Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Talk Nerdy To Me: Here Comes a Regular by mizbean

A periodic taste of geeky goodness from our resident GeekPerv©, Trin.

So we all know that most people are really excited (also sad, in denial, and buying loads of tissues) for the final Harry Potter movie this Thursday. I’m sure many of you have taken notice of the transformation Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) seems to have gone through. As Jeanne said, “he is a fucking swan” and I couldn’t agree more. So for this Talk Nerdy post we thought we’d pay a little respect to a nerd that has really come into his own. We thought we’d explore two Harry Potter pairings that might have been a little overlooked in the past. Draville (Draco/Neville) and Lovebottom (Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom) hope you enjoy!

Title: Here Comes a Regular
Author: mizbean
Chapters: 1
Words: 8,000
Reviews: 37
Summary:Draco is a selfish, sarcastic, spoiled brat. Neville isn't. Why are they perfect for each other?

Draco and Neville are twenty-one and both trying to find their place in the post-war wizarding world. Draco still carries the shame of having once been a Death Eater and Neville has just quit his very promising job at the Ministry of Magic to help Headmaster McGonagall rebuild the greenhouse at Hogwarts.

After a chance encounter in a Knockturn Alley pub Neville and Draco both feel a connection to one another, but it’s quickly put on hold once Malfoy passes out drunk. Luckily, not before he brazenly kisses Neville.

Mizbean stays very true to most of the characters, I believe. Draco is still an asshole, but he has been through a lot and feels that his life has been ruined. Neville still fears his Gran, but as many young men do, he feels the need to go off on his own path and stop doing what everyone expects of him.

The fact that Neville is the first to reciprocate anything physically between the two of them without the aid of any alcohol made me swoon. I loved that he was no longer the scared boy we had once known, but a confident man that would go after something he wanted.

"Neville looked at him sharply. "Of course, I do. Why does everyone seem to think I need to be coddled? I may not be as smart as Hermione or brave as Harry, but I'm not stupid, and I can make my own decisions. If I want to mess around with Draco Malfoy I certainly can."

As they begin to forge a deeper relationship Neville moves to Hogsmead so he can assist at Hogwarts and we are awarded a much softer side of Draco during one of his visits.

"Nothing," said Draco, drawing a circle lightly around Neville's navel. "I just want to look at you." He leaned forward to lay a wet trail of kisses along edge of his belly.

"I'm nothing to look at."

Draco looked up at Neville's flushed face, his brown eyes wide and fathomless, and he thought he could watch that for hours. "Of course, you are. Why do you say that?"

I know I am giving a lot away about the story, but it really is just so sweet and hot all at the same time. Neville and Draco both help each other find where they stand after all they’ve been through. And like I’s really hot.

Draco shrugged, slicking his hand with a spell. "But you love it, don't you?" he teased, wrapping his hand around Neville's cock and pulling with long strokes, getting it nice and slippery so that he could sink on top of it. God, if that didn't spur him into action, and he quickly moved himself into position and pressed down, Neville's cock sliding inside his body in a smooth stroke. Draco threw his head back and shut his eyes, Neville's cock just thick enough to burn. It felt fantastic.

Title: A Couple of Weddings
Author: Curia_Regis
Chapters: 1
Words: 1,600
Reviews: 2
Summary: Neville bumps into Luna at 2 different weddings Pairing: Neville/Luna. Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny as background pairings.

Lovegood/Longbottom or LoveBottom...whatever you want to call them Neville and Luna are just a great pairing. They were somewhat of social outcasts at Hogwarts, yet their loyalty and determination were the backbone of the DA. In the end they really show that the people that everyone considers weird or dorky have the biggest heart and make a difference.

This little story is just fluffy goodness that I am A-OK with. Neville and Luna first run into one another at Ron and Hermione’s wedding after Neville has become a bit tipsy from mistaking muggle beer for butterbeer. As usual Luna exudes a calm confidence that Neville always felt he lacked. After a short interaction with Luna and deciding his anxiousness and sudden nervousness is due to drinking he runs off to the restroom feeling a bit shaken.

He felt his stomach clench. This was Luna Lovegood, he told himself. He had known her for years. They were friends. Yet right now, she looked beautiful. Her hair freshly washed and he could smell violets every time she moved her head.

They don’t see one another again until Harry and Ginny’s wedding, only this time Neville hasn’t had a drop to drink and he must admit that he is more aware of his attraction to Luna. True to her fun loving spirit Luna asks Neville to dance and helps him enjoy himself and stop worrying so much.

As Neville watched her happy face, he realised that dancing might be fun. Even if he was awful at it.

One thing leads to another and they quickly find themselves back at Luna’s apartment. I really love that Luna takes charge once they are felt very true to her character. Her propensity to state the obvious with complete sincerity was so endearing and also sexy at the same time because she didn’t filter anything she is thinking.

Luna reached forward and pinned his hands up over his head against the wall. Neville could feel his mouth form an 'O' of surprise. None of his previous girlfriends had ever done that before but as Luna leaned in to kiss his neck, he realised that he quite liked it.

"You taste like honey," Luna said into his neck. "It's nice."

As I said before this is just a really fun little one shot that I feel stays true to the characters even if they are grown up.