Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Wishes


Our pervs have been gluttons for good fic this year, and nothing makes us happier than sharing our treasured finds. However, each one of us has a little something we'd love to see, or see more of, and so we're gathering together a post of wishes which we hope will inspire the fandom's talented writers to spread their wings, expand their comfort zones, and bring a little something new in the coming year.

Last month we shared what we were thankful for. This month we’re going to share our hearts’ deepest desires: pairings we yearn for more of, plot bunnies we’d love to see written.

We also invited a couple friends to join in and make wishes of their own.

Chele - I have four simple words: Peter and the Wolf.

I want love, romance, a touch of angst would feel just right. I ache to see what someone could do with the vamp who embodies loyalty, friendship and passion with one of the wolfpack whose genetic code decrees that they are the same. *swoon*

Belindella - I have a story I search for quite often and didn’t realize how much of it I’d invented until I started writing this. No wonder I have yet to find it. LoL.
My wish fic would have a crime element giving a fabulous/nail-biting mystery that unfolds chapter by chapter and by the end makes me say, “How did I not see that? Of course!”
The crime/mystery plot would run parallel with an Edward/Bella romance where they aren’t attracted to each other right away. The UST starts once they get to know each other’s qualities and escalates to hot moments, perhaps while on the run from danger. Maybe one of them (Bella would be a twist) fights their feelings for the other for a good reason embedded in the past, even though they’re sleeping together. I imagine Bella to be spirited and passionate about her opinions of the world—not the complete damsel, nor a bitch—and Edward to have a strong personality with weaknesses that lesson/are overcome by the end. Other characters would be kept to a minimum and, of course, a HEA would follow. ;-)

Being greedy, I’d also love to see more sexy, angsty love triangle fics with Emmett, Bella and Edward. Yay for Bella c’ella luna, because these plots are as rare as parking spaces at the mall on Christmas Eve.

Looking forward to seeing the other wishes. Happy Holidays!

Kimpy - As much as I don’t want to be lame, my Edward/Bella Obsession (yes, it is supposed to be capitalized) is legendary. While Jeanne might occasionally lure me out of my E/B corner and do wicked bad things to my mind and my mojo, I can’t winter wish for something aside from E/B, so I’m not even going to try. Sadly, I’m never going to get enough of these two. Thus, my winter wish is for engaging, challenging, thought-provoking stories involving my Obsession.

It’s been an incredibly long time (in FFn time, that is) since I’ve read a story that engages me on a variety of levels. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Behind Enemy Lines,” “Breaking News,” or “Dead On My Feet.” A real story, featuring real people, not merely caricatures of Edward and Bella. How about a well-written mystery? Or Edward and Bella as forensic scientists? A retro story, set at the turn of the century, or during the Depression, or a war story? Naturally, good research will be paramount. A realistic Firemanward might also be Kimpy Kryptonite. Just saying.

As for my winter wish for the FFn community? Ladies, for the love of all that’s holy, please, please, please, let’s try to be nicer to one another in 2011. If you don’t care for a fic, or the individual who writes it, just let it go. Stop reading. There’s no need to become petty and personal simply because you don’t like their writing. Let’s work together to lift one another up, rather than tear one another down.

CescaMarie - My wish is for a good camping fic, where Bella and Edward get away from the distractions of regular life and have some time to focus on each other. There's something very wholesome about connecting with another person in nature, and it would give Bella a chance to explore beyond her comfort zone and meet Edward halfway to his context as a hunter.

LambCullen - (Lambiexx on twitter) Hmmmm..... my Winter Wish?

This line:

"And, by the way, I adore you.... in frightening, dangerous ways."
— Stephenie Meyer (Midnight Sun)

It always sends a little shiver down my spine. I would love someone to do it justice, driving me into a lusty little frenzy. "Frightening and Dangerous" can be construed in so many ways. For me it screams ANGST, but then I'm a divining rod for that shit.

