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Perv Pack Pick: A Tale of Two Cities by TruceOver


This Month's Perv Pack Pick is...


Title: A Tale of Two Cities
Author: TruceOver
Chapters: 13
Words: 48,378
Reviews: 315
Summary: Emmett falls hard for a stranger at the airport. Edward refuses to give in. Will they be able to work through their issues and just be happy? *slash* AH Emmett/Edward

Kitty - Okay, since I’m the slash newbie, I haven’t really seen that many pairings but when someone said Edward and Emmett…dude, my little kitteh ears perked right the fuck up! I mean, my two favorite Twi men…together…making with the sexy times…TOGETHER?!?!

*runs around the room in a fit of squees*

First off, this Emmett is sooooo Emmett. He’s funny and cheesy and just a big ball of oh-my-god-I-wanna-hump-ya! I love Emmett. Love love LOVE Emmett. His inner voice is so made of win!

Second, that two of them together? GENIUS!! I’ve dabbled in reading slash, a one shot here or there, but this pairing has turned me into a full blown, losing my wee kitteh mind, I wanna watch them screw like bunnies slash whore. I also love how organic their relationship is, how genuine their feelings for each other are. And don’t EVEN get me started on how hot they are when they are making with the sexy times…

I feel him tensing, getting close, but I'm not sure that I've made my penance just yet. I pull him out of my mouth. "Get on your back, Edward," I say, and he doesn't object. He scrambles to the head of the bed as I lean over to my bag that is resting against the nightstand. I pull out a bottle of lube, and his eyes go wide in anticipation. I coat my fingers with the lube and he bites his lip, his hooded eyes never leaving mine.

I lean forward and push his legs open, propping one up so that I have better access. I reach forward with one coated finger, and look up to see his reaction. He moans in anticipation, and I push forward, slowly entering him. "Oh, Emmett," he says as my hand meets his ass. I move back and forth a few times, and his groans grow louder with each pass. "More," he whispers, so quietly that I can barely hear, and I add another, my movements slow, then finally quickening in pace. I bring my mouth down to him, covering him, my tongue curling against the head of his cock as my fingers curl inside of him. "Shit," he spits out, and I can tell that he's close.

Now Edward, Edward is very Edward in this. He over thinks everything and is so serious all the time, so much that Emmett dubs him “Mr. Serious” before he learns his actual name which is what makes them so perfect together. They balance each other out so beautifully.

Oh, and did I mention that the sexy times were hot?

He's panting, and my soapy hand is doubling the pace of his breaths. I move up against him faster and faster, wanting nothing more than to enter him. God, I want to be inside of Edward more than anything.

He mumbles something that I can't understand and I ask him what he said.

"Want…," he groans. "Inside…," he moans.

*flails like a lunatic*

I officially give this one 5 out of 5 prostate tickles.

Chele - When you’re ready for a well-written story with two sexy, masculine, tender men falling in love and having steaming hot sex, look no further. Emmett and Edward are gorgeously written - each are strong and successful, but contain a vulnerability which makes you just want to hug them and push them together... chest to rock hard chest.

They meet at a chance run-in (literally) at the airport, and while Emmett obviously and immediately feels attraction, Edward seems to be immune to his charms. Emmett pursues Edward with the exuberance of a crushing teenager, initially to no avail. What looks like a one time missed opportunity turns into more when their paths continue to cross during their respective weekly work travel and Edward eventually succumbs to Emmett’s charms. I mean.. who wouldn’t? He’s completely gorgeous, successful, and deeply kind hearted, all of which we see through his interactions with his friends and co-workers.

TruceOver’s method of “show me, don’t tell me” character exploration is spot on. Instead of long, drawn-out narratives, she lets the actions and discussions between characters reveal their personalities and perspectives. This allows readers to form their own opinions about the players involved, and form attachments to them. And trust me. I am deeply connected to both Emmett and Edward.

