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Going Deep: Peter

The Equal Opportunity Whores, Chele and Teal, are going to explore some of the naughtier and more unusual trends, kinks, and pairings in the Twific universe. We’ll be discussing what intrigues us, why it’s sexy, and where we can find it. As upstanding members of Team Anything Goes, you can expect the unexpected.

Peter. Oh, Peter, how we love thee. Why can’t you be real?

One of Peter's best qualities as a player in the world of fanfiction is that his description in canon is very scarce, which allows for a lot of latitude in creating characterizations.

What we do know from canon, is entirely awesome. (At least we think so!)

He is:
- Dedicated. As a soldier, he was Jasper's right hand in the Southern vampire army when they were dominating under Maria's control.
- "Civilized" and "didn't enjoy the fight, though he was good at it." Eclipse pg 298
- Passionate. He falls in love with Charlotte, one of the newborns, and risks his life to come between Jasper (who is intent on following Maria's orders to kill the newborns) and her.
- Loyal. Peter is an amazingly loyal friend. He would never give up on someone he cared for. After Jasper allows Peter and Charlotte to escape unharmed, Peter returns for his friend years later to offer Jasper a chance to join him and Charlotte in pursuing a peaceful existence free of the wars and fighting.

Essentially, Peter saves Jasper from death and/or misery at the hands of Maria, as Jasper was slowly losing himself to the horror of that life and planned on having to destroy her.

It could be said that without Peter, Jasper is an evil, killer vampire, or dead at Maria's hands. That’s what BFFs are made of, ladies and gentlemen. *big grins from Chele & Teal*

The only other canon references are in Midnight Sun, when Peter and Charlotte come to visit, where we glean the following:
- He thinks that the long-term drinking from animals can cause mental deterioration based on Edward's bizarre behavior. (We extrapolate this to be that Peter is rather opinionated even if he is very tolerant of other's lifestyle choices.)

Though canon described him as having pale blond hair, we've rarely, if ever seen him described in fic that way.

In fact, we tend to be rather partial to blue eyed, dark haired Peter. (Who can blame us with this image?) Really, we’ll take him any way we can get him.

So, In summation, the path is wide open for Peter. :) Let’s see where people have taken our boy, shall we?
We do so greatly appreciate it . . .

Keeping it in the Family.
He’s the brother, cousin, or the BFF. The bottom line is, he’s probably not getting laid, but he’s going to be looking out for what’s best for everyone, and he’ll always be there when you need him.

The First Breath by ElleCC and LaViePastiche
We love this story for so many reasons, and one of the biggest is the relationship between Bella and Peter. In this Jasper/Bella fic, Peter is Bella’s twin brother. If you’re anything like us, your inner monologue is probably saying something along the lines of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It sets Peter in a precarious position as sibling and friend, and he truly lives up to that here. He shows us his strength in difficult times and also how protective a brother can be, and that’s just downright sexy. Yum!

Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche
Once more, Peter steps into the best friend role, and though he’s much more tame than the Jasper in this roller coaster story, he clearly plays a major part in our favorite Texan’s life. Often times, Peter is the voice of reason or just a proverbial shoulder to lean on. The bromance runs thick here, and we can’t help ourselves from wanting more of that.

Thankfully, the lovely Ms. LVP did provide another small taste of Sweet Peter here in a SoaPM outtake drabble titled Comfort. He tells Jasper what he needs to hear, even when he knows it won’t be well received.

Is that a canon in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?
- Peter/Charlotte
(Please insert your favorite lead Peter / Charlotte fic here: we couldn’t find any. Well, it may be out there, but we’re far too busy searching for other forms of Peter. js.)

Jasper/Peter, the mother fucking OTP (One True Pairing)
We’re going to come right out and say it. Despite the fact that we have debated the merits of whether Jasper/Peter is truly "by-the-book canon", it is always the canon in our pants.

Cardboard by subtlepen.
Cyclist Jasper & Peter FTW! Subtlepen made her Peter from scratch, and he tasted soooo nice. Athletic? Check. Intelligent? Check. Humble? Check. Fuckhot Sexy? Double check. Never thought that a man’s ass hanging out of a dumpster could be so sexy.

The Book of Peter by ElleCC.
Thank goodness for authors who are are such good friends and play around with each other’s characters because who didn’t ache for SoaPM Jasper? We did. we wanted more for him, and Elle gave it to us. She provided an alternate outcome where Jasper and Peter have soul wrenching and slightly awkward, yet incredibly hot sexytimes.

The Trip Home Prequels by MsKathy.
It must have been amazingly difficult for MsKathy to create a character that could be a viable match for Jasper when we know he is destined to be with Edward. Peter fit the bill completely. Sweet, sexy, brilliant. It is a mystery that Jasper could give him up regardless of his Edward love.

