Friday, January 14, 2011

Pervy Picspiration

Emmy wants your words. (amongst other things...) Every week Emmy will post a pic or 2 - containing phwoarrrr-worthy blokes from across the seas, some hunks from closer to home and sometimes some dangerously delish knickers and lingerie. What do we want from you in return? Well...... We want you to be inspired by these pics and to leave Emmy a delish drabble or longer story inspired by the pic(s).

Leave your story offering in the comments section and, if you want to, post it to your FF account (pm the link to Emmy at mentioning the PPSS, by the following Wednesday. Each Friday Emmy will reveal her fave (entirely personal & subjective opinions belonging to Emmy) and at the same time post the next pervy picspiration for your pleasure. Non-Canon writers don’t despair - Emmy might be tragically WussPerv©, but there are plenty of equal opportunity pervs in the pack longing to read those if Emmy turp’s out.

Emmy is DYING to see what dirty delights you are going to come up with...

*Please make sure your story offering is in line with our mission statement

Three sexy pictures of cameras last week... Did you spend too long looking at them?
In case you need reminding:

Julesames has thankfully returned! Read about models Bella and Edward’s sexy photoshoot in Supermodel and go show Julesames some love please! Make sure you alert/subscribe for more yummy treats.

Ladies and Gents, this week I am parched... I am dehydrated.... I am starved of your stories..... I am a baren desert bereft of an oasis.... So I offer you two tempting (and OH-SO tasty) treats in the form of these thirst-quenching pictures. rehydrate me babes.... Saturate me with stories.. Let the words flow... Let these ‘wet’ pics inspire and stimulate you to write whatever you wish. Give me your words....

I’m waiting.........


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the pic of the hot & thirsty guy?

Olivia Twisted said...

Emmy- fear not, your picsperation is causing me to fire on all cylinders! I dont write very much so the words are taking their sweet ass time in conveying the scene I have in mind.

Seriously! Turning the thought of a touch into words that will touch a reader is ...*snicker*... hard!

Olivia Twisted

Emmy said...

Dear Anon, Sorry for the delay in posting. That my dear is David Gandy - hot essex boy extraordanaire and a particular fave of D&G - that pic is from a calendar they produced. :)
Isn't he delish?

Emmy said...

Dear Olivia.

:) Great to hear that the pics have got you writing! :)

PLEASE DO SHARE the fruits of your labour once they are ready. Either with a link on here - or a pm to my ff account

I look forward to reading your stories!
Much love