Thursday, November 11, 2010

Team WussPerv: One-Shots

Team WussPerv - Team WussPerv, this team is made up of myself, Emmy aka Pippapear, Jess aka Jessypt, Kim aka Kimpy0464, Trin aka TFX or NaughtySparkle & Kitty aka booboo.kitty2.0

I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck a WussPerv is, right? A WussPerv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (when in massive doses)
C) Loves smut
D) Needs a Happy-Ever-After

We love to read new fluffy recs. :) Please feel free to let us know your favourite WussPerv-friendly fic. It might be Team WussPerv’s next rec!

This month Team WussPerv is doing something a wee bitty different than we will normally do. We are going to share with you our favourite ‘WussPervTM-Friendly’ One-Shots, so you can get a feel for the new Team WussPerv and what fluffy delights float our boat...

Enjoy and remember to comment and share your favourite WussPerv recs with us....


Emmy - This little treasure was written for Halloween, but it has a much longer lasting appeal than most Halloween tales... Its the classic high school braniac is in love from afar with the beautiful sporty and popular jock. But its done oh-so well - its just a joy to read. You feel Bella’s fear that Edward only wants her for one-thing. But what if he has wanted her for more than one drunken Halloween party? Yummy, fluffy, cute & makes you feel things are right in the world by the end of this substantial lemony one-shot.

Kitty - This was just the cutest little one shot! Naturally, Edward dressed up as a zombie was my happy place but besides that, this was such a fun read. So fluffy, so sweet and so incredibly cute, I have teh big love for this one.


Emmy -
This was written for the Smut Monday series on Twilighted on the Smut Peddler account. (which btw - normally has lots of WP friendly offerings and a good way to try some new authors - but double check the pairings for each story. JIC) Its not as yet, been posted to the author’s ff account, its only on This was a great slice of saucy College fun. Bella has been crushing over her bf Edward, but he just see’s her as a study buddy.... or does he? What happens one evening when they cram and crash together.... This was a sizzly slice of longing.

Trin - I was so glad Emmy rec'd this as I'm always a fan of a hot fic. This one was fun and steamy and gives a whole new meaning to study buddy. *rawr*


Emmy - I thought everyone and their dog had read HunterHunting’s wonderful fics. But apparently not - I recc’d this the other day to someone for it being a fluffy, cute, sexy wee fic featuring a kind and edgy SkaterWard. And they hadn’t read it!!! This will never do. So I am reccing it here. It deserves lots of love & kisses and hugs. I love the slow build to their relationship. Its tentative and so cute. But also edgy and honest. Edward **borrowing** Bella’s ahem **lotion** mid-class is a prime-example of the naughty edge. But I love the core of this story is two souls finding one another. Cute & Beaut! ;) A must-read!

by AnaG

Emmy - I have to be honest here and say that I am privileged to pre-read for Ana. I’m a lucky gal! :) But it does not change the facts that her stories are just wonderful. She writes with grace & wisdom. I feel that all her stories have a magical or spiritual feel to them even when they are purely set in the modern day. (if that makes any sense?) Ana knows how I am the biggest WussPerv and has written two delightful One-Shots that are WP friendly. I have chosen A Modern Fairy Tale, as A) I LOVE fairy tales and B) its just a beautiful tale. It has a geeky (in a different way - no geeky cliches here) and awkward Edward and a nervous Bella. There is a painful turn to the story, but have faith dear pervs. There is sweetness in the end. Read for a beautiful slice of delightful storytelling and get swept away in her beautiful characterizations and narrative. You are missing out if you haven’t read Ana’s stuff.


Trin - To be completely honest I bought a second chapter for this story during the Support Stacie Auction. This story isn’t pure fluff, we have to work through some pain and past mistakes from both characters until we are greatly rewarded. There is a meadow scene in the first chapter that, for me, blows the the original meadow out of the water. The music that ilsuocantante carefully chose for this story doesn’t just serve as a background but feels like it is as important as the characters themselves. There is a playlist in the second chapter that is amazing. You will have everything a good WussPerv story should have with FirstDayofMyLifeWard- happily ever after, smidge of angst and SMUT!

Jess - I’m so glad Trin picked this one. I absolutely love this one shot. It’s got an undercurrent of sadness, but like Emmy said above, stick with it. You will not be disappointed. A line toward the end sums up passion and heat of this story - “Nine years to fall in love. Four to tear me apart. Three memories to bring me home. Now I know all the wrong turns and stumbles and falls brought me here. And I am the luckiest man alive.”


Jess - This little one-shot comes to us from the Men at Work contest. It combines so many of my favorite things - construction workers, bakeries, power tools and cupcakes. You seriously could not ask for more. Edward is a construction worker, a very hot construction worker in dirty white shirts and ripped up jeans, and Bella owns the bakery next door the construction site. How many trips past the site, sidelong glances, and smiles will it take before they finally work up the courage to talk to each other?

Emmy - I read this, after reading Jess’s sell above! :) It was a really quick wee read and fluffy, and tasty and yum! :) OMFG on the nail gun.


