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The Lemon Report 10/26/10

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favorite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favorite update with us by leaving us a comment.

Rosalie/Emmett, Angst/Romance, AH, Complete

Chele - The Long Way Home completely rocks my world. Rosalie leaves her carefully constructed life to attend Edward and Bella’s wedding, but has to confront a deep seeded ache in the process. There is angst, but there is also elation. The writing is lush, vivid, and stunning. TheHeartofLife brings a level of depth to Rosalie that makes me want things for her even when I’m not loving her. Mostly, I want her to have Emmett. On every surface of every bed, sofa, swing and kitchen counter.

This story held me en rapt with some of the steamiest UST I have ever read. There is a scene where Emmett, Jasper and Edward play basketball that is so perfectly written that I struggled to overcome the desire to lick my screen. I wish I was joking. The way Rosalie and Emmett dance around each other had me swooning and panting and wanting to simply push them together. The final chapter just posted, and it finished as strongly as it started. Simply beautiful, subtly sexy, and total love.

by TheSwanDive

Alice/Bella, AH, WIP

- Just when I think I may starve in the search for good femslash, Einfach Mich comes to my rescue and tosses me this little gem to read. Originally an In the Closet Entry, TheSwanDive has expanded it to a multichap and I couldn’t be happier. Alice’s humor is spot on and she reminds me of all the girls I had crushes on when I was seventeen. Bella is just the right balance of no-nonsense personality and natural beauty.

This is top-notch lesbian erotica. The physical interactions between Bella and Alice are visceral, and all of the details are accurate, down the the muscle burn in Alice’s arm. Nothing takes me out of the moment when reading them, rather, I am drawn in, concentrating on each detail. She left us with a cliffhanger in ch 4, and I’m excited to see where she takes it.

Jeanne - That’s right, I stumbled across this fabulous femslash by an accident of fate. I saw someone tweeting the banner for this fic and the minute I saw TheSwanDive’s version of Alice I was in. Alice is snarky, sarcastic and hilariously human. When she and Bella meet...oh boy, it’s fucking hot and refreshingly realistic.

AU, Jasper/Chelsea, O/S,
2nd place winner of the Bloodthirsty Belles and Sinful SeƱoritas Contest.

Jeanne - This is why I love contests. We get the inspiration and opportunity to write things that we might never ever before. I am so glad that mothlights took a chance and wrote a non-canon pairing that is really out of the box, but so well done that I ship them HARD now. Chelsea had depth and dimension. I like her, and want to know more about her. Jasper is so heartbreakingly canon, Southern Wars Jasper is my favorite version of this character. The chemistry between these two complicated anti-heroes is mouthwatering and unforgettable. The end of this fic will leave you aching for more.

Chele - I ADORE A GOOD AU. This one is awesome. mothlights took two vamp characters with complementary special gifts and wove them together so seamlessly that I want this to be canon. Their emotional connection feels so real, that the physical follows without missing a beat. So good, and hotter than a summer night in Laredo.

by Dellaterra
AU, Em/Ro/Surprise, Slash/Poly, o/s

Jen -
I love when authors portray Emmett as a well rounded character, and not a caricature of a dumb jock. I found this Emmett endearing right away. The bulk of the story takes place in the 1950’s, and Dellaterra captures the era by using a light hand with the little details. As ever, Em & Ro are a passionate couple. Emmett shares that “Things changed a lot in our sex lives after Carlisle brought home the first of Dr. Kinsey's reports in 1948.” And what a delicious change it is. The sexytimes are hot hot hot, and Emmett has an amazing connection with his new lover. There’s a wonderful surprise in this o/s, which makes it even more fun. Definitely a must read for Emmett lovers!

Chele - Holy fuck I loved this so much. I’m always a fan of Emmett, and I love how his personality seems so completely right in this story. When Dellaterra writes him loving another man, I completely believe it. At first I was a little thrown by the OC he falls for, but after their intensely physical relationship develops I fall a little in love with him too. Then I find out he’s someone I knew all along, and my jaw hits the floor. So brilliantly crafted, beautifully sensual and tender. Read this.

Jen -
In the Land of Women is not a story, but a collection of stories. The summary reads:

Celebrating and encouraging femslash within the realm of Twilight fanfic. A series of femslash pieces; different stories, different pairings, different authors. Summaries for individual pieces are contained within each chapter.

Chapters 3-7 were written by MsKathy. These five drabbles tell Rosalie and Heidi’s love story. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is likely the sexiest 500 words you’ve ever read. It’s beautiful, it’s sexy as hell, and it pulls on the heartstrings just a bit. I don’t know about anyone else, but these drabbles make me yearn for a girlfriend.

