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Slash Brigade: One-Shot collection


This Month's Slash Brigade Picks are...

Title: The Boy, The Boyfriend and the Ex
Author: hidingfromsomeone
Chapters: 1
Words: 11,195
Reviews: 17
Summary: Written for Darkira's birthday... Jake/ Emmett/ Paul-slash-MA/NC-17 although, there is some plot. Your challenge is finding it.

Jeanne - OMFG I don’t even know where to begin. I love this story. There is so much passion and tenderness between these men. hidingfromsomeone gives a slow build into this complicated situation, and allows us to really fall in love with these men so that when we finally get to the sex it is just as intense for us as it is for them.

Oh fuck me running, the sex! Where to begin? It is detailed, realistic and oh so beautifully written. You’re titillated, but also emotionally torn by the way they negotiate the rocky waters of sex, and emotions in their blooming relationship. This story isn’t just slash porn. It’s a story about love, new and old. It’s about forgiveness and redefining how to love. It left me rocked to my core, and wanting more.

Chele - I came across this in my desperate search for Packslash. I have a soft spot for all the different pairings possible with this threesome, and so I figured it couldn’t go wrong. It could not have been more right. This is an AH, but the characters retain so many of their masculine canon characteristics. Emmett is steadfast and straightforward, just as I like him. Under his tough facade, Paul is sweet and recovering from heartbreak. Their relationship is tender, intense, and realistically complicated.

When one more complication, Paul’s ex-boyfriend, Jake, comes into town, things get crazy. When I say crazy, I mean amazingly hot, sexy, ‘Please give me more of all of that’. And she does.

I kind of want 20 more chapters of this, but at the same time, it is also perfect as a oneshot. It is both complete, and makes me ache for more.

Jen- I think one of the things that I love most about this story is that the characters are grown up, they’ve experienced life. They’re not in high school, not in college. Emmett’s experienced prejudice, and I like to think he’s realistic--but not resigned--about how he might be treated in a society not fully able to accept homosexuality.

Paul is Emmett’s physical therapy patient. Emmett is attracted to him from the start, but he’s firm in his professionalism, as well as in his belief that Paul couldn’t possibly be gay. Paul and Em do get together, but run into a challenge after their first date. I love the way Hidingfromsomeone allows them time and space to work through their issue. I love that it’s not resolved instantly and magically; their relationship has time to grow and develop on its own timeline. With so many fics compressing the time that it takes people to fall in love and develop a relationship, I’m always impressed when an author resists that temptation. And if an author can make the progression of a relationship believable in a one-shot? Damn. They’ve got me hook, line, and sinker. Paul and Emmett handle their sexual preferences with such maturity--both are upfront with their desires, stay true to who they are, and neither tries to manipulate the other into capitulation for the sake of mutual gratification. Just because they’re negotiating the sexual side of their relationship doesn’t mean no lemons. Oh, there are lemons, and they are hot.

As Chele says, things get crazy when Paul’s ex-boyfriend returns to La Push. Things get complicated, setting up a potentially messy and explosive situation but the boys work it out--to both their and our satisfaction.

Teal - You know that scene in Eclipse where Emmett and Paul have the run in while the Cullens and the Pack are both tracking Victoria? Umm, yeah, that is like an invitation to write some fucking Emmett/Paul slash. It’s a strange combination of their canon personas and the way the actors portray them in the movies. Both are hulking, aggressive men, yet Kellan and Alex manage to throw wry grins and adorable notions in just the right places, which just leads to me wanting Emmett/Paul even more. Two men who are the picture of masculinity and also have engaging personalities and a sweet undercurrent? Give to me. Nao.

Here, we get to see some of that dynamic in action. The truth is, even the manliest of men has a heart. They want to be loved and find that person they mesh with -- just like the rest of us. That is where readers can connect to these characters (even if their circumstances are waaaaay different than our own considering that, umm, they’re boys who like boys while most of us are girls who love boys who like boys)...they’re just human. We see even more of this when Jacob comes into the picture and complicates things because, well, that’s life, right? Nothing is simple or easy to figure out. But it can be really, really beautiful. (And fuckhot, obvs!) Enjoy this tasty treat =)

Title: Cardboard(chapter 20 from her Twitter Prompt Drabbles)
Author: Subtlepen
Chapters: 1
Words: 3185
Reviews: 9 (for chapter 20)
Summary: 100-word drabbles written to prompts provided by twitter followers. All pairings and POVs, all genres. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, but it will probably taste good. Rated M just to be safe.

Chele - Cardboard completely caught me by surprise and totally blew me away. When Peter first walks into the bike shop, I’m not convinced that that Jasper’s attraction to him will be returned. Peter is so relaxed and unreadable it seems like he may only serve as eye candy until Jasper discovered him, perfectly toned ass in the air, digging out materials for packing up his awesome bike. From that moment, the sexual tension ramps up to insane levels.

I love, love, love, the way SubtlePen depicts so clearly and concisely Jasper and Peter’s personalities. They are perfectly suited to that post-grad time of life where youthful exuberance meets old enough to fuck like you mean it.
This could easily have been 5,000 words longer, but her talents let her wrap it up in this tight little package of Unf and starry-eyed swoon.

I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for my pants. However, I think that the fuckhotness of this little story will convert even the most hardcore Jasper / Edward shipper. Stop reading this review. Go. Read Cardboard now.