Jess - Most people know that I am a UST junkie. I love the anticipation, the build up. I love the intertwining of pinkies, the casual brush of shoulders when two people pass each other in the hall, or the tingly feeling they get when their lips meet for the first time. I also love, love, love, a good dry hump, and Antiaol does not disappoint with this one. Edward is the new kid at school, and Bella, also knew, hopes that their “newbie” status will help her find friends. Of course, things don’t play out quite like that, and instead, things take a different turn in the back of a pickup on a old dirt road.

Emmy - Oh I had forgotten about this one until Jess put in her recc! Yay! Its so good. I really enjoyed this when Bri wrote it at the time. I LOVE the slow burn of the UST on this. But what love most is the sense we get of Bella and her identity. She doesn’t compromise anything for Edward, yet he rescues her from her isolation. Its a story of hope and finding your place.


Jess - I think by now most people have read this one. ilsuocantante wrote this for the Love through Lemons contest and won. It is absolutely unbelievably well written and beautiful. There’s nothing else I could say to add to it, so I’ll leave it at that.

Kimpy - This o/s has been on my Wussperv list forever. It’s one of those little gems you return to time and time again, because it is just beautiful, perfect and MY OH MY does it smolder. Edward makes Bella stand in front of a mirror as he details all the things he appreciates about her body, and how it responds to him, and she watches as he undresses with his hands AND his words. What makes it even better is that ilsuocantante writes the entire story without ever using the word “love” or any of its derivatives, as per the contest rules. GAH! The results are tasty, delicious, and naturally satisfying.

Trin- The other two have already said everything I wanted to say so I will just add, asdfajsdhfasdhfalsdhf this story is hot.

E/B, AH, O/S

Kimpy - This was originally intended to be an entry in Algonquinrt’s Parkaward Contest, but was removed because it did not meet story requirements. Thank the heavens that manyafandom chose to post it as a o/s anyhow, because it is one of the sweetest stories of a teenage Edward and Bella I’ve ever read. There is something incredibly satisfying in my Wussperv brain about E/B being best friends and then falling in love, and Hopey’s story meets WP requirements on every imaginable level. It needs to be on every WP’s “Favorite” list.

Emmy - Yummy yumminess with a side of yum. Cute and so realistic. I love the humour and the nerves and getting it not quite perfect that accompanies B and E’s exploration of their sexuality and one-another. Sweet and spot-on.

Jess - This story is so adorable. I mean, who doesn’t love it when Edward names his cock Thor’s Hammer? I love how simple and sweet this is, and more importantly, how little confessions turn into big experiences. Lots of fun, these two are.


Kitty - Gah! This one shot puts together some of my most favorite things in the world, smut, food, smut, Iron Chef America, and did I mention hot smut? Seriously, I’m not a re-reader in general, but this is one of the few that I have read countless times. Not to mention every time I watch Iron Chef America I giggle like a complete idiot LOL. It’s so sweet and yummy I could just eat this one shot with a spoon and sop up the juices with a big o’ biscuit. I just love the hell out of it.

Kimpy - Anyone who knows me well understands that I have a thing for MsKathy. Her stories are each so different from one another, but her characters are all good, and loving, and so deserving of the yummy scenarios she puts them in. Take an Edward and Bella who are highly competitive chefs, trying to out do one another every time they meet? God, by the time the get together, you could swear your monitor is melting. OM NOM NOM indeed.

Jess - Like Kimpy, I adore MsK... and I adore Chefward almost as much! This story does not disappoint and has so much unfy hotness... ::fans self:: It’s got snark and sass, and a Bella that you will love. Yeah, go read it.


Kimpy - This might be cheating a tad, since “The Beauty Within” is three chapters long, but it is so lovely, it absolutely, positively belongs on this list. In it, Edward is blind, and the object of his affection is, of course, Bella Swan. They work together, and have pined for one another for ages. It takes the entire Cullen family getting involved to finally get these two together, and it is sweet, heartwarming, and so full of joy that you can’t help but get swept up in the happiness.

Emmy - I forgot about this one too! Thanks Kimpy for reminding me. So good, so cute and so lovely!!! Made me feel happy and squishy when I read this.

Trin- This is one of those stories that will make you feel a little lightheaded from all the swooning. Honestly, you will feel like doing a fistpump once these two make it together.


Kimpy - TaraSueMe deserves the top spot in the FF Hall of Fame in my book; her stories broke so many barriers for readers. Despite the subject matter, this outtake from “The Submissive” is an absolutely divine HEA with Tara’s signature brand of erotically-charged smut serving as the juicy wrapper. It’s all you could wish for in a WussPerv-approved fic. UNG, indeed.

Trin - My oh my, what can you say about about this outtake? It’s fantastic and leaves you feel warm and tingly...everywhere! TaraSueMe’s smut never disappoints and can instantly carry you to a happy place.


Amanda said...

One of my favorite stories is "Take The Ice" by bellamarie117. It is amazingly written and I believe its been recommended before but I feel it should be recommended again because PEOPLE NEED TO READ IT! You won't regret it :]

The Barlows said...

I have read Lost by Edwardsoul countless times and it is still one of my top five! It is beautifully written. Unfortunately it doesn't have any sexy smut but is just adorable!!!

Emmy said...

Amanda, I have just finished reading Take the Ice, a very very good read indeed - albeit very long! ;)
Thanks for the recc.

Emmy said...

Dear The Barlows,

Do you have a link to that fic Lost?

I love to read new fics, particularly beautiful squidgy soft ones?