Sunday, February 6, 2011

Slash Brigade: A Cinderella Story by avioleta


The Slash Brigade Pick is...

Title: A Cinderella Story
Author: avioleta
Chapters: o/s
Words: 12,205
Reviews: 37
Summary:In which Carlisle is Prince Charming and Edward is Cinderella, of course. E/C, SLASH, Rated M

Jeanne - One of the wonderful things about Fan Fiction is that it allows us to tell the stories we would otherwise never see. That is especially so with slash. I love fairy tales, and am particularly fond of the Cinderella story. Who doesn’t love an underdog?

In A Cinderella Story Edward takes the classic role of the unfortunate step child to an cold, unfeeling Stepmother (Esme) and bitchy, selfish sisters (Rosalie and Alice). Prince Charming is none other than Carlisle Cullen.

This Edward and Carlisle make the perfect pairing for this delightful retelling of the classic tale. Their contrasting beauty and personalities make for a believable and compelling attraction. Edward’s self conscious, insecure nature is part of his appeal to Carlisle, who’s (very canon) egoless confidence and open loving nature make him the picture perfect Prince Charming.

Part of the appeal of this story is that we know how it should go, and though avioleta does deviate from the fairy tale in more than the slash paring. Here we find our romantic pair in a modern world of money, name and privilege, baring a striking resemblance to the fairy tale world of the past. Despite adversity of the disparaging distance between their stations in society, and the prejudice against the sexual orientation, these beautiful, sweet boys get their own modern day Happily Ever After.

I hope you don’t mind spoilers, but then again the joy that comes from reading this story doesn’t come from just knowing how it ends, it comes from knowing that Gay Edward can have a happy ending in the land of fan fiction.

Jen - I was so excited when this story arrived in my inbox by way of the non Edward/Jasper slash C2. One, I lurrrrve Carlisle/Edward. Two, one of my very favorite stories from Slash Backslash 2.0 was written by avioleta. I knew I was in for a treat.

Fairy tales have always been ripe for authors to turn upside down or inside out. Avioleta has a great time melding Twilight and Cinderella. Edward is a sweet, studious high school senior who lives with his step-mother, Esme, and two step-sisters, Alice and Rosalie. After Edward’s father died, Esme took her grief out on Edward (who really resembled his father) by making him do wash, laundry, errands, you name it.

Edward is close to freedom--he’s waiting to find out about a college scholarship--when Forks’ golden son, Carlisle Cullen, returns to fanfare. His mother puts on a masked gala for him; Esme is eager for her daughters to shine as she hopes one will be chosen to be Carlisle’s spouse. Edward’s busy running around, picking up dresses and just generally trying to avoid Esme’s wrath. You can’t help but feel for Edward, who has to sneak peeks at cherished photos of him and his father.

Edward is friends with Bella, and she excitedly demands that he be her date to the ball. Yeah, this is a slash review, but I have to say I love fairy godmother Bella. She’s feisty and just pushy enough to get Edward to do things outside of his comfort zone. She provides Edward’s costume for the ball, and he is indeed a lovely Cinderella. Alas, Bella’s clunker does not turn into a beautiful carriage.

Third person pov allows us to view Edward through Carlisle’s eyes. Based on Carlisle’s description of Edward, I think Carlisle displayed amazing restraint by not walking across the room and bending Edward over the nearest available table. Avioleta’s description of Edward really made me want these two to get together no matter the cost. By the time Carlisle comes over to flirt with Edward, I was dying from the attraction between them.

"For you see, my eye has found something far more appealing to occupy its attention."

Edward's breath caught; he saw the man's gaze slip down his body before darting up to his face again. Then he felt just the slightest brush of fingertips against the back of his hand.
A flare of desire blazed in him, as he realized the implication of the older man's words.

The two talk for quite a while and are so close to kissing; it’s very disappointing when Carlisle’s mother calls him back to the party. Luckily they get a chance to spend more time together at the party when Carlisle asks him to dance. It’s completely swoonworthy to hear them talk.

Edward took a slow breath; the man smelled very good. "I've, er, never had much luck with love, and we've always said that I must be waiting for my own Prince Charming."
Carlisle's lips curved just slightly. He'd taken off the fangs; they were stashed in his trouser pocket.

"But I suppose a dark prince would do," the boy finished softly.

Carlisle lifted the boy's hand to his mouth, brushing his lips over a knuckle. He wanted to kiss the young man's painted mouth. Carlisle's thumb stroked a hipbone, rubbing the silk of the dress across it. With a soft groan, the boy rocked his hips forward slightly. Carlisle could feel the jut protruding between the boy's thighs; he groaned.


The story continues just as we expect it to, though Carlisle has an easier time locating his Cinderella than the Disney prince did. There’s a twist and a turn, but finally Carlisle gets to kiss Edward--unf!--and more importantly, to rescue Edward from his hellish living situation.

Avioleta had the Pervs squeeing and squealing the day we read this o/s. Carlisle and Edward are just delicious, and there are many nods to canon in their personalities and circumstances. You can’t help but cross your fingers that Edward will get the rescue he so greatly deserves, and when he does the lemon is the icing on the cake.

Chele - I’ll admit it, I love fairy tales. My pervy roots run deep into Disney and The Brother’s Grimm, and so this story speaks directly to my heart. I LOVE the modern spin that avioleta puts on it. The story translated perfectly to the fairy tale it is based on, but allowed my headspace enough adjustment to make it all feel fresh, and for the Twi-canon personalities to really come through in their inner monologues.

Though I am generally not left panting by crossdressing, even I was breathless by the way that Carlisle describes Edward in his ball gown. By the time Carlisle asks him to dance, I was lightheaded with the palpable sexual chemistry between them, and thrilled by the bravery they both exhibit. It’s easy to get caught up in their attraction to one another as they move together, and their bodies begin to react to the proximity. The entire universe condenses to these two boys, and all thoughts of society and propriety disappear.

Of course, we all know how this story goes and time runs out all too quickly, breaking the spell, and leaving Edward running for the door before Carlisle can discover his true identity. Their time apart is agony for both parties, but when they reconnect? Heat and Perfection.

A Cinderella Story
gave me the happily ever after I need in a fairy tale, and taught me that sometimes, the belle of the ball is a beautiful boy in a lovely dress.