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The Lemon Report 12/7/10

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favorite update with us by leaving us a comment.


Chele - Another intense chapter of erotic exploration between Edward and Bella. I really see them both growing through their shared experiences. I hope, hope, hope that Edward is really ready to make this kind of change in his life, and that Bella has sufficiently healed from the destruction of her marriage to be the strength that Edward needs when things begin to falter.
Oh, and how much do I love that when our meddling friends Alice and Rose come to help out poor, innocent Bella by revealing Edward’s lasciviousness, instead they hear them pounding away like animals in a hot and steamy shower romp. A lot. I love it a lot. So good.

Jeanne - HOLY FUCKHOT SHOWER SEX, BATMAN! Seriously, I am thoroughly convinced that cherry.blossomz is trying to kill me with this story. The emotional intensity keeps cranking up, the sex is hotter than ever and HELLO plot twist. While I was giggling over Alice and Rose’s reactions, I’m deeply concerned about the consequences of their discovery. Ed and Bella’s relationship is so new and fragile, I can’t even breath when I think about it being brought out in the harsh unforgiving light, and judgment. *bites nails*

Jen - How can this story just get hotter and hotter? I was preparing myself for a little angst in this chapter because Rosalie sure seemed to have it in for Edward last chapter, and I was worried about what that meant for the odds of E and B having sex in this chapter. I’m a greedy whore, what can I tell you. Luckily my worries were unfounded, at least in this chapter, and they had amazing shower sex. Apparently I have a voyeur kink because it was even sexier when it was eavesdropped.

Emmy - Know I know you pervlings are all smart cookies, so when we made this our Perv Pick of the Month for December you all jumped to it and read this delightful and delicious wonder didn’t you? Hmmmm you didn’t? Need MORE convincing? Hmmm. Well lets just say there was an excited email chain about this update this week at the Shack. We all reveled in their dirrrty antics in the shower as they both succumbed to their needs for each other & riled at Bella’s interfering chums. . . . Read it!!!

E/B WIP AH Drama

Emmy - Yes, we did recc Diva Diaries a few weeks ago, but I just had to give you all a nudge... The last chapter had an AMAZING dry hump. Not only did we get a dry hump to end all dry humps, with an angry, conflicted, deep and arsey Edward, we also got a chapter choc full of Unnnffffffff worthy UST. Plus a huge dose of emotional battles. Perfect reading. This fic is one of my Squeee in delight when it updates fic. So go check it out!

Jen - I am sooo frustrated! I have not gotten to read this chapter yet, and I’m dying. I cannot wait to be able to sit and enjoy it. I mean, really, who needs to be at the kids’ holiday concert when they could be in bed reading fic? Damn RL.

E/B WIP AH Mystery

Emmy - You know a fic is doing something well when the only source of action it has is a steamy intense snog and you get all a titter about it! Well that's what Clockwork did for me in the last chapter. Just a knee-trembling snog is all the action that Clockwork has thus far... But it really got me going... Clockwork is a really clever mystery with a smart Bella and a tortured Edward and VERY interesting (& different) characterizations of the other Cullens... Edward & Bella get thrown together in strange circumstances, and the ante and tension is upped in every chapter. I am seriously in love with this fic.


Emmy - I was chuffed to see an update from these boys. They have been on a wee bitty of a journey after all... Now you all know by now what a sappy pudding I am... I have to warn you, their most recent update is quite sad. Poor Jasper is very lost. At this point we do not know how things will pan out for either of these lovely, pretty and sexy boys.. :( But. At the beginning of this chapter, we get some sexy boy-on-boy action after Edward & Jasper get each other hot and bothered whilst looking at fancy dress at a costume store...


Emmy - When I first started this fic, I was a wee bitty skeptical. As the Edward in this fic, is a British Actor. BUT, the author takes this story in a direction I really did not see it going. There were some angsty chapters!!! But there is also lots of hot sexing and public man-handling... The most recent update had a scorchio Al-Fresco blow job. Nice!