It would be made all the better if it contains this hot little gif inspiration:

Lambie xx

Emmy - Like darling Kim, I have a simple wish for winter and the Christmas season. For me I want more good quality Edward and Bella fiction. No gimmicks no tricks, just a good plot, great characterisation and great writing. (and some hot sexing). Yes I adore DaddyWard fics (partic with tattoos) but I just am looking for more good E/B fics please. I don’t need them to be off boffing others. I still think that initial chemistry and eternal love, Edward fiercely devoted and possessive and Bella swept away is enough for me... And if you want to know what kind of kink turns me on? I like it when E & B are normal couples, they muck about and experiment - tying each other up is a fun play it doesn’t make them into the BSD scene and needing to swap partners and humiliate each other. KWIM? The one kink that I think is not represented enough on FF though? Videoing? I like the whole voyeuristic (& yes creepy) element that E had for B in the original story and lets be honest, Bella’s eyes were always on Edward, they obviously like to watch one another. I love fics that have that used in a good story. Liking to watch one another is not freaky or perverted people. I think we are all pretty visual, it doesn’t need to make them deviants....

So in summary give me more decent Edward Bella fics. The writing is the point, quality that is. But if you want to give me something with a touch of kink? Have them muck about - with one another! & feel free to have them record it or one-another.... ;) (consensual of course!) Ta lovelies!

Merry crimbo, happy holidays & whatever you are celebrating or not this year, have plenty of safe sexy fun. Much love. Emmy. x x x

Jeanne - It was just one line, a simple sentence that was the culmination of a fantasy that had haunted me since I read New Moon.

"She can have puppies, if that's what it takes."

I took a giant leap out of context and canon and jumped for fucking joy. No, this wasn't SM even remotely hinting at the possibility of polyamorous relationship between the love triangle, but it was the closest I was ever going to get to one.

My winter wish is for fabulous, talented, and courageous writers to take the spark of an idea and write fic that will set the whole motherfucking fandom on fire with Ed/Bella/Jacob love. If you look at these three characters with an open mind and ignore the narrow idea true love can only exist between two people, you can see the possibility they might be perfect for each other.

Edward needs an ally when it comes to trying to reason with Bella about, well anything! Jacob could be that ally. He's the only other person who can truly relate to Edward about what it means to love Bella, not mention the burden of an unwanted supernatural state. Jacob is immature and in needs guidance that he could get from Edward. Their friendship and comparability is canon, we see it in the playful banter of the tent scene and at the end of Breaking Dawn. What better solution to the 'choice' than to not choose at all? To love another doesn't diminish our love, it increases it, threefold. Plus the sex would be eyeball meltingly hot.

Open your mind, and heart. Think about it, that's all I ask. I'm going to go draw of diagrams of their sexual positions. UNF!

Kitty - I was going to wish for an Edward and Bella fic but I figured, this is my winter wish so I’m going to go all out and wish for the moon. So, that being said, (Kimpy and Emmy close your wee little ears) I’m wishing for a Bella and Emmett fic. That’s right, I said Emmett. Bella & Emmett fics are like crack for me, I just can’t say no, I can’t get enough of them and there just aren’t enough of them out there for me to devour. Now, we’ve got the pairing; let’s move onto what I would like to see with said pairing. I would love to see a post WWII period piece where Emmett comes home from the war, after getting a “Dear John” letter from his sweetheart. He’s dejected but finds the little sister of his best friend, that was all awkward and knees and elbows when he left, all grown up into a sexy, sassy, Bella the Riveter. Seriously y’all just typing this out is making me all giddy!

*giggles with stupid happy glee*

Happy Holidays my lovelies, I now have to go comfort Kimpy and Emmy, they’re hiding and rocking the corner, clinging to each other at the mere mention of Bella and Emmett fic.

Trin - My Winter Wish is very simple...MORE CROSSOVERS. I love going to see a band and having them cover an 80’s song, but still making it their own arrangement. ( many covers of I’ll Stop the World are there?) I think it’s fun to find that in a fic as well. Of course, if I could be VERY specific my real wish would be a Twilight/Empire Records crossover (E/B centric because well...I’m an Edward/Bella whore) set in the present. Please find the character assignments below:

AJ- Edward
Corey- Bella
Debra- Alice
Lucas- Jasper
Gina- Rosalie
Mark- Emmett
Joe- Carlisle
Jane- Esme
Rex Manning- James
Warren- Seth

TwilightMundi - Here's my Winter Wish.

