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Team PackPerv: Season of the She Wolf by Vivienne67


We are Pervs that dig the danger and maybe even the fur that comes with being a Pack lover. Team PackPerv isn’t afraid to take on the shape shifters of Quileute. We welcome all the sexy possibilities that come walking on the wild side. So join us in the sunlight and run with the wolves. As always clothing is optional.

The Team PackPerv Pick is...


Title: Season of the She Wolf
Author: Vivienne67
Chapters: 14
Words: 54,437
Reviews: 137
Summary: The Cullens and wolf packs are at peace, and Leah has begun to feel almost normal. When the half-vampire Nahuel returns and the unthinkable happens, Leah faces a life-changing choice and a frightening, evil foe from Nahuel's past. Rated M for a reason.

Chele - It is a rare fic that gives me a Leah voice that I find authentic enough that I can truly imagine a story for her beyond the way she got shafted in canon. Season of the She Wolf
is that rare fic, and the shaft Leah’s getting here is even rarer: Nahuel. That’s right, Leah follows in her alpha’s footsteps and imprints on the only other half-vampire available, and it is so very good.

It’s refreshing to read imprinting from the point of view of an adult woman. The subtle changes in perception which take place after the imprint in the way she views his body, listens for his words, develops a subtle need to be near and protect him all felt very genuine and smacked of the eroticism that should accompany your whole world aligning with another. Since canon only ever gave us in-depth descriptions of infant-imprinting, and the horror of Sam/Emily, even the monumental difficulties of inter-special relations between Leah and Nahuel seem like no big hurdle when accompanied by the red-hot UST of these two as they dance around eachother.

The subtle touches and longing glances don’t last too long before the power of the imprint overwhelms their wish for propriety.

Before my brain could fully register my upright position, he pressed me back against the machine. His face was so close to mine that his intoxicating scent saturated my every breath. Muscular arms bracketed my body as he placed his hands on the washer on either side of me. I wanted them back where they belonged, on me. He gazed in my eyes for a moment, giving me a chance to protest, waiting just a fraction of a second for me to order him away.

When I remained silent, his eyes dropped to my breasts and a self-satisfied smile played at the corners of his mouth. Moving again with dizzying speed, he slammed the lid on the washer and hoisted me to sit on top of it. In the next instant, my T-shirt was gone and his hands were back on my naked breasts.

Vivienne67 gives us a grown up Leah, and a fuckhot Nahuel who’s been waiting over a hundred years to feel the way he does when he’s with her. I couldn’t be more grateful, and I hope that all this evil South American vampire army business doesn’t keep them both from the happiness and fuckhot sex they deserve.

Jeanne - There has never been any doubt that I am a Leah fangirl. Not only is she the only female shapeshifter EVER. She is fearless and beautifully flawed. Her loss is among the most devistating felt by any single character in the entire series. Yet, she faces it without shrinking or crying. The she wolf of La Push turns her pain into a weapon, protecting herself and forging ahead into her unknown desinty as a guardian of her people. Let’s face it Leah Clearwater is a badass motherfucker!

Despite all this awesome no one can deny that she was short changed when Stephenie Meyer
was handing out Happily Ever Afters at the end of the Twilight saga. Leah’s reward is an independent life at community college and the possibility of controlling her wolf through meditation. Really, is there a lamer consulation prize than that? Oh yeah, there is...

If there is one other character who got eve more of a raw deal that Leah it was Nahuel. The sexy, South American vampire-human hybrid not only did he seem to be a half-hearted plot device to circumvent the Volturi’s claim on Reneesme, but he got little more than a handshake and thank you for his trouble.

Thanks for traveling across two continents and risking your life by exposing your existence to the Volturi, but the only female vampire-human hybrid that isn’t your sister already has a boyfriend. Sorry. Hey, but we should totally hang out sometime. Promise. Okay, so Edward and company didn’t say that, but shit they might as well have. That’s why I’m always on the look out for AU fic that will fix the travesties reaped upon these two awesome characters. It’s not an easy thing to find, but anything worth having is worth the trouble. Enter Season of the She Wolf.

This AU fic picks up a short time after the end of Breaking Dawn, and tells the story of everyone adjusting to life after the battle that never-happened. The Black pack is preparing for Jacob and Nessie’s wedding. The Cullens are contemplating moving and Leah’s trying to decide what she should do with her life. That is when fate steps in to answer the question for her, with the sudden appearance of Nahuel, who Leah immediately imprints on. Oh yeah, it’s an imprint fic, but it is far from creepy mind wiping that many people would argue it is. In fact, in this story imprinting seems to enhance an already present attraction and highlights compatible aspects of the their personalities, that might have been over looked otherwise.

Here we not only get to see how the imprint heals Leah and Nahuel’s emotional wounds, but how it also gives these two lonely souls a very intense, and much needed connection. We also get to see the other (more familiar) side of the imprint with Jacob and Reneesme too. As Jacob and Leah take turns narrating the story, they show how they each deal with their imprints and the complications that come from this unique relationship.

A fascinating and inspired plot drives this fast paced story that exploits a very believable plot thread left wide open by canon. After all didn’t we all wonder what happened with Nahuel’s father, especially once the Volturi got wind of what he was up to? With a new threat on the horizon the Cullens and both Quileute wolf packs are forced to come together again.

