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The Lemon Report: Special Edition - Boys on Boards contest

A Special Edition Boys on Boards Lemon Report

Summer is almost over (or well gone if you are in Blighty like me [emmy] !) but never fear! The lusty ladies at the Perv Pack’s Smut Shack are here to remember the sunshine and sexing The Boys on Boards contest brought us this summer past. Fancy reading about frolicking on the beach or at the skate park? Sexy ripped bodies and brooding deep lost souls? Look no further. We have picked out just some of our faves from the contest - so that if you can’t be arsed you don’t have to! So read our selection below, then go review and tell them the ladies at the PPSS sent you! And if you enjoyed these, then you could always try some of the others from the contest...

Title: Beautiful Girl
Author: Ezrocksangel
Words: 8,785
Reviews: 123
Summary: Edward's life changes when he meets a new girl.

Emmy - I must confess that I always adore Ezrocksangel ‘s writing. This story was such a beautiful and evocative tale. Angsty but tender. I love that Bella is the free spirit and Edward is the one who yearns, who pines, who loves.

Jen - This was one of the first entries that I read, and I love it so. Bella’s very mysterious. Edward is determined in his pursuit of her. Bella’s a free spirited drifter; Edward’s a free spirited surfer who’s tied to his Hawaiian life. He’s so captivated by Bella, he yearns to truly have her as his and his alone. Because he realizes she’s not tied to any one place, he doesn’t chase after her, even when he realizes it’s not just the amazing sex or her beautiful body. So she comes and goes, and he takes what he can get. Until finally the one he set free comes back for good. Just sexy and wonderful.

Teal - What’s not to love about this one-shot? Bella is alluring in her mystery, to the point of enchanting Edward. He doesn’t care when she’s aloof or evasive or seemingly just after the physical advantages of their pseudo-relationship; he just wants her. At the same time, he’s resigned to accept that she’ll disappear on him someday because being with her, even just for a while, is all he can think about. I love how these characters both grow, subtly at first, then take a huge leap in the end. It’s fairytale-like, in a way. So wonderful, so sexy, and so sweet.

Title: Hot Fun in the Summertime
Author: rhythm junkie
Words: 7,902
Reviews: 2
Summary: Nahuel learns a lot during first summer in America - with Seth's help.

Emmy - Jesus christ. I really love a Seth slashy fic when its done right. Alas so many are done right and Seth becomes every stereotype of a power bottom/ or cock-hungry twink. But rejoice and shout “Huzzah” with me - this is an EXCELLENTE and moving fic that rejects the stereotypical portrayals. Instead we get a sensitive and delicious story of exploration and jealousy.

Jen - Maybe it’s his name. Maybe it’s the mental image of him as some South American hottie. In any case, I have a thing for Nahuel, so I was very excited to see the pairing for this fic. As their friendship develops, Nahuel is also growing accustomed to life in the US and trying to make sense of his changing feelings about his best friend, and even men in general. There’s some cultural confusion, a little jealousy, and a whole lotta kissing. Sweet boys.

Teal - I can’t say I would ever actively seek out this pairing, but having read it, I was completely sucked in. The friendship of these characters grew naturally, and seeing them fall for one another made sense, even though they were both completely inexperienced before they met. It was such a nice progression, and when it all finally came to a head (*snort*), I was so caught up in the desperation they both felt. I like that they found their own little happily ever after, and a sunny beach in the summertime was the perfect setting for such a tale!

Title: The Rising Swell
Author: HelenahJay
Words: 6,660
Reviews: 18
Summary: The summer I turn 16, it seems like I am exactly one day older than the day before, and everyone else around me fast-forwards a couple of years. Bella/Edward

Emmy - I love this story. It describes perfectly how it feels when life suddenly takes off leaves you behind..... The confusion until suddenly you understand. Plus I just adore this line
And I giggle and push her away, because what does it matter? He's an Adonis. And he's read Brontë. Like I stand a chance.
Jen - Who hasn’t felt left out when friends come back from some fantastic shared experience? I relate so much to Bella at the start of this o/s, and just feel sad and left out on her behalf. She didn’t get to go to Cabo for spring break and her friends seem different the first day back in school. They’ve had some new experiences with boys, they’re dressed a little different, and they’re speaking a strange new language--the language of surfers. Later at the beach, Bella’s getting some new experiences of her own with a gorgeous boy who just so happens to be friends with the boys Alice and Rosalie hooked up with. There’s something so sweet about this one and the writing is just gorgeous.