Old Enough by OnTheTurningAway
In this drabblicious ditty, OnTheTurningAway plays on a bit of taboo and makes it sexy as fuck. Hot for teacher? We certainly are!

Unexpected Peace by sparbella
There tends to be more human Peter out there than vampire or canon stories, but in this one, we get a taste of the Major at work in Maria’s army, and a captivating, tantalizing dynamic with young, red-eyed Peter. Rawr. Can we have more just like that???

Mergers and Aquisitions by Touchstone.
Mergers and Aquisitions is generally categorized as an Edward/Jasper story, but deep down, the real love story is between Peter and Jasper. The authors have really capitalized on Peter’s canon loyalty and desire to pull Jasper from the life he is stuck in, and given us a man who truly has the ability to sweep Jasper off his feet. He is dominant, tender, and proudly proclaims his love. Peter is really the only right choice.

Liasons by vi0lentserenity & stolenxsanity
This birthday gift drabble-fic takes the idea of Peter and Jasper as soldiers to a new, modern level. In today’s society, gays and lesbians in the military must proceed with caution, especially when one is the other’s superior (UNF), but in this pretty little story, our boys find a way to make it happen. This one is heavy on the emotions, and it will leave you wanting so much more!

Bella really gets around.. That's right, Peterella. 
Because it's just, so, goooood. 

Twi25: Jumping off the Deep End Chs 7-10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 21 by AccioBourbon
AccioBourbon was really a breakaway star with her Peter/Bella Twilight 25 and definitely one of the first that we read to tackle them well. What could have been an awkward one-time encounter turns into a love story that’s heavy on the realism and UST. Check her profile for more Peter, and stick around because a little bird tells us there will be more for these two in the future!

For As Long As I Live by Jasper’s Cherry
One day, Teal went crazy on Twitter and begged the masses for MOAR PETER. Jasper’s Cherry answered that call, quickly spinning out a creative and unpredictable AU where Peter captures Bella’s heart, and things get really complicated in the Cullen house.

Fire in the Night by rachelcullen77
This saucy little number puts anything you’ve ever seen on Dancing with the Stars to shame! The descriptions of the interactions and the sexy, sultry dance shared between these two characters are delightful. It’s a fun read and a subject that we don’t see too much of around the fandom.

Slashy Peter
(When brave authors dare to pair with someone other than Jasper)

Campfire by Lou-La
Our fellow Perv and proud member of Team Anything Goes, Jen, found this one, and when we read it, my-oh-my! You may find yourself skeptical of the pairing (Peter with Alec? Really?), but the descriptions of the characters, physically and sexually are pure orgasm-in-words, and it’s difficult not to want to see more of this encounter. Trust, this story will surprise and wow you!

One February Friday by LyricalKris
When Edward wanders into the club where Peter and Jasper are having a drink, sparks fly, and the three boys spend several days trapped in erotic frenzy. Though this Peter wasn't quite ready to be out and proud, there was something about hiving his sexuality caught in a stranglehold of secrecy that made his fire burn bright.

PBJ: Not your ordinary sandwich

We know we’re filthy whores (hell, who doesn’t know that?!), and Peter/Bella/Jasper is by far one of our favorite guilty pleasures. We love Jasper/Bella. We love Jasper/Peter. We love Peter/Bella, so why not mix them all up together and enjoy the poly goodness of it all. We also highly encourage all writers to create their own PBJ . . . and be sure to send it our way.

Jealousy by ElleCC
Crazy things happen in high school, and crazier things happen when someone gets jealous. Jasper wanted Bella, but he didn’t step up in time, and Peter made his move. Instead of dwelling in angsty heartache, Elle really turned the tables in this one, and we readers were on the receiving end of threesome of sorts that left us panting (and maybe wiggling in our chairs a little, too).

The truth is, sweet pervlings, that we could go on and on (and on and on and on . . .) about Peter all day long. But if we did that, you’d never have time to actually go read these stories! So please, discover Sweet Peter, if you never have before, and don’t be afraid to get to know him. Intimately. If that sparks a desire to write about him in your own stories, for the love of fuck, PLEASE DO! As always, don’t forget to pass those along to us (or any other great Peter you read). We’re total whores . . . equal opportunity whores =)


Madam Akyria said...

Squee! I am absolutely LOVE Peter. I read a Jasper/Peter slash that was awesome. Though i will warn you now a bit bloody.

MsKathy said...

You ladies were lovely to mention the prequel; thank you.

I can't wait to dive in to some of these other Peter fics! I appreciate the time and effort it must've taken to come up with these gems. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget The Orbiting Meteor by IdreamofEddy. I love that Peter! Very hot!

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SweetDulcinea said...

We are soooooo happy to share some of our favorite Peters & give love to great authors. It would take days to list every Peter story we love, but we always appreciate being pointed toward others =D =D =D

Srsly, I'm obsessed with Peter...