Vivienne67 has created something new and kind of wonderful with this story. It feels so genuine, that I often forget that I’m not reading a Twilight book. I have to remind myself what is canon and what is from this story. The care that Vivienne67 puts into the portrayals of every character feels at times like I’m being spoiled. Each one of them from Edward to Charlie to Leah herself are spot on, sometimes so much so that they remind me of how much they frustrated me in canon.

Leah is the short temperated, snarky, self deprecating she wolf that we know and love. She handles the imprinting and with the kind of wit and grace (insert sarcasm font here) that we’ve come to expect from a woman that’s been betrayed by life and love. In other words, she freaks and runs like hell. Sure, eventually she grows accustomed to the imprinting process with surprising ease. However the part where she actually forges a relationship with her ‘soul mate’ is another matter all together. As usual Leah proves to be a better road block for herself than anyone else could be.

"Leah," he breathed.

I forgot my mother and brother standing expectantly beside us. Forgot Jake standing there lump-like and useless. Hell, I wouldn't have recognized my own name if he hadn't just turned it into the single most beautiful sound I'd ever heard.

"I remember you."

My thundering heart skipped a beat. He remembers me?

Had I affected him so deeply six years ago? Was he feeling the aching pull, too? Was he as confused and utterly connected as I was? I knew I looked like an idiot, but I couldn't help myself. A big, stupid grin erupted on my face.

"You do?"

"Yes." His warm brown eyes abruptly turned hard and angry, but he didn't let go of my hand.

"You called me a coward."

Yeah, I really like Nahuel. I mean I loved him in canon, but Vivienne67 has given him a depth and soul that is irresistibly charming and sexy. He is not some emo slouch. This hybrid boy knows how to give as good as he gets, and boy does he dish it out to our girl. It’s hilarious to watch them dance around each other. Leah’s irritability bounces off Nahuel’s stand-offishness to amp up the undeniable sexual tension to near-atomic levels.

When they finally kissed for the first time my eyeballs melted right out of my head. A simple KISS had me panting and flopping on the floor. It’s hard to believe I know, but when you have these two wild, intense people finally reach the breaking point it’s like a volcano eruption.

I moaned into his mouth. The sound made him even wilder and more aggressive. One hand came up to tangle in the hair at my nape while the other moved south to my ass. When that hand flexed and pressed me forward, I felt the hard proof of his desire throbbing against my stomach.

Season of the She Wolf is quickly on it’s way to being one of my all time favorite Twilight fan fictions. It gives us everything that we crave, more time with the characters we love, intriguing new adventures and the shinning possibility of love and happiness for those who never got it in canon. It’s like a wish come true and it just keeps getting better with each update.

Jen - If you read the Shack fairly regularly, you know there’s an immense amount of Leah-love amongst the Pervs. A story that creates a believable future for Leah--where Leah is a fully fleshed-out character--kind of feels like redemption after her shitty treatment by SM. When Jeanne told us the premise of Season of the She Wolf I was so excited to start reading, and I’ve not been disappointed.

Leah might not be the straight up bitch that we saw in NM the movie, but she’s still got an edge--it would be wrong to turn her into a demure ‘good girl’. She’s snarky and a little bitchy, but she’s so much more. She’s Jake’s beta, but also his dear friend. I always felt that SM presented them as tolerating one another as opposed to respecting or liking one another. She’s terrified that she’s imprinted, yet she allows herself to feel the intensity of the bond, and to try to comfort Nahuel, as when he was close to losing it in Sue’s house. Vivienne67 makes this short interchange so sexy.

Nahuel's eyes stopped their frenzied flitting and zeroed in on me. He stared at my extended hand for just a moment before slowly, oh so slowly, wrapping his long fingers around mine.

Heat surged up my arm from the light pressure of his hand. Once, when we were really little kids, Seth had dared me to jam a penny into a wall socket. The touch of Nahuel's hand felt exactly like that electrical shock—except more intense and totally, deliriously erotic. That simple, innocent contact was as arousing and intimate as a kiss.

Considering her prior experience related to imprinting and the loss of , it’s no wonder that while Leah doesn’t deny the irrevocable link between them, that she does like to keep free will- her own in the equation. The imprint doesn’t dictate how she acts every second of the day; you could say it informs her actions and thoughts as they revolve around Nahuel.

I think I've found a use for that miserable psychic cable, I thought. It just might be the key to keeping Nahuel alive.

Nahuel and Leah are a fabulous pairing. Nahuel’s a man of few words, but it seems like every line he speaks is a panty melter.
Vivienne67 has a way with UST. I’m pretty sure this story could start a forest fire. F’reals.

Nahuel obviously wasn't ready to stop. He gasped rapidly, raggedly, his teak eyes dark and hooded with hunger—for my flesh, not my blood. He reached for me as if he would draw me back into his arms. I took another step back.

"We need to stop," I said, my voice shaking badly.

Anger replaced the lust in his eyes. "Why?" he ground out through gritted teeth. "You want me. I have smelled it on you all week. And I want you. If we are going to die soon anyway, why deny ourselves what we both desire?"

I was with Nahuel; please don’t stop! don’t deny yourselves! And that was just after their first kiss. There’s groping and fondling and other fun, too. You will be squirming and on your knees begging Vivienne67 to pleeeeeeease let these two sexy supernaturals get it on.

If you’re an E/B only kind of fic reader, do yourself a favor and give this Pack fic a try. As Jeanne says, it’s so good it will become canon in your mind.


Munkee said...

Thanks for reviewing this story! I agree, it's totally hot. The care and talent that ff writers put into their craft never ceases to amaze and delight, but this is one of the best!