Title: Eight Summers
Author: Adair7
Words: 8,460
Reviews: 40
Summary: One moment of summer for eight summers as Bella learns about love, life, and surfing from the boy next door. AU AH MA E/B.

Emmy - Gah this was one of those stories that made me all melty and made me wish for
gentle, yet killer love. You feel every emotion along with Bella in this fic. As she feels awkward, feels flirty, feels insecure and feels love. I think Adair7 did a smashing job of showing how both boys and girls grow-up and deal with crushes, hormones, heartbreak, confusion and love.

Jen - A sweet growing up fic, told over eight summers. Everything from the stupid boys phase to secret crushes to ignoring one another for fabricated stories to finally, being honest about being ‘in like’ with one another. Passionate kisses, first times, and some misunderstandings, all set right at summertime on the beach.

Title: Going for the Regardo
Author: Shellwrx
Words: 5,874
Reviews: 24
Summary: When a vacation in Australia lands professional surfer, Edward Masen, in front of a cool and aloof surfboard designer that he can't help but be attracted to, will things heat up or will he wipe out? AH B/E

Emmy - This is a more exotic and adult fic. A sexy Bella with front, a humble (equally sexy) Edward and an interesting attraction make for sweaty, smutty times!

Jen - Bella and Edward don’t quite get off on the right foot. Fortunately they’re able to smooth things out pretty quickly, despite the teasing and ‘help’ from their friends. They definitely have chemistry in addition to everything else they have in common, and end up going for a late night surf together. They work up an appetite for one another, and Edward learns that surfing is only the second greatest feeling in the world, iykwim ; )

Teal - This was by far my favorite entry from the contest! First of all, I have a weakness for Australian accents (Okay, okay, who doesn’t?), so that sucked me in right from the start. I loved the sexual tension between these two, how they were both such strong, independent individuals, and how falling into one another so quickly felt natural and right with the near-instant connection they had. The supporting cast of this story is phenomenal and humorous as well, which is always a great addition to any fic. I don’t know about you, but there is just something so romantic about the ocean at night, secret hideaways, and hearing the smooth rhythm of the ocean while with someone who already feels like a magnet to you. So good!

Title: Masen Days
Author: purelyamuse
Words: 11,200
Reviews: 52 (original o/s)
Summary: Bella meets Masen at the local skate park. He's quiet and a mysterious, sad loner. She wants to help him, love him even. Will he let her? Or will he skate away like he always does?

Emmy - This was a heartbreaking but sweet tale of love conquering all. Angsty but touching and beautifully done. [Please note I have linked to the authors story page, she is extending it - but the whole story is not posted here yet. You can find the (unextended) complete one-shot on the BOB contest page.] [Also go check out her blog - you can read Masen’s poetry there - be still my beating heart!]

Teal - The heavy tone of this fic, I will admit, took away from my easy, breezy, happy summertime attitude as I read through all the contest entries for BoB, but it was the charisma of these characters that sucked me in and kept me hanging on with my fingers crossed for them. Life is seldom ideal, but it’s still difficult to be vulnerable when all you want is peace, freedom, and a break from your world. This is so obvious in Edward, but in time, he opens himself. In that, Bella grows and changes in her own way, until they both finally find their path...happily, it’s together. Sometimes, we find the greatest treasures of life during times of adversity.

Jen - I love this Bella. She’s just so good at heart, wanting to be what Masen needs her to be. She’s so curious about this beautiful, quiet skater boy, but she knows that she can’t push him to talk. It’s beautiful watching him open up to her and watching them fall in love. Before he can start to talk to her, he writes her poems on her sneakers. It’s not an easy journey, but they make it together, and you’re left with high hopes for their future together.


Purelyamuse said...

Thank you all for your kind words about Masen Days. I'm really enjoying Edward's sandbox. Edward girls share what they love, and they are so fun! Know what else is fun? A readalong on Twitter! Tonight 9/15/11 at 8CST there will be a readalong for Masen Days. Hope to see you there! And thank you for linking the story on my profile!