The story unfolds as these two guys try to see if their lives can mesh together. Though it is apparent that the love between them grows quickly, there are complications which keep them from immediately having the fairy tale committed relationship that they both so obviously want, and that I want for them. Meanwhile, they’re reveling in the time they are able to spend together, and as their emotional connection grows, their *ahem* physical connection grows as well. Yum.

TruceOver is unapologetic in her portrayal of the characters’ sexuality, and it is refreshing to read a slash story where the main conflict has nothing to do with the character’s being in love with someone of the same sex. The obstacles between Edward and Emmett are real and un-contrived, and only time will tell if they are insurmountable. I, for one, will be reading with dedication while they figure it out. A Tale of Two Cities is a charming AH that tugs on my heartstrings and my zipper. If you aren’t reading it, you certainly should be. Go ahead and start right now.

Teal - I for one love the trend of more Emmett-centric fics coming into the fandom in the past year. I mean, really, it’s Emmett -- he’s sweet, sexy, funny, and just plain awesome. Having Kellan to provide a lovely image for our boy certainly help. Umm, hellooooooooo Mr. Bajillion Abs *swoon*

Anyhoodle, let’s talk about this story. Let’s talk about how sweet and romantic Emmett is. Let’s talk about how willing he is to put himself out there, risking his heart, for someone he barely knows. Let’s talk about how rawrUNFrawr it is when these boys get down! What I enjoy about this Tale is that the chapters are short and concise but never lacking for great details and plot progression. Edward is apprehensive and damaged, extremely cautious, but he craves happiness with Emmett so much. He’s vulnerable and scared, which makes him incredibly canon, but at the same time, he’s so well suited for Emmett.

Another great part about this story is that it’s not just about the slashy yums. Granted, the sexytimes are something I flove, but there is a great plot here as well. Emmett and Edward’s pasts feel genuine, and the ways they interact with one another and all the people around them make both so relatable and believable. It’s easy to get caught up in their budding relationship, but at the same time, you’ll truly want to know what else is happening in their lives and how it will effect their future together.

We adore Big Gay Emmett here in the Shack, and this month’s pick is a fantastic addition to our list. Enjoy!

Emmy - I’m a twat who has duffed her wrist/arm in a freak Christmas Day incident (don’t ask!) So am struggling to type. So I will keep this review more brief and sparse than I would like to. My apol’s for that lovelies, its in no way a reflection on the Perv Pick of the Month, A Tale of Two Cities. Which is grand.

I love the characterizations, Emmett is a ff character I often struggle with, but not here. He’s loveable, warm, sexy and sincere. Edward is hot. (yes I am an Edward whore, don’t act surprised by this, its no revelation) Edward is lost, vulnerable and scared. Oh and hot. :D

The story builds really nicely, right from the get-go I was hooked into poor Emmett’s POV, how many times have we all seen someone hot, who piques our interest? And how many times do we do NUFFINK about it? Well if you are anything like me, way too many times to mention... Emmett does do something however, but it doesn’t turn out quite the way he has planned. Edward gets under his skin, and thankfully Emmett gets under Edwards skin too.....

Deliciousness follows.

This is a brilliant story, brilliantly told. Even if you normally read Edward/Jasper or Edward/Riley type slash, go take a gander on this loveable Emmett. He’s not raging, he’s just real and believable. Brilliant.

Kimpy - For anyone who has yet to discover the incredible hotness of m/m slash, I’m telling you--two guys together is just HAWT. And these two guys together? I have no words. They will send your girl bits into a frenzy, I assure you. A Tale of Two Cities’s Emmett is a lovely incarnation, amiable and hot, gaga for Edward the minute he lays eyes on him at the airport, but in a completely endearing way, not cheesy (even though Emmett considers himself to be a cheeseball of epic proportions; he isn’t). I’ve often wondered if I would feel the same way, spotting a beautiful stranger, so attracted that I would want to to follow him and introduce myself. While I would like to think the answer is yes, I know that I’m much more like A Tale of Two Cities’s Edward. Don’t make eye contact, sit by myself, hang up the invisible “DO NOT APPROACH” sign. This Edward is just one big heartclench--shy, private, reserved, and responsible with a capital “R”. He is also a DILFward to his little sister Alice, which makes him incredibly careful about the choices he makes in his personal life, and it causes him to eschew dating altogether.

Fortunately for us, Emmett is not like me, so we get to watch his attraction for Edward unfold slowly. Emmett is always the perfect gentleman, telling Edward all he has to do is say stop, and he will. All the while, I’m reading this, thinking to myself, “Don’t you even think of saying stop, Edward Cullen!” Emmett has to proceed with painful slowness, but eventually, he does get to proceed, and I was with him every step of the way. These two are great men, good family members, and the most loyal of friends. It made me so satisfied for both of them that Edward finally let his walls tumble down and allowed Emmett to get close. That’s the point where the story really begins to explode, and I do believe explode is exactly the right word choice here.

My inner 12 YO came out when one of the first things Emmett notices is Edward’s feet. As in, “His feet are... big.” I was giggling at the insinuation. The layers between them come off painfully slowly at times, but they do come off, and UNF. TruceOver includes the words in an author’s note at the end of a chapter: “So that chapter was about 80% lemon. I hope that was okay.” To which I can only reply, are you insane, woman? When would 80% Emmett/Edward lemons be not okay? *shakes head*

As their romance proceeds, Emmett takes to sending Edward random texts, and they are all kinds of adorable. They killed me in their sweetness, and, sometimes, their heat factor. TruceOver teases us to let us know that Edward and Emmett are engaging in phone sex, but doesn’t include us in the details of those *ahem* conversations. Please note the Kimpy pouted and stomped her foot when she didn’t get in on the phone sex transcripts.

The side plot in this story is Edward serving as Daddyward to younger sister Alice, and it is all kinds of endearing. In a really fun play on canon, Alice’s best friend is Bella, and Bella happens to have a crush on Edward, even though Alice tells her again and again that Edward is gay and her older brother. I giggled so hard at that. Jasper eventually shows up on the scene, and when he does, seeing Edward go into protective Daddy mode is delightful. He gets concerned about every touch, every silent moment, every little nuance.

In summary, the best advice I can give you is READ THIS STORY. Her characters are so endearing and compelling, you are cheering them forward into each other’s arms every step of the way. Certainly, there are missteps along the way, but for the most part, it is relatively angst-free, and just good, old, smoking hot M/M smut. MMMMM. Just the way I like it.

Jess - I adore slash. It’s like a guilty pleasure that just keeps on giving, but this was the first time I had read anything other than Edward/Jasper. So, when my fellow Pervs mentioned this little gem, I immediately jumped on it.

I love the playful, lighthearted nature of A Tale of Two Cities. Emmett is downright adorable, sweet, and so genuine. He’s the epitome of the all-American guy, owner of a sporting goods store, and very comfortable with who he is as a person. Not to mention, how amazing he is with his employees. He makes me want to work for him... for so many reasons. Love, love, love this Emmett.

Edward, on the other hand, is quiet, more thoughtful, but no less confident. He is hesitant to get involved with Emmett, shunning him several times, despite the desire he feels. But as the sole guardian of his sister, he feels a sense of responsibility to be careful and sure before he pursues his own relationships.

The sexy times are so freaking hot, mouthwateringly so, and sweet heavens you’ll need a moment after these two kiss. It just leaves you begging for more, wanting to see where it’s going to go, and how it’s all going to turn out.

The sun is low in the sky behind him, the last bits of daylight making his hair glow as if it's on fire. He leans back and we lock eyes, then he leans forward and puts his lips to mine. They're soft and firm and I kiss him back, so glad that he's making the first move. After a moment, he opens his mouth to deepen the kiss, my lips parting and welcoming his tongue. I moan a bit into his mouth. I can't help it. I feel closer to Edward than ever before, and the fact that he wants to kiss me like this again is driving me crazy. I want him so badly; in every way possible. I want to pull back and tell him over and over again, I want you.

His hands come up behind my neck, mine down at his hips. At the same time, we pull each other closer, moaning. Eventually, he pulls away, taking my hand again and leading me back towards the hotel. My mind races, hopeful at the possibilities of what he's thinking, and trying to remember not to push him.

We don't say a word, and when we're in the elevator he pushes the button for the eighth floor, where we've put both our belonging in his room in a rush to get to dinner. For eight floors we kiss softly, slowly, his hands moving up and down my back.

The doors open and I take his hand as we walk to his room. I'm not sure what to do; I want nothing more than to keep kissing him, but now we're in him room and I don't want to him to feel pressured to take this further than it has.

I move towards my bags, and he looks at me in alarm.

"Stay for a drink?" he asks in a hopeful voice.

Watching these two broach the beginnings of a new relationship is so heartwarming and tender. Their playful, UST-y banter is killer and the plot line is so rich and real. I can’t wait to see where these two go together and how they grow!

Oh... and watch our for FELIX! He’s a hot mess of a menace and will leave you panting. Unf! That’s all I’ll say about that!

Trin - I can say without a doubt that TruceOveris the first author I’ve ever read that makes me love Emmett MORE than Edward. Don’t get me wrong...I love this Edward, but holy shit i just want to eat Emmett up. He is so sweet and unapologetically cheesy that I found myself awwing out loud as I read.

The way their relationship evolves seems so real and sincere that you really become invested in these two. Annnnnnd....well, when they get busy it will make your heart pitter-patter.

Edward rolls over to face me and hitches his leg up over my hip. I pull him close, until his chest is touching mine. I can feel his erection against my own and the wetness of pre-cum against my stomach.

As much as I love the original leg-hitch, I REALLY loved this one too.

This is such a lovely, sexy and sweet story of two amazing men falling in love with one another that I am sure will warm every one's heart.

Jen - There are so many reasons to love A Tale of Two Cities. It’s so exciting to find m/m slash that isn’t E/J. TruceOver has created two very realistic main characters with believable back stories. Even the supporting characters are richly drawn, and you can’t help but fall in love with these two fabulous guys.

Let’s start with Emmett. I keep wanting to use the word ‘nice’ to describe TruceOver’s Emmett, but it’s really inadequate for expressing how wonderful he is. Emmett is everything you love about canon Emmett: loyal, friendly, caring, optimistic, and funny. Oh, and he’s persistent too. He wants to get to know Edward, the stranger he bumps into at the airport, and despite being blown off a number of times, he keeps trying until he makes it past Edward’s defenses.

I love this passage, which highlights what a sweetheart Emmett is.

"Well, you have some time now don't you?" I cock my head to the side and smile.

He looks confused.

"Our flight is delayed. Probably just enough time to go and get that drink." I hold my breath because here I am putting myself out there to a man who literally seconds ago told me that he doesn't date. Apparently he has made me loose all of my dignity and sanity.

"Um, yeah...I guess."

"Good." I say it simply, as if that's that.

I stand and motion towards the sign in the hallway that has a picture of a martini on it.
He looks at me, then the sign, and then back at me. He bites his lip. He bounces his knee.
And then he stands up.


I allow myself to smile, holding back the victory dance that I really want to bust out in front of everyone.

He’s so so damn adorable!

Before that happens Emmett--and this reader--feels Edward’s rejections acutely. He’s just such a genuine person with good intentions, who could possibly reject him? I wanted to throttle Edward for not giving him a chance. Fortunately Emmett has his bff Rosalie to ply him with sweets or give her support when he’s feeling emo and unsure of himself. She has some serious reservations about this man from the airport, but she’s gentle when she shares her belief that he should look elsewhere for a man.

Now for Edward. When Edward brushes Emmett off I was prepared to hold a grudge against him for making Emmett so sad. Emmett nicknames him Mr.Serious before he learns Edward’s name. He’s gorgeous, but carries himself like he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders. Every story has two sides, and when you get to the first EPOV chapter and learn exactly why Edward reacts like he does, and just as Emmett’s pain pulls the heartstrings so does Edward’s. Even before he tells us why he’s so serious, Edward had me wanting to take care of him from the start of the EPOV.

The elevator door shuts behind me, and I want to bang my head against the wall. I can't believe what I've just done to Emmett…again.

I'm such a jackass.

I pace in front of the elevator, knowing that he is somewhere up on the 7th floor, my hand itching to push the button so that I can find him and tell him that I've changed my mind.

But I don't….because I'm a jackass.

Since they don’t get together until several chapters in, even the smallest hint of intimacy takes on incredible tension.
He's kissing me.

The kiss is sudden; his lips are on mine before I know it, and they're soft and forceful. His hand is on the back of my neck, pulling me closer, and I don't fight it. After a few seconds he parts his lips and I feel the warmth of his breath in my mouth, followed by his soft, wet tongue. We stand there perfectly still except for our tongues and our lips, which are having a conversation all their own.

He kisses me with urgency, with need. He deepens it and I let him because God, I need it too. His fingers curl up into my hair and he moans and it takes everything in me not to push him up against the elevator wall.

It's intense.

And I love it.

Ohmagawd that kiss.

Edward is protecting his heart, on top of all of the responsibilities that weigh on him. Emmett knows that he’s got to be gentle with Edward, or else chances are high that he’ll run off like a skittish animal. He’s adorable as he tries to woo Edward and to get Edward to open up to him. And damn, they are hot together.
He freezes, and I immediately realize why.

"Edward?" I ask as I pull him up against me firmly. "Did…that incident…did that turn you on?" I whisper into his ear as I rub up against his groin, feeling his erection against my leg.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Edward's cheeks go red, and he lowers his face into my neck. "Maybe…" he says as he rolls his hips into mine. "…a little."

Well hell, I wasn't expecting that. "Maybe," I whisper in return, "I can make things up to you…for behaving so badly."

He groans in response, and pulls my lips to his. He kisses me hard, his tongue invading my mouth, his hands in my hair. He doesn't answer yes or no, just kisses me as I grip his hips and pull him hard against me.

"Fuck," I whisper against his lips. "Let's go back to the hotel."


I want Emmett to engulf me in a bear hug, and I want to snuggle Edward and help bear some of his burdens. I absolutely adore these boys, and I’m sure you will too.

Jeanne - I decided to try something different for my rec. Please forgive the stuffy sound of my voice (I've got a cold) and my cheestastic radio-deeja sign off. Come on, we all know I'm a dork. ;)


dellaterra said...

Hubba hubba! Love that voice over, Jeanne, not to mention the banner and the video!

I am absolutely thrilled to read the outpouring of love for TruceOver's wonderful story! Her Emmett and Edward are simply irresistible and, like all of you, I look forward to every new chapter.

(As I look forward to every new post in the PPSS -- I love what you guys have done with the place!)

Jeanne said...


Thank you, my dear. You know that we look forward to your updates as well. ;)

TruceOver said...

Over the past day I have tried to think of the best way to say thank you to all of you wonderful ladies for this post. When I tweeted that I was speechless I meant it. I didn't think that posting a comment saying "Squuueee! aofi9nep#neoi0nv*)oenvo%einv. Squeeeee!" would be enough and I'm not sure if my comment now is either.


I was so surprised by this. As if all of the love that PPSS has shown Two Cities in the Lemon Report wasn't enough. Having it be a Perv Pack Pick just blows my mind. You have all said simply the nicest things about my little story. Some of them directly tie to things I question about my writing at times so I can't tell you how nice it is to read this.

I love that you all love these boys so much, and that you are spreading the word so that maybe others can (hopefully) love them too.

Again, thank you!