I would love to see any or all of the following match-ups:

Edward/Emmett/Alice (yes, poly, with E&E getting it on together AND with Alice. Any and all permutations work for me.)

- outside (not in a tent)
- a formal event (a company holiday party, fundraiser, etc.). They can know each other, be strangers taken by the moment, whatever. Give me that chance of being caught, but, PLEASE, no coat-check rooms.
- library - I've HAD sex in a library. Give me something that will out-do the real thing. ;)

Winterstale - Emmett and Angela, Vamp/Human and no poor Miss Hale in the background and trapped as the vamp she never wanted to be in this alt universe.

Fluffy and urgent and 'oh my God is this happening to me?' and snow-covered lakeside trees in Central Park and citrusy HEA.

And Angie's lost her glasses in that pic - sorry. ;)

*six year old girl clap*

Mjinaspen - I would like Carlisle/Edward, after Carlisle turned Edward, and before he met Esme (maybe she doesn't ever show up). Not too schmoopy, but not OOC dark or angsty. I think they would have great conversations that would inevitably lead to intense feeling and attraction. And some sex.

Jess - Like Kimpy, I love fics that are very real and visceral, that mimic real life without all the hyped up angst that is so common in FF. At the same time, I also adore real love stories. So, I’d like to see a fic that combines this deep sense of realism (needs research) and a love story of two unlikely people overcoming their own biases as they recognize and watch their feelings grow. I guess specifically, I’d love to see a story that takes place during the women’s suffrage movement in the U.S. (1919/1920) where E/B or E/Leah ::gasp:: I can’t believe I just said Leah. Jeanne has corrupted me ::/gasp:: are at adds.

B or L is a fiery, hard core activist, fighting for the right to vote, and in her activities has a run in with E. He could be a cop or some upperclass businessman who doesn’t think women are smart enough to vote... and the love story ensues and conflict and biases are resolved.

I want UST... LOTS of UST... you know I always choose this over lemons.... so someone please write this! Please!

- My wish: I want Dadward.

No, I want quality, well written Dadward. Adult E/B - single dad, stepdad, widower - whatever.

Dadward is hot. Dadward doing dirty things but still managing to be all sweet with a kid? My ovaries may explode.

Twanza - Note: Squickers beware, this wish is not for you. You do not want to read my wish, so please save both of us the heartache and jump to the next entry.

Now that we’re alone, I will whisper my secret desire, and the fact that I have to whisper it makes me want it a hundred times more. I want 2011 to be the year of Esme and Jasper. Just the thought of it makes me want to close my eyes. My wish is that every month I will be gifted with a new story that shows the amazing potential of this relationship. I want to see them in every situation imaginable. I want happy. I want angsty. I want smut. I want cheating. I want D/s. I want BDSM. I want them to have children. I want vamp. I want him to be gay. I want her to be gay. I want them to be young. I want them to be old. And any combination of the above.

But I do not ever, ever, ever, ever want to hear the word “cougar” mentioned.

Is this too much to ask?

Oh, and by the way, Esme es me.
(She's you, too.)

Jen - Paul/Jake: C’mon. You know there’s something between those two boys with all the head butting they do. Didn’t you used to start fights with the boys you liked in third grade?

Teal - What I’d really love is to snuggle up for a week straight and just read and read and read. I might shower. I might eat a little. But mostly, I’d just devour as much fic as possible.

Oh, you all can’t make that happen? Le sigh. In that case, lemme just throw some tasty pairings out there:

Peter/Jasper (Are you surprised? Didn’t think so . . .)
Peter/Bella/Jasper (Cuz . . . UNFUNFUNF)
Garrett/??? (You pick, I’ll read)

That is my wish, on the dirtiest star in the winter sky, my sweet little pervlings. I’ll be waiting!

Now, it's your turn to share. What naughty gift are you hoping to find under you tree or in your inbox this holiday season?


Anonymous said...

There already is an Empire Records crossover! (And no, I didn't write it)

I wouldn't recommend reading the epilogue entries.


vbfb19 said...

I must have read Teal's mind because i started a Peter/Jasper fic just yesterday