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Going Slashy: Slash/Backslash 3.0

The Equal Opportunity Whores, Chele and Teal, are going to explore some of the naughtier and more unusual trends, kinks, and pairings in the Twific universe. We’ll be discussing what intrigues us, why it’s sexy, and where we can find it. As upstanding members of Team Anything Goes, you can expect the unexpected.

In this special edition of Going Deep,
All the Pack’s slash-loving Pervs have come out to play and share their favorite stories from the Slash Backslash 3.0.

To see all of the entries, go here: Slash_Backslash 3.0

by ArcadianMaggie
Slash Backslash 3.0 Entry. The night of the newborn attack, Jacob uses his shapeshifting ability to protect the ones he loves, changing their fates forever. Slash, AU. Edward/Jacob. Contains mpreg. See warnings.

Jeanne - I have been reading fan fic for a LONG TIME! In all that time I have very few squicks/hard limits; my hard limit has always been Mpreg. Leave it to ArcadianMaggie to be the first person to be able to push past my hard limit. I love this story from start to finish. Love this different version of Jacob. Love her re-imagining of the Quileute legend. I especially love the relationship between Edward and Jacob. Just *SWOON*

Jess - This was probably one of the most interesting one-shots (hopefully more) that I’ve read. I loved the entire premise and the new take on shape-shifting. The mpreg, which I was VERY skeptical of going in (like so much so I actually read a bit and then was like... nah, I’m not sure I can go there, but then decided I really needed to give it a go) was so well done. Jacob and Edward’s relationship was so rich and beautiful. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but damn, I want more.

Jen - ArcadianMaggie is one of the best writers in the fandom, imo. Her writing is pure poetry, and this SBS entry is no exception. I love what she’s done with the shape-shifter legend- it just makes my heart sing. Edward/Jacob is my favorite slash pairing, especially when it’s wolf/vamp. The mpreg makes sense here, and I really really wanna see these two as daddies! Please, Maggie?!

Chele - This subject is such a hard sell for me as well, and I generally only accept it in fandoms where magic is involved, however, I never imagined the possibility of this kind of magic. It’s such a creative and amazing concept. This was absolutely beautiful, and I completely believed it. It blew my mind and captured my heart.

by Seylin
A relationship is like film, it has to be developed very carefully or it will be ruined. Slash.AH/AU. Jasper/Edward

Jeanne - Yeah, so I basically read through most of Seylin’s fic in the span of a day. There’s is a lot there and it made me a very happy girl. This fic in particular reminded me of what I love about Edward and Jasper. Here we meet shy, photographer Edward meeting smooth, confidant cowboy Jasper. I was swooning, giggling and grinning through ever word of this fic. The sex is hot and sweet. It’s definitely worth the read.

Emmy - So I am concurring with Jeanne again! As this is another great entry from Seylin for SBS 3.0. Sexy, smooth and sweet. A slashy delight to read!

Worst. Party. Ever.

Jeanne - OMFG drunken Karaoke!!! I am such an easy whore for Jake/Emmett. This fic hits me in all the right place. Now if TruceOver would just write MORE!

Chele - Love the way this fic brings the humor and the heat. Jake and Emmett are perfectly matched.

Jess - This was just so made of win! I absolutely adored watching the back and forth between these two... and when it finally happens... just yes and yes and yes!

Carlisle surfs the crashing waves off the North Shore of Oahu, but when it's Edward's swell on the horizon, will he wipeout, or ride him all the way? SLASH BACKSLASH 3.0 ENTRY. AH/AU/OOC.

Jeanne - Surferlisle? YES PLEASE!!! Dear sweet baby jesus do I love this fic. Aggressive Fuckhot Edward? Check! Shy, computer programmer/surfer Carlisle? Check! Adorably hilarious Emmett? Check! Brain melting sex that left me panting? MOTHERFUCKING CHECK!

Chele - I was owned by these four little words:
"Don't worry…it'll fit."
When I pulled myself up off the floor from being ded, I had to remind myself to breathe through the UST that threatened to set my pants on fire. These characterizations are so solid through these few words and details that it enhances the amazing porn and satisfies my every voyeuristic need.

Emmy - I think you all know by now that Edward/Carlisle is a fave pairing of mine! And this Edward? All sex strut, cocky attitude and jeans full of cock? Well yes. He is quite the scrummy bastard. I love the gentler, more vulnerable Carlisle. I also love how this fic was not all neat parcels. There were secrets and shadows contained within. I. Want. More! Please Moiz?

Jess - I am a total sucker for Carlisle... I’m not even sure when or how that happened, but I love him. So, what happens when you get a Carlisle who’s just a bit unsure, hotter than hell, and a surfer to boot? Jess. Ded. Like total flatline over the hotness.


Edward and Riley are roommates, but neither are very honest about their feelings... until Edward finally is. My entry for the SLASH BACKSLASH 3.0 CONTEST. Contains very explicit adult content. AH, SLASH.

Emmy - Finally!! Another Edward/Riley slashy fic! Fecking fabbio! This ticks lots of my boxes! VoyeurWard? - Check! Wankity wank action? - Check! Edward and Rileys sweaty and naked? Check and Check!!! So jump to it and read this fic! (plus its not rip your heart out and then shred it like confidential waste, like many of the other fics are in SBS 3.0, so give your tear ducts a rest and enjoy)

(ps - seriously folkies. When are you going to take the hint?! Write me some fecking fucking Edward/Riley slashtastic fics please!!! )

Slash Backslash 3.0 entry: "I could finally admit to myself that I was attracted to him. That I was more than attracted to him. That, shit, I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted anybody in my life. But he was my stepbrother..." Edward/Jasper

Emmy - Like Jess, I don’t want to give anything away! But cripes. I REALLY enjoyed this story. Unf.

Jess - I don’t even want to say much, because I’m afraid I’ll ruin this. So, let me just say this... the UST, the confusion, the OMG gah when it all comes together.... so freaking good.

Jen - Just read this. So good, so spooky, so sexy. I want more!

Chele - *Squees and points to this story with sealed lips*

by icmezzo
Jasper calls on Dr. Edward Cullen, Drain Surgeon, to help him with his leaking hose. Will Edward also fix his broken toilet? An entry for the Slash/Backslash 3.0 contest. Jasper/Edward. Rated M. AH. Comedy/Romance.

Jess - In a competition full of heavy stories, this one was such a breath of fresh air. The witty banter and puns had me cackling! So freaking funny... and seriously, who doesn’t love a handyman?!

My entry for Slash Backslash 3.0. "I try to memorize it all; the feel of his hard body against mine, the scent of him all around me. I know that I'll need these memories in the long months to come."Jasper/Garrett

Jess - This just hurt. Trapped in a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell world, we see these two struggle and love. Really beautiful and sad.

Emmy - Ruddy heart clenching, this was! So beautifully written. But I was YEARNING for a happy ending. Please can we get some more?

Jen - full disclosure- I beta’d this o/s; I loved it from the first read. pange knows how to make it hurt so good.

SLASH BACK SLASH 3.0 ENTRY - Everyone makes mistakes, no one person is perfect, least of all Jacob. He made a mistake once, and it comes back to haunt him when he walks into a Seattle strip club and sees how it damaged Edward Cullen's life.

Jess - This o/s will rip your heart out. This chronicles the pain and suffering that two men - Edward and Jacob - live with because of one event in high school. So good. So sad. The angst notation on this one is spot on.

Emmy - This is yet another angsty piece of slashy writing. But it hurts. Cleverly done - to see how lust