by an invisible presence when she is extremely upset. Each year, she learns a bit more about this presence, and she eventually figures out that his name is Edward. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story, so I’ll leave it at this: it’s very sweet and quite romantic.

Peanuts Linus/Sally AU

Chele- By now, you should trust me to go the route less traveled. I discovered this from a twitter recommendation, and simply couldn’t resist adding it to the Halloween collection. While the title would imply a little PWP, it is actually adorable and hilarious in addition to the porny implications.
Warning: This is not Twific. I had to go fandom hopping to the Peanuts universe for this gem. That’s right, It’s The Great Pumpkin. Now, before you throw rotten gourds at me, Linus is all grown up, but still seeks the quiet solitude of his annual escape to the pumpkin patch. Will sexy co-ed Sally join him this year? Trust. You want to find out.
fngrcufs will likely never speak to me after being included on this round-up, but if you love it like I did, it will be worth the silent treatment.

Le Casa Stregata
by Amery Marie

E/B 3-parter WIP A/U

Emmy  This is the first part of a three-parter from the brilliant Amery Marie. The first part has left me really intrigued, I am dying to know the answers to many questions hinted at so far. Bella’s strange dreams, why she doesn’t like being called Isabella and how Lauren is going to get her comeuppance... I cannot wait for the next 2 parts. I really encourage you to read this - the writing is great and I can feel it already building into something epic for Halloween!

All Hallows Moon
by x-Twitch-x and DangerXMagnet
E/B Mystery

Teal - Last year, I hosted a Halloween contest with some of my friends. Of all the entries, All Hallows Moon was definitely my favorite. Take a campfire on Halloween night, add in a meeting of a few strangers, spice it up with a ghost story, and you’ll be feeling some goosebumps! There’s a strange connection between Edward and Bella, but why? And the real question remains, is there any truth behind the ghost story in that area? I wouldn’t call this one a scary story or a horror, if you can’t handle that kind of thing. It’s more a a suspense and mystery, and you’d be remiss if you passed this story by! (And leave a review -- this is a very under appreciated one-shot!)

Now it's time for the tricks. Look What the Perv's have been brewing up for you.

Team Edward?? Team Jacob??? (Or a PackPervTM like Jeanne?)

Or perhaps you are into a bit more pain...
like your toys to have a sting in their tale?? & yeah... Everyone needs a fangbanger

And if your guy is into vampires

We’re hoping to get some trick-or-treaters here at the Smut Shack.

Maybe a soccer player?

Might be nice to have a sailor around........

Firemen are always a nice choice....

These boys certainly enjoy Halloween....


LaurenDanielle said...

Seeing as Halloween is over, I am certain that this comment is allowed. Thank you so much for your kind words about my oneshot from Breath-Of-Twilights countdown to Halloween. I never thought I would see the day that I would find my story being talked about on this blog. Ive been following you all since the beginning and I woke my roomate up SQUEELING when I saw what you said. So thank you!
p.s. the oneshot is being continued ;)

mycrookedsmile said...

I'm so glad you saw the review and realized it was your story!
I'm excited that you're continuing, I'm going to put it on alert right now.

AmeryMarie said...

I only just now stumbled across this. Thanks so much for the rec, Emmy! You're too kind. Hopefully it didn't disappoint too much. I was stepping away from my usual style, so... Lol. Thanks again, hotstuff. Mwah!

Emmy said...

Hey babes, there is NO way this story disappointed me. SO good. Eerie & mysterious. Loved it! Perf for Halloween. <3
xx x

Anonymous said...

EEP, thank you, Jen!! xoxo <3