AH, Em/Ro

Jen -
Inconceivable is the story of Rosalie and Emmett’s journey through infertility. I’m not gonna lie--there have been a lot of tears shed over this fic. You’ll fall in love with AccioBourbon’s Rose and Em. They’re loyal, they love hard and work hard, and would do anything for each other. They’ve had a tough time trying to have a baby, and it has definitely put a strain on their marriage. In the latest chapter, Acky gives these kids a break and lets them have some fun. The UST in this chapter is capable of causing spontaneous combustion. Their flirting and banter is sizzling, and it is all the richer because of their strong relationship. Em and Ro are beautifully and richly written, and the intensity of their struggle to get pregnant makes their love shine through even more.

AH, Ed/Bella, o/s

Jen -
I’ve had this marked as tbr for quite a while. Not sure what the hell took me so long. Twilight + 9 1/2 Weeks? Uh, yes please. Need I say more? Legna989 could have written this as PWP, but in bringing in canon Edward’s stalkery tendencies she turns it into a psychological thriller that just happens to be beyond sexy. You will not regret clicking the linky above and reading this rtfn!

Emmy - Frackity frack! I read this the other night - simply because Jenn had put this in the doc & I was a nosey blighter! Woah! Its RUDDY good. READ IT! Go on! RIGHT NOW! Go! :)

AU and AH Jasper/Bella

Teal -
I’m really enjoying many of the entries from the Evil Twins Copyrighted’s Bella/Jasper contest because, well, all the entries are one of my favorite non-canon pairings! From cute and sweet to “ZOMG noooooooooooooo!!!!”, there is a great variety of quick and ready anonymous one-shots, and so far, I’ve been pleased with what’s there. Since the contest is still accepting entries, I’m going to hold off rec’ing any single story specifically, just to be fair =) But trust me when I say there are some delicious, lemony treats awaiting if you’re a Jasper/Bella fan!


Jess -
I have been reading this story for a long time and finally, finally, we got the lemon! This time is was from EPOV, and intense and oh, so hot!

Emmy - I have been dipping in & out of this fic for a wee whiley now & oh woah. Ed’s POV of their night of LUURRRRRRRRRVE was yummers. :) Why is almost everything better in EPOV? Anyone? (I’m sure there is a joke in there....)

AH, E/B, o/s

Jess -
I love this little one-shot by Stella_luna_sky. It’s got a very strong Bella, a gritty, rough Edward on a motorcycle, and a story about love and redemption in the midst of pain, anger, and misunderstanding. This is a one-shot for all the wusspervs out there. Go check it out!

Emmy - Jess will you marry me? Seriously I love you for reccing this fic!! Its fabbio! Just wonderful. What I love about Stella Luna Sky’s writing is the delicateness she conveys. Even when the character is fierce and raw there is a grace and beauty lurking beneath. Read all her stories. Particularly Grand Jete Grand Jete This is a heart staggering beautiful work of art. Where the ferocity of love tries to make up for the fragility of fear and loss. Gorgeous fic - with a very flawed and very very lovable (VERY REAL) Edward.


Emmy -
I was DELIGHTED to get an update for this fic in ma box this week! Wooo hooo! :) I just love how this DarkWard was turned squidy-steamed-treacle-sponge-pudding-soft by his love for Bella... I love that she is as consumed by him as he is by her and all the wonderful little subtleties Amethyst injects into their world. A brilliant fic, considered a classic. Make sure you didn’t miss the return of it this week!

AU/AH, E/B, Angsty-ishish, WIP

Emmy -
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! If you aren’t reading this - you BLOODY MUST! Its seriously owning my arse at the mo. I love the fragmented narrative - it means it takes us a while to piece together what the dickens has gone/is going on between Bella & Edward. There are almost like interlude chapters between them - which suggest to be interesting snippets from between them - snippets of a life lost, or a life yet to come? I really don’t know - but think lost.. BUT some of the snippets as well as making my heart clench are also incredibly erotic. What happened to turn such tender and passionate love so sour? Its an amazing story to unravel. If I was prone to being melodramatic - (you all know I am!!!) I would say I live for each new chapter/update to this fic... Its gorgeous, true and powerful.


dellaterra said...

Dear Chele and Jen,

I've been writing in an obscure little corner of Twilight fanfic for a while now so I'm completely thrilled and overwhelmed to find my story recommended here, of all the cool places!

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

This is my first blog rec ever! Thank you so much to Jen and Emmy, and all the lovely Pervs. You made my day! <3

Emmy said...

Dear DellaTerra -
Thanks - we are really proud of our Lemon Report feature - as it reflects what us Pervs are reading at any given time.
Chele & Jen - were delighted to feature your tale.
Much love.

Emmy said...

Dear Legna,

It was a real pleasure to recc your story - when I read Jen's review of it I just HAD to read it - I was so ruddy thrilled that I did. It was delicious and I loved the tension in it.
Thanks for writing it!
I hope you keep reading our Lemon Reports - we have great stories featured each week.
Much love.