Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Special: Our Favorite Pairings


The Pervs wanted to take a day to send a little love to some of their favorite pairings, and to share their love (and fic recs) with you. Enjoy, and feel free to comment with your favorite pairings (canon or non-canon), along with fic recs. You know we could always use something new and smutty to read.

Chele - Jasper/Emmett
Red Corvette by Hexumhunnie311
Dear Agony by TwiBoy

Emmy -
There is a saddening and distinct lack of Edward/Riley Booooo.
We need more pretty boys fucking
College Ruled by allryans AND
Happy Birthday Riley by TwiBoy

Jeanne - Leah/Felix
Stars Are Fire, Wither and Dark by Hope Shalott

Jen - Sam/Bella
Blue Jeans and BandAids by yellowglue
The Things I Want to do to You by Twisurfgrl

Jess - Carlisle/Bella
There Once Was a King by Brits23 and Near to You by CaitlinLaurie
SERIOUSLY DYING for an update on both of these!

Kimpy - [Do I even need to answer this?] Edward/Bella. Always.
The Dominant by tara sue me
Breaking News by WriteOnTime

Kitty - Emmett/Bella
Let’s Get Physical by gemmabobellla
Southern Comfort by courthale

Teal - Peter/Jasper
Old Enough and Imperfect Timing by OnTheTurningAway
The Book of Peter by ElleCC
Cardboard by SubtlePen

Trin -
I know...I imagination!
Tropic of Virgo by
Resident Geek by Cdunbar


Anonymous said...

THERE ONCE WAS A KING is a beautiful story. I love it! And I stop everything when there is an update. I have been looking for a good Emmett/Bella story.

Molli Monroe said...

There's a really good Emmett/Bella story by tisaveeone called "Reparations for the Taking" - totally lemony and all that jazz :)

Anonymous said...

I am off to read The things I want to do to you, another good o/s I have read is With bonded eyes by MyTwiDreams Bella and Jacob A/H Loved it, good lemon

dellaterra said...

Who did the banners for this? They're wonderful!

mycrookedsmile said...

Thanks for all the story recs, ladies!

dellaterra, our sweet Jeanne made all of the banners. How hot are they?!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the recs, ladies.


PS I made the banners, dellaterra. ;)