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Turn Me On: Tuesday Next by bmango


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Title: Tuesday Next
Author: bmango
Status: WIP
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 6,063
Reviews: 45

Summary: This is a little series of scenes written from pictures that tuesdaymidnight has sent me. Basically PWP. All JxE. Enjoy!

Jeanne - There a handful of people whose recommendations I listen to without hesitation. The beautiful and talented Sadtomato is one of them. So when she recommended Tuesday Next I knew I had to set aside my concerns about the lack of realism in most BDSM fanfic and read it immediately. I am so glad I did.

Unlike a lot of BDSM fic I’ve read both in this and other fandoms Tuesday Next starts out focused on the play first, instead of romance. We meet these two men as Master and boy, Dominant and submissive. I love this not just because I love BDSM erotica, but because of the way bmango showcases how the play is a vital part of their relationship. They are not two lovers that engage in BDSM play. They are a Master and boy that are also in love.

That simple, deceptively small detail sets this story far apart from many other fics that are more focused on the romantic relationship and side line the sexy play as a plot device. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it has often left me wanting a story that is more focused on the BDSM play. Tuesday Next goes a long way to scratch that itch.

I follow his instructions without hesitation, laying prone with my hands stretched above my head, nearly reaching the rope around the couch leg. I feel small tugs on my left shoe as he loosens the laces before stretching my leg to the side, tying the laces to the bed post. He repeats the same action on my right leg before securing my hands with the rope.

"God, boy. You are so fucking beautiful for me," he whispers into the quiet.

Stretched before him, my ass in the air and my limbs restrained, I feel like I'm on display for him and I hope desperately he means what he says. I want to be beautiful for him.

I love how we get to see through Edward’s eyes. It allows us to see his need to not only please Master but also how the act of submission makes him feel beautiful and desired. The true spirit of submission is the act of relinquishing control to another (trusted) person. That makes the choice of casting Edward in the role of submissive so much more poignant and believable. More than any other character in Twilight, Edward Cullen feels the weight and compulsion to maintain control. It is his cross to bear, not to mention his intense desire to please those he admires. As a (hardcore) Edward fangirl I felt a strange kind of sympathetic relief from watching him submit to Master’s commands and desire.

bmango does an incredible job of showing the submissive mindset without short changing it and making Edward appear wounded or needy. He needs it but not because a lack of confidence or sense of self. Rather because he craves the release. Allowing someone to take control is far from a gesture of weakness but one of the most powerful gestures a person can make.

Then there is Master. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve not referred to him as Jasper through the review. True, this is our favorite southern bad boy in the role of the Dom, but in many ways I felt I enjoyed the freedom of not seeing him as the cowboy. Here we see the powerful, calm and focused side of Jasper. The stagiest, the youngest major in the confederate army. This is the side of Jasper that I long to see more in fan fiction. His strength, raw power and brutality. These are all tempered with empathy and combine to make him a fabulous Master. He reads Edward so well, through each scene taking his lover right up to the line and back. It’s fascinating to read, intense and sexy. Really, I could ramble about this for days, but it’s better if you just read it yourself. Even if you’re new to BDSM fic, take a deep breath and dive in. I’ll be here to hold you hand.

Sadtomato - The first author’s note in bmango’s Tuesday Next reads, “Warnings: This is slash, my first shot at BDSM and is nothing but PWP.” As soon as I read that, I was sold--forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, those are a few of my favorite things. After reading through the three chapters already posted, I am hooked on Tuesday Next and hope you’ll give it a try, too.

Each chapter starts with a link to a photograph. The photos that inspire each chapter are beautiful and original (please keep them coming, tuesdaymidnight!), but what really makes each scene come to life is the prose. Jasper and Edward are lovers who play as Master and his boy, acting out the situations and/or positions suggested by the photographs.

What sets this story apart from other stories about D/s relationships is that Edward and Jasper see their play as fun, sexy, and special. There’s no drama, no kinky secrets, no shame and conflict. They’re just a normal, committed couple who just happen to have a few drawers full of sex toys. I love that they don’t have a mansion, a playroom, or a ton of specialized furniture. Their play feels real and sensual, and it draws me in every time.

Bmango describes Edward’s submissive mindset perfectly and succinctly, capturing exactly what appeals to him about this type of play:

Over the music I can still hear small clinks and the sounds of metal as he decides what implements to use from his drawers of toys. Every time we play, this here is perhaps the height of my emotional experience. The anticipation eating into me, my eagerness to be good and the surety that he will take care of me even if I'm not. After this moment, emotion disappears as it all condenses down into sensation. His touch, his voice, his scent. That is all I will know.

Did I mention the dirty talk? Oh, there’s some excellent dirty talk. It’s filthy without being raunchy, and it’s very clear how much Jasper’s words enhance Edward’s experience:

"You whore," he chastises, smacking my ass once more. "Beg me for it," he orders gruffly before changing his tone and reminding me. "Nicely."

"Please, sir. Oh, please fuck me," I beg, wanting him more than anything, wanting him to find his pleasure with me.

"I don't know. Have you been a good boy?" he asks quietly, his slick fingers still moving slowly in and out, bending to hit my prostate with almost every pass.

I love the kinky sex for what it is, but the tenderness and the obvious love between Edward and Jasper makes the sex hotter and more intense. Bmango doesn’t tell us about their love through extraneous dialogue, flashbacks, or inner monologue; instead she shows us through Edward and Jasper’s actions. That their relationship is marked by whips and chains rather than hearts and flowers doesn’t make it any less romantic. It’s sweet without being cloying, tender while staying true to real life.

Edward’s adoration for Jasper and eagerness to please his Master shine through every time they play. I see it in the way his body responds to whatever sensations Jasper chooses to dole out, in the highly charged looks they share while they’re playing, and in Edward’s trust and complete submission.

Jasper’s affection for Edward comes through with every tender touch, every act of care during and after their play. Whether he’s adjusting Edward’s handcuffs during a rough scene or massaging his muscles after a long one, he is careful and reverent with his lover’s body and his submission. It’s a great example of safe BDSM play, but it also serves to illustrate how much Jasper cares for Edward.

Bmango classifies this story as PWP (that’s “Plot? What Plot?” or “Porn Without Plot” for the uninitiated), but I have to disagree. There’s no big conflict or drama here, but I think in this case the porn is the plot--it’s the story of two richly drawn characters loving each other in unconventional but beautiful ways.

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