Friday, November 26, 2010

Pervy Picspiration


Emmy wants your words. (amongst other things...) Every week Emmy will post a pic or 2 - containing phwoarrrr-worthy blokes from across the seas, some hunks from closer to home and sometimes some dangerously delish knickers and lingerie. What do we want from you in return? Well...... We want you to be inspired by these pics and to leave Emmy a delish drabble or longer story inspired by the pic(s).

Leave your story offering in the comments section and, if you want to, post it to your FF account (pm the link to Emmy at mentioning the PPSS, by the following Wednesday. Each Friday Emmy will reveal her fave (entirely personal & subjective opinions belonging to Emmy) and at the same time post the next pervy picspiration for your pleasure. Non-Canon writers don’t despair - Emmy might be tragically WussPerv©, but there are plenty of equal opportunity pervs in the pack longing to read those if Emmy turp’s out.

Emmy is DYING to see what dirty delights you are going to come up with...

*Please make sure your story offering is in line with our mission statement

Last week I besseched you to blind me with hot words from the following prompts:

As ever you did me proud...

Yet again Dellaterra more than delivered, this week she delighted us all to a teasing new chapter in her Pervy Picspiration Drabbles. Gah, this drabble left me VERY hot and bothered, it was a Garrett POV of a Jasper/Garrett tale. We REALLY need more of this, I INSIST! ;) and I am very confident that SweetDulci, will join me in this.

This week, I was really chuffed to welcome two authors new to our Pervy Picspirations! Yay! So lets make eddiebelle69 and very welcome! I love it when new authors come to join in our smutty wee party. I hope we see both of these authors again very soon!

In Mystery Dancer, eddiebelle69 chose to focus on an Jasper that liked to watch, she used my second picture prompt, and made Jasper transfixed by a dirty dancer with a lace mask and tight corset. . . But I personally think she left us all hanging.... Who else wants more?! ;)

TruceOver teased us with a suggestive Heidi/Demetri drabble, its not posted on ff unfortunately! :( But you can read it in the comments from last week’s post I know a member or two of Team Tag that want more of this one! ;)

We got a longer treat from XeniiasOblivion who gave us a smut filled O/S in Pervy Picspiration. In this our narrator Leah details a playful ‘masked’ night between herself, Edward and Bella. Where no-one is excluded from the Lemony fun and happy endings! ;) There is lots more we want to know about this set-up. Is this a first-time occurrence, a one-off, or a regular piece of fun between them. They seemed to have no hesitation with each other, with Bella being at both Edward’s and Leah’s call...

Go show TruceOver, XeniiasOblivion, eddiebelle69, and dellaterra some love please! Make sure you alert/subscribe to these authors for more naughty treats.

SO happy thanksgiving folks! Did you all have fun? I hope so, as you know I am in Blighty, and Thanksgiving is something we don’t celebrate here, but I think we all like to be thankful for different things regardless. Sometimes we can be thankful for the same things.... Here are 2 pictures that make me very thankful. Thankful for the weight and swell of soft breasts, sheer fabrics, the art of suggestion and the gods of cock and V’s on hips. Lets all pay our thanks to the above shall we? Let’s give them lip service, and the honor of words in print...

Hit me! I know you are loving reading all these delights as much as I am! So... why don’t you enter in a wee treat of a drabble, O/S or chapter for me? Or encourage a friend who you KNOW is dying to write but is too scared. I was thrilled to see new faces, who let me pop their Pervy Picspiration cherries for them... But I also adore seeing familiar faces back again, so don’t be shy please folks.... So show me what you have got. Be it long or short, complex or straightforward, I really am not fussy as long as its your words. Get pervy. Get writing!

I’m waiting.........


dellaterra said...

Thank you for your kind comments and for keeping me so *ahem* stimulated week after week!

xoxo JJ

P.S. Here's the correct link to last week's picspiration drabble:

Jeanne said...


So sorry for the broken link. That was my fail while coding the post. It is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

New submission! Hope I did this correctly, y'all.

Emmy said...

Hey JJ!
I hope you liked this week's pics! ;)

I look forward to something new from you...
& please do feel free to ahem expand any earlier entries... (esp the slash ones!) ;)

Thanks J for sorting the links & posting!
Much love Emmy.
x x x

Emmy said...

Hi Anon.

Thank you so much for your submission!
Unfortunately I cannot get the link to work for me...
Perhaps you could try again?
Feel free to also pm me on - I am pippapear on there.
Thanks - look forward to reading it!
Much love

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmy,

Oops! Posted the wrong's the real one.


dellaterra said...

Guh. I just read Noel's story and it's amazing. I do hope she will continue it!