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Turn Me On: Shoot the Sky by Majesta Moniet


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Title: Shoot the Sky
Author: Majesta Moniet
Status: Complete
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 28,838

Summary: After their bizarre encounter her first day in biology, Bella was certain that Edward Cullen was the most intriguing aspect of dreary Forks. Until she met his brother. Jasper/Bella

“Are you sure you’re only 18, Jasper?”

“Not in the least.”

It’s no secret that there is mad love for Jasper in the Twilight fandom, both in and out of the realm of fanfiction . . . and with good reason. Today, our Jasper-loving Perv, Teal, and our pervalicious guest and fellow Jasper girl, BBSapphire24 take a look at Shoot the Sky. Will a little Jasper/Bella AU turn you on? Let’s find out!

Guest Reviewer BBSapphire24 - Majesta Moniet has written an unbelievably great story. Her words, her Bella and my god, her Jasper have captivated me. Throughout Shoot the Sky my emotions were struck so strongly.

There are moments so charged between Jasper and Bella that you can’t help but be moved by them in one way or another. In one scene, I was left almost speechless, which is saying a lot for me.

Bella accepted the gun as if he were passing her a dead bird. Knowing that it was loaded made it feel heavier, and she almost dropped it when he released the handle. She adjusted her hand around the bulkiness of the weapon until she was mimicking the way she'd seen Jasper hold it.

"Your parents won't care that we're firing a gun in your background?" Charlie would care.

"They know I'm responsible and that I've had the proper training."

But he wasn't the one using a gun.

Bella sighed and peered unenthusiastically at the tree line only a few yards away. "I don't want to hit anything."

"Then shoot the sky."

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Jasper said. "Doing something dangerous just to learn something about yourself. It's worth it."

"Yeah, and I…can I do it again?"

I literally stopped for a second after reading this and took in the scene. When Jasper says “Then shoot the sky.” the story stepped up a level for me. Jasper and Bella are constantly learning from each other and their interactions. A lot of the time, it’s completely different lessons and from totally different details but it’s great to see.

Majesta Moniet wrote an AU story and made it work, made it believable. It’s not easy to find a non-canon vampire/human story that flows seamlessly. Bella plays a part in helping Jasper with life as a vampire. There is a great play on humanity and how Jasper sees it.

I loved that there were certain events that Majesta Moniet kept from the original story, which was fun to find thread into this. She did a fabulous job of taking moments and added a twist to them to make something different. I’ll left them unnamed, so as you read, you can discover them.

Another aspect I absolutely have to mention is the humor in this story. Majesta Moniet took the characters and put a bit of a spin on them. Most of the time, surprising you with the humor, but where you expect it she took it to a whole new level that I loved.

"Don't believe a word he says." Jasper entered the room carrying a glass of water. He set it on the side table closest to Bella, making sure to maneuver a coaster beneath it. "Esme bought it from IKEA."

"Jeez," Emmett complained. "Did Edward give you his stick to shove up your ass for safe keeping or something?" He caught Bella's eye. "Edward was always a little party pooper. Probably because the poor guy never got any—"

"Are you going to be sitting there all evening?" Jasper asked as he sat not far from Bella on the couch.

Ignoring his brother, he lifted his eyebrows suggestively at Bella. "You smell good."

"Christ, Emmett."

"Don't take the Lord's name in vain," Emmett said piously, but didn't take his eyes off Bella.

"Seriously, you smell good, you've got long legs, and you're pretty cute. Like a baby giraffe. Gotta boyfriend?"

"No," Bella answered. "I don't have a boyfriend."

Emmett looked shocked. "Why not? Half the guys at school wanna take you on a cafeteria table. The other half wants to date you and then take you on a cafeteria table."

Jasper had picked up a number of the books Bella had brought with her and was thumbing through them. "And which half do you fall into, Emmett?"

"Not the same one as you."

Bella was staring mortified at her notebook, and Emmett chuckled at her expression.

"Aw, I'm just teasing." He waved a large hand in the air. "Of course I'd date you first."

This story took on a life of it’s own. It’s beauty stuck with me after finishing it. Majesta Moniet has a way with words and will steal your heart with this story. She leads you through it but you can never figure out where it’s going.

The relationship between Jasper and Bella is slowly built, one precarious step at a time. Each caress is meaningful and holds importance. Simple touches like holding Bella’s wrist is sensual. Jasper explores her body, literally. The physical aspect builds from soothing circles to sneaking around in classrooms (Ohmygod, I kind of want to be back in high school so I can sneak off with Jasper into the biology room!) to explosive sex in backrooms!


He pressed his lips to her jaw.


Her fingers dug violently into his shoulders. He hummed against her skin.


Tremors—pleasing, aching resonations of nerves igniting and then cooling and then igniting again—shot up and down her spine in sync with the slow, languid thrust of Jasper's fingers in and out of her. His thumb drew light, maddening circles around her clit.

"Please what?" he demanded lowly. She just barely heard him over her quick, harsh breaths.
Lifting her head from the crook of his neck, Bella opened her eyes long enough to notice how far away the chalk board seemed to be, how the numbers, symbols, and formulas were even more incomprehensible than usual. Her knees pressed tighter against Jasper's hips.

The hand now working between her legs, palmed her breast through the thin fabrics of her t-shirt and bra. "Please what?" he prompted again.


Blindly she dropped an open kiss beneath his ear. "Harder. Faster. Please!"


"Like that?"

She moaned, "Yes. More."

One of her hands slipped from his shoulder to brace against the black table top of the lab desk, leaving behind damp, steamy handprint that vanished by the time her fingers were tangled in his hair.

She brought his forehead to rest against hers. "Jasperrrrrr," she groaned against his lips as he continued to move his fingers inside her at an inconsistent pace her hips couldn't meet. She could feel his mouth curve up into a wicked grin.

As if he were the only one who could play dirty.

Fuuuck. Seriously Jasper takes control here. He teases in the best of ways, demanding that Bella tells him what she wants. He knows what he’s doing, and he controls her in this moment. Even in this extremely hot instance, there’s a level of intimacy that goes beyond just sex. Her head resting in the crook of his neck is so sweet but Jasper making her ask for it, harder and faster is damn sexy!

Whispers in the ear and slight brushes of the neck take on a whole new level of intimate. Being pressed up against Jasper never felt so good! It’s a new journey for both Bella and Jasper, sexually, and it’s really hot. Clothing is ripped and desires are fulfilled.

Shoot the Sky is a gem and I would recommend everyone read this. It’s one of those stories you could reread and enjoy all over again.

Teal - First things first, Majesta Moniet is a great writer. It’s obvious from the first real interaction Bella ever has with Jasper, and it’s clear from that moment that something big is starting to bloom between them.

She risked a glance up at Jasper, expecting amusement or condescension, but he was staring at her darkly with a feebly disguised intensity that had Bella gripping the vinyl seat on either side of her thighs to keep from bolting. His body swayed forward into the truck as fluidly as if he were a stray branch caught in a stiff wind. The grip he maintained on the door and cab kept him suspended a few inches above her face.

Bella inhaled slowly and was hit by the sweet scent of his breath as it fell across her cheek. He smelled like peppermint candies. Her gaze fell to his nearing mouth, which was parted slightly, as if in preparation to…

She swallowed.

Jasper seemed to be watching the movement of her throat.

And then a car passed on the other side of the road, the sound of tires turning over wet pavement drawing Bella's attention for a brief moment. By the time her eyes returned to Jasper, he was rocking back on his heels, face lifted as if to catch the slow falling rain. He looked beautiful.

"You got a flashlight?" he asked without looking at her.

This story caught my attention first because it was Jasper/Bella, second because it’s a Twilight-AU, and third because it was a completed novella. There are so many good Jasper/Bella stories out there, but I’ve always thought it was more difficult to find a convincing non-canon story like this when you’re dealing with the vampire/human thing. Especially when Edward and Alice are lurking in the wings somewhere. Yet Majesta Moniet created a seamless flow where Edward wasn’t even a consideration and Alice was believably supportive of this relationship, even when she confused and frustrated Jasper. For that reason, this is a Jasper/Bella story I think many hardcore canon readers would really be able to enjoy. No one gets sold out and thrown under the bus; things just are the way they are, and Bella and Jasper are on a journey to discover their destiny to be together.

When Bella sat down beside her, Alice slid a wide grin in her direction. "He's playing."

"Who is?"


"Playing what?"

Alice pointed a finger toward the ceiling. "His guitar."

After straining to hear past the silence, Bella could just barely make out the faint strains of high chords drifting down the stairs.

"He doesn't play very often?"

"Never." Alice's smile hadn't diminished, and she grabbed Bella's hand to give it an affectionate squeeze.
Things don’t come together perfectly for these two. For the readers, we know a lot of reasons that they can’t just develop like a normal high school couple. Namely, that pesky vampire thing Jasper has going on. But for Bella, he’s often infuriating. He goes from intense and charming to angry and cold the next . . . and yet he keeps coming back, making each interaction, look, and touch all the more significant.

Jasper paused with his ghosting her temple. "I don't need you or Alice to tell me what I need," he murmured. "If I want to care about you or anyone else, I will."

His cheek pressed to hers. Bella's eyes fell close.

"If I want to spend time with you, I will," he continued. The hand not cradling her face squeezed her hip, his fingers finding the top of her panty through the fabric of her dress and tracing the band across her abdomen.

Bella gripped at the leather of his jacket to steady herself. Her legs were disappearing from underneath her.

"If I want to touch you, I will."

Guhhhhhhhh, this Jasper is so fucking sexy. That’s just one thing I love so much about this story. He’s not just appealing because Majesta Moniet slapped his name on this characterization; there is something so alluring, so captivating about Jasper that goes beyond physical attraction for Bella. Yes, it has to do with being a vampire and the fact that he is an empath, but it’s not as though he’s manipulating Bella. Everything he does or says to her is a reaction to how she makes him feel, which in turn creates an even more blaring tension between them.

His nose brushed her temple, his chin her cheek. "If I wanted you any more than I already do, I'd burn the whole world down just so you'd be the only thing in it."

And when it goes off, when they finally give in to one another . . . well, I’ll just have to let you read that. I will admit that very first lemon/lime scene in this novella had quite the, err, OMG-panty-change-time kind of effect on me. No lie. I may have read it three times.

I am completely and utterly in love with this story, and even though I wish so hard that there were more to it, there’s no doubt that it does tie up in a beautiful package with a lovely little bow on top by the end. This is truly the kind of AU that can make you forget Twilight and take this as a well written and tasty substitute instead!

She kissed him and knew that the relief and ecstasy she was experiencing as they touched didn't belong solely to her. Jasper wrenched her closer and felt her deeper, and it was impossible to image feeling this good for an eternity.


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Anonymous said...

My lord, I loved this story. I am still missing it days later!

Thanks for letting me play pervs! It was a lot of fun.


Julia said...

Definitely worth a read...and many repeats.

I can just lick this Jasper.

Anonymous said...

I love this part of the Perv Pack best - last time I fell in love with Million Dollar Baby, and I can't wait to fall in love with this oe too :)