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Team Anything Goes: Hedone Ranch by JenJadeEyes


The Team Anything Goes Pick is...

Title: Hedone Ranch
b>Author: JenJadeEyes
Chapters: 3
Words: 16,981
Reviews: 63
Summary: Stressed out, Bella seizes an opportunity to get away. After being mistaken for her movie-star boss at a "spa", she finds out her boss has been using her name to keep big secrets. When is a spa not a spa? When it's a brothel. AH, EXTREME SMUT

Chele - So refreshing to have a fic that unrepentantly promises that Bella will have the opportunity to work her way through the entire cast of Twi men in a week-long hedonistic sex fest.

Bella has found herself booked for a spa vacation, but is surprised to find that the services here are atypical to say the least. Every massage has a happy ending, and the facials... well, you get when I’m saying. Reluctant at first to let go of her sexual inhibitions and enjoy this opportunity, she makes plans for a hasty departure. However, the men at the ranch make quite a successful effort to convince her to stay.

The fun is really just getting started with this fic with only three chapters posted, but the writing is solid, and the plot is substantial enough to lead us through this glorious smutfest while keeping each experience feeling like a door has been opened to a new world of indulgence. I’m looking forward to seeing what treasure drove of physical pleasure is behind door number four.

Hedone Ranch is the fic that I’ve been waiting for to indulge my inner smut slut. Set yours free and give it a read.

Jeanne - I like to fuck. I’ve fucked a lot. I love to talk about fucking. I love to read about fucking. I love sex, in all it’s many shapes, forms and orientations. I’m obviously not shy about sharing this with all of you, but even I have struggled with the social stigmas about sexually active women.

Even though I’m an independent, sexually liberated woman I’ve felt self conscious at times about how much sex I’ve had and how many partners I’ve been with. No matter how mature, educated and secure you think you are there is still a small voice in the back of you mind that whispers those words we dread. Slut, Whore, Skank! These resonate with every woman. So does the perception that women shouldn’t sleep with multiple partners, shouldn’t enjoy sex without an emotional connection and that sex should exist to consummate a relationship, not to simply get off. If you doubt what I’m saying then answer this question: How many outrageously smutty Twifics end with love and marriage?

Hedone Ranch is about a woman that is given an opportunity to explore and enjoy her sexuality. Like many women in her position Bella initially balks at the idea. Her hang up being that she doesn’t want to pay for sex or force men to sleep with her, if they don’t want to. I’m sure that despite what many of us say we too would be hesitant if put in this situation. We all talk a good game in the safe circle of friends and fandom, but so often even in smutty moments it all comes back to love. I don’t mind love, but it has it’s place and time, not to mention it takes many shapes. This is one of the biggest reasons that I fucking love this fic. It is about time we have a fic that’s not about boy meets girl, but rather girl meets a lot of boys and has a lot of orgasms. Some readers may scoff and look down their noses at this type of story and claim that it’s just smut. To them, I would say that it’s a shame that they think women’s sexuality doesn’t rate the same consideration as a love story. Some of us think that it’s about time that Bella’s clit got as much of action as Edward’s monster cock.

JenJadeEyes infuses this story with a deeper meaning in the underlining philosophy behind the creation of Hedone Ranch, and while Bella doesn’t really care too much about Carlisle’s talk of the sacred feminine I found it fascinating as well as believable. There was a time when female sexuality wasn’t shunned, but coveted and celebrated. Our bodies were worshiped as magical and men lined up to partake in that magic. No, I’m not just talking about the Sixties. *gives Chele the side eye*

"[She] had strong sexual desires and… it was degrading and immoral to pretend otherwise. – Mary Wollstonecraft."

This is a quote mounted on the wall of Carlisle’s office that sets the scene in a subtle and skillful manner. After all, what kind of man has a quote from a radical 18th century feminist that was famous for her outspoken support of female sexual expression? I’ll tell you who, the sexiest incarnation of Carlisle Cullen ever to grace the electronic pages of a Twilight fan fiction, since the inception of the fandom. No, I am not kidding. After all this is man that gives Bella one of the best orgasms of her life without either of them taking off a single stitch of clothing. Oh yeah, you heard what I said.

Fancy philosophies aside this is a great story. It sweeps you up, seduces and carries you along on Bella’s wild ride. Each chapter there is a new man, each wholly different than the one before, but each is just as sexy as the other. So far we’ve met Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett, none of these gentlemen disappoint with, performances. *cough* Yet, I have a feeling the best is yet, come. *wink*

So this is me telling you to relax, let your hair down and grab a glass of wine. It’s just sex, but it’s also about having a great time. Enjoy this fic and all the sexy fun that Bella has with these boys, because after all it’s your right. Both you and Bella have earned the vacation. ;)

PS I would like to add to the request for some Pack boys to join the fun and for some hot Felix action, PLEASE!!!

Jen - Hedone Ranch is like a Team Anything Goes wet dream. Uptight Bella goes to a spa for some r & r, only to find that Hedone Ranch isn’t quite the type of spa she thought she was going to. No, at this spa Bella’s going to learn to embrace her sexuality, to find out what she likes, and to feel comfortable asking for it.

Bella needs some convincing--she has one foot out the door as soon as Carlisle explains what exactly the Ranch is--and damn is she going to enjoy the convincing. Well, she’s not really sure, but as soon as Carlisle starts doing his sexy zen-talk-voodoo on her I knew I was a goner.

While the focus here is definitely on the smut, JenJadeEyes doesn’t present Bella as a one dimensional character. Bella’s found herself in a career she never imagined, as well as a career that seems at odds with her introverted nature. Even though she is not completely satisfied, and is very often uncomfortable, with her career, she keeps at her caretaker role, out of a sense of loyalty to Alice.

It doesn’t take Bella too long to realize that this could be quite the fun experience for her. Each day she’s becoming more and more comfortable with a man giving her pleasure.

Maybe that's because I've never had a man's mouth on me there before.

Bella realized she was extremely close when the shaking that started in her legs began moving up to her stomach and arms and her abdomen started to contract rhythmically. Unable to hold her head up any longer, she flopped it back against the couch cushions and just felt.

The silk of his hair.

The wet of his mouth.

The heat of his body.

His hands moved then, one thumb raking over her nipple and the other stroking her clit. In seconds, he'd caused the earth to move, shaking her apart. Her back arched as she screamed out in pleasure.

Her leading man in that hotness is Jasper. I love, LOVE, that JenJadeEyes is treating Bella (and us) to multiple Twi-guys. I am hoping we get to see Bella with some lesser used characters, like Felix or Embry. Unf.

I can’t wait to see what JenJadeEyes has in store for us; every chapter is sure to be a sexy, smutty treat.

Liz - Hedone Ranch has guilty pleasure written all over its smutty-fluffy (smuffy?) chapters. Bella is an exhausted Hollywood personal assistant whose boss sends her on a all-inclusive “spa” vacation, only to be whisked away to every sexually neglected modern girl’s wet dream. Carlisle is the proprietor, and very persuasively gives reluctant Bella the low-down in his office when she arrives.

Carlisle's hands moved slowly from her neck downward, and she could hear his labored breathing as he dragged the backs of his fingers over her rock-hard nipples. She grabbed for one of his arms, half-heartedly trying to stop him. The hair on Carlisle's arms distracted her and caused her to realize her previous sexual experience had been with college boys. She was here with Carlisle, and he definitely was a capital-M Man. He began rotating his hips, causing her breathing to come in harsh gasps.

If that’s what Carlisle can do fully clothed and standing, I sure as hell hope we get some more of him in later chapters! I’m sure Bella is in for a very fun sexual exploration, and who knows who’ll she’ll encounter along the way?

Teal - First of all, what they all said =)

What a find this story has been, even just 3 chapters in! I’ve never been shy about Bella having multiple partners in my reading or writing. It’s realistic and modern to me. This plot, however, has been such an unexpected twist on being sexually free, experimental, and bold, and I’m absolutely crazy about it so far. I love bold, unapologetic Carlisle. He’s everything we already love about him and yet so much more. When Bella accidentally ends up at Hedone Ranch, does he tell her it was all a mistake and sent her on her way? Never! But he doesn’t make her feel forced to stay, either. The choice is there for her to make. Sure, he creates so crazywhoa UST and uses his charms to tempt her, but we certainly don’t see Bella crying foul.

The impression that I get is that with each man she encounters, we’re going to get more than new bedroom experiences. Carlisle seems to have piqued her interest and triggered her interest intellectually. Jasper was sweet, careful, and calm. He helped her open up and gently introduced her to a few of his own kinks to help loosen things up, so to speak. I’m madly curious to find out which other Twilight men she’ll encounter and what they’ll have to offer her. This is clearly going to be quite the magic carpet ride, and I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Bring on the men!

Jess - So, I never planned to read this story. I started it initially and couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure why, because now that I have, I’m practically kicking myself for almost missing out.

I have always been on the shyer side of sexual exploration. I’ve only ever had one partner, and in many, many ways, I’m truly grateful for that. With that said, I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t been curious, and I think that’s what intrigues me most about this story. The idea of sexual exploration, even in the way it takes place at Hedone Ranch, leaves me feeling all sorts of gooey and warm. Each of Bella’s experiences are intense and designed to teach her something about herself. I loved watching her quiet hesitation at the beginning of each encounter and then slowly seeing it blossom into confidence.

While this story might push the boundaries for some, I think the thing I’ll take away is how important it is to express your needs and desires, out loud. And when all else fails and you feel unsure and hesitant, find your courage and “fake it ‘til you make it.”


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