Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Special: Toys and Kink

Since everything I see makes me think of fanfic, whenever I see a sex toy I wonder which twific couple might own it. Here are some suggestions for our favorite twific couples on Valentine’s Day

Edward and Bella meet through a cybersex website in kyla713’s Late Night Encounters. Their mutual wank sessions eventually become a long distance relationship. The OhMiBod is a Skype enabled vibe--hook it into the computer and get off to the vibrations of your lover’s words and moans.
In Cesca Marie's  Dead On My Feet, Bella makes Edward a very sexy playlist complete with a recording of her talking dirty to Edward. They’re the perfect couple for this vibe, which plugs into your iPod, and vibrates to the beat of your playlist.

For the fic family who has everything, like the Cullens in Zoya Zalan’s For All Eternity, I suggest the jimmyjane eternity, available in gold or platinum and with a band of diamonds around the top.

KiyaRaven writes Bella as an inexperienced small town girl, in every sense of the word, in The Diva Diaries. Edward Cullen is a classmate at acting school and he usually acts like he hates her guts. Lucky for them, they are cast as Romeo & Juliet, and in a dry hump as they rehearse a scene Bella experiences her first orgasm. She’s completely in love with the feeling of the big O, but she’s unlikely to get more from Cullen. She should buy herself a MiMi for Valentine’s Day; I don’t think she’s ready for something like a rabbit.

Edward and Bella in First & Ten already have a smoking sex life. Wouldn’t it be fun for QBward and Bella to play with a Liberator Esse and maybe a nice scented massage candle? What do you say Nolebucgrl?

Edward from A Tale of Two Cities isn’t the type to flaunt his body, but I have no doubt that Emmett would love to see Edward show it off for him, and him alone. I think TruceOver should let Emmett give Edward some sexy undies on February 14th.

Jasper and Edward in Your Biggest Fan by OfTheDamned haven’t gone all the way... yet. This Valentine’s Day Edward will give Jasper a deluxe condom and lube sampler so they’ll have plenty of supplies when the time comes.

Edward and Bella in SubtlePen’s Pegged are comfortable with exploring their sexuality and trying new things together. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to make sure you’re on the same wavelength when you’re trying something new. I think Bella might pick up a book or two for them to explore on Valentine’s Day.

The Red Letter Year’s Bella and Alice are just in the beginning of their relationship, so I don’t know how kinky they are, though Bella did buy a dildo for Alice. I’m pretty sure The Swan Dive’s girls would really enjoy these under-the-bed restraints--perfect for apartment living.

How about you? What would you gift your favorite fic lovers?


dellaterra said...

Did you see what TruceOver did with your "Tale of Two Cities" Valentine's Day shopping suggestion?!?

She whipped up a delightful confection -- a glorious Valentine's Day Futuretake! Check it out:

Happy Valentine's Day!

mycrookedsmile said...

I did, I did! I was so very excited!

Lillian said...
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Lillian said...
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