Jen - Is there anything Subtlepen can’t write? Canon, AU, AH, E/B, slash, you name it, she writes it, and writes it well. This steamy one-shot came about from a one word prompt given on Twitter. The prompt was cardboard, and Subtlepen has woven a rich one-shot. Jasper is a bike shop owner who is instantly attracted to Peter, who’s looking for a cheap diy solution for shipping his bike home. Jasper regrets that they don’t have anything that would keep the handsome stranger in the store longer. Lucky for Jasper, Peter’s an industrious boy, and the dumpster behind the store seems to have what he needs for his bike. There’s innuendo and flirting galore after Jasper takes out the store’s trash, and then invites Peter into the store to pack up his bike. There’s ‘accidental’ touching and the UST goes up and up, until Peter and Jasper make their way back to Peter’s apartment. It’s hot in the shower, in the get the idea.

Jasper and Peter’s fast attraction is realistic; it doesn’t feel out of character for either of them. While I’d love to find out what happens to them in the future, the o/s is complete as is--you don’t feel that anything is missing, thanks to Subtlepen writing. Go on and check it out. Jasper and Peter are UNF together!

Jeanne - Why aren’t more people raving about this awesome slashfic? Easy, it’s a gem hidden among Cardboard. It is also a not a popular slash pairing. I was going to say non-canon, but I think we will all agree that there was something very strong and special between Jasper and Peter, even if SM didn’t write it.

Cardboard is a sweet, and understated fic about a how a bike salesman hooks up at work. Sounds simple, right? It’s not. There is an underlying UST in this fic that had me chewing the inside of my cheek as I read. By the time they actually fuck I was a breathless, panting fucking mess of horniness. Seriously, I can’t even speak coherently about this hotness. Just read it, so you can understand why there should be more Peter/Jasper slash, and why SubtlePen should be chained to her computer until she writes MORE!

Teal - If I could take this story and make it live in my pants forever, that’s just where I would keep it. For the love of fuck, IT’S PETER/JASPER. Do you hear me??? This pairing is my OTP (come on, you know P/J is totally canon!) and SubtlePen just makes these boys so damn pretty and yummy and wonderful and delicious to the UNFth degree!

I absolutely love the way SP used her knowledge of bikes and the ins and outs (twss) of a bicycle shop to create a unique and fun meet-up for my two favorite boys, and when it came down to the hook up, I am squealy-pants every time I read it. I also adore that she totally understands that Peter and Jasper are PERFECT together (no offense E/J lovers, but I’m right):

He was perfect. Perfect height, perfect build, perfect everything. I didn't feel like I was about to break some little twink in half, or about to be mauled by an over-eager oaf. We just – fit. I didn't have to bend up or down to kiss him, didn't have to tell him how to touch me, and he responded beautifully to everything I did.

Case. In. Point.

Title: Happy Birthday Riley
Author: TwiBoy
Chapters: 1
Words: 4,767
Reviews: 88
Summary: It's Riley's birthday and Edward wants to help him celebrate properly. Entry for the Slash Backslash One-Shot Contest. Rated M for language and adult content. AH/OOC/Slash. Won 3rd place in the Slash Backslash 2.0 contest.

Jen - What a fun one-shot. We’ve got internet porn, masturbation, insanely hot dreams, a little exhibitionism, and the barest hint of future good times for the two main characters. What more could a girl ask for? It’s fluffy and easy, but not the kind of sweet that you’re going to need to brush your teeth after reading. It’s hot and hits the spot--yeah, that spot.

Riley’s single, horny, and it’s his birthday. It’s the perfect time to settle in with some porn and take care of business. After his roommate borrows his laptop and sees what Riley’s been watching, the boys head to a party. The birthday boy gets lucky, as there are beautiful boys getting it on right in front of him. I love the physical descriptions of Paul, Seth, and Jake, even before they start the sexy stuff. And after they start? Hot damn! Riley can’t believe what he’s seeing in front of him, and it’s only a surprise over his shoulder that tears his attention away. Read this delicious o/s and find out if there was a happy ending for the birthday boy!

Jeanne - I’m a whore. We all know this by now, I hope. Don’t get me wrong I love the fluffy romantic crap too, but sometimes I just want to see men fuck...a lot. TwiBoy fills my need for a simple, uncomplicated story about a horny boy in need of some hot man on man action.

Riley is horny and alone on his birthday, so he decides to spends some quality time with some porn, and his favorite pornstar, Hale Storm. Pornstarsper is born. FUCK YEAH! It’s just another boring night until Riley’s roommate discovers his stash, and then the fic quickly goes from a hot little situation comedy to a full blown porno, complete with an all male orgy fest. This fic had me squirming, gasping and giggling all the way through. It’s a delight, and has some pleasantly surprising appearances from some of my favorite Pack members. Go read, and try to not blush when Hale Storm does his trademark move. rawr

Chele - I may have been the last person in the fandom to read this o/s, as I know it received wide praise in the Slash/Backslash contest. Said prise was well earned. Just enough plot to flavor the water here. I love Riley’s narrative voice. It feels so authentically horny twentysomething, and rightly so.

This is unbelievably hot. Eyeball melting, crawling naked through Death Valley in the middle of summer on the backs of hundreds of naked male models hot. Just when I think that it can’t get hotter, someone else pulls out his cock, or starts to suck something or kiss someone and I die again. Well-written and cleverly constructed, this is a perfect smut-shot.

Teal - Oh, Riley. I am one who is still giggling about how many people jumped on the Riley bandwagon after we saw how tasty Xavier Samuel was in Eclipse. Not that I’m complaining. Bring on the Riley fic, please! Well, TwiBoy certainly knew how to kill us all ded with his version of Riley, and once more...I’m not complaining. *huge grin*

There is just so much about this story that is gritty, dirty, and irresistible. You will find yourself sucked into it, likely leaning toward your screen, and probably drooling as well. I really can’t say much more without ruining all the delicious surprises, but fuck, if you love slash, this is a M.U.S.T.


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