Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talk Nerdy To Me: Boys in Glasses picspam


A periodic taste of geeky goodness from our resident GeekPerv©, Trin.

So all the leftover turkey has finally been eaten, you've hit up all the Blackfriday, Cyber Monday and "holy fuck come buy our marginally discounted shit" sales.

I'd say you've earned some time to lounge around the house. Who's in?


And of course if you feel the need to burn off some of those holiday calories I'm sure you could think of something to do instead of just laying around all day. Anyone have any ideas?


Pam said...

Hey dude, love the pics, however..... I can't stress this enough, add color to ur pics, I am an African American Woman who loves blond haired, blue, green, hazel or what ever damn eye color they have guys lol however, I also love my strong carmel complected gentleman. Please don't over look this request, also add plus size women in sexy undies getting special bondage treatment. What the hell big girls need love and attention too. I love PPSS, u guys have great pic, informative portions, pics that make me cream and story rec's that keep me entertained for weeks. I just want to make sure u guys remember us all. Maybe you can add me in for a different prospective. I would love to bring my jive on board.

Holla at ya girl.

Jeanne said...

Pam, as a size 18, non- Cacasian woman myself I completely agree that we need to diversify our porn. You can count on me to hit you up for help on this, cause I can tell you is hard to find plus hotness, not to mention sexy non-Caucaian or even mixed couple porn.

If you or anyone reading this comment can share links to sites with mote diverse models PLEASE SHARE!