Jen - I love this story. A little Darkward, a little mystery, a whole hell of a lot sexy. The magnetism between Edward and Bella is just intense. I hesitated to breathe as they discuss how strongly they feel for each other. The way Cosmogirl7481 writes these two you know it would be physically painful for them to be apart. The lemon in this chapter was as intense as their feelings for each other. You’ll want to be alone when you read this one for sure.

Emmy - I do love a good VampWard and this does NOT disappoint. You might know Cosmo from co-authoring Love in My Box, an earlier PPSS pick. LimB and What Speaks in Darkness are NOTHING alike. (although both are fabulous!!) Speaks is a tale of a tortured Vampward who is drawn to Bella. But why is she drawn to him too? There is incredible chemistry between these two. Like biting my lip and getting carried away. The last chapter had a fabulous lemon. Where Edward and Bella really connect as they expose more of themselves than just their hungry bodies. Lemony but also powerful with real emotions behind it.

AH, B/S, drabble

Jeanne - I’m an unabashed Sam/Bella fangirl, and YellowGlue was the hot as fuck writer that popped my cherry on this awesome non-canon pairing, and she just keeps the goodness coming. On Top of the Covers was a present for TwiCharmed (of TwiFicPimps) birthday. Oh what a present it is. After Bella is abandoned by her boyfriend it’s Sam Uley that helps her pick up the pieces and teaches how to love again. Sam is a very patient teacher, taking time with Bella, and slowly getting her ready to go all the way. Go read, and join me in the cry for MORE!

Chele - This is really some incomparable humping. I swear that when I read it it took me right back to being 17 again. Those long, slow make-out sessions that lasted for an hour and left your lips swollen. The reason you carried around that candy flavored Lip Smacker in your pocket. Inf. Making out is awesome. Making out with Sam, this strong, subtly dominant and infinitely patient lover; is incomparable. Amazing. More, More, More. Please.

Jen - I forget who tweeted the link to TwiCharmed’s birthday blog, but I remember that as soon as I saw the words Sam & Bella I felt like it was my birthday. I’ve been hankering for some Sam/Bella since I spent some time thinking about him finding her in the woods--I mean, really, there’s so much potential for stories about them. This o/s is just freaking deliciously naughty, and absolutely leaves the door wide open to hear more about this Sam and Bella. Please, YellowGlue?

Jess - Jeanne made me read this and thank God she did! Holy sweet hell this was so unf-tastic... I love the simplicity, the way YellowGlue described the heat, the wet, the slick, gah... just thinking of it makes me so damn squirmy... I’m gonna beg YellowGlue to write more of this one! Go read... while I reread and reread.


Jen - I’ve been reading Underexposed since daisy3853 started posting it. It’s a positively beautiful story about the healing power that love can have. There haven’t been many lemons in this story, and it makes the ones that are included even more meaningful. There’s something particularly poignant about the lemon in this, the last chapter before the epilogue. It’s gorgeous and real, and there’s nary a slick center or rigid shaft in sight. Please go read this well-crafted love story.

E/B, AU, O/S

Jess - To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across this little bit of joy, but I really loved it. This o/s was originally written for The Enchantments contest, and Johnnyboy7 approached it in a really unique way with Bella as a cupid whose single kiss will point mere mortals in the direction of their true love. This story is absolutely delightful, full of tentative UST, and a great lemon at the end!

I Wept Not
E/J Slash AU

Chele - I am a happy girl to see some healing happening between Jasper and Edward. I am an EXTREMELY happy girl to see that, after everything they’ve been through, their sexual chemistry is hot like the sun.

This story is so very well done. The vamp Jasper/human Edward dynamic is vibrantly portrayed, and it has been such a journey to read. These moments between the boys are well earned, and sweet release. It feels like the story is coming to a perfectly timed finish. Now is the time to start reading.

Jen - I thought the blow job Jasper gave Edward in the last chapter was hot. This chapter’s lemons are Off. The. Charts. Pinky swear- I was short of breath and pretty much panting as I read it. I love these two boys so damn much. Last chapter we saw, through Jasper’s eyes, Edward start the journey to learn to trust Jasper again. This chapter shows the boys’ relationship blooming past the point it was at before Jasper left. It seems to be a theme with me this week, but it’s once again true that when an author has developed the relationship between the characters, the lemons are that much more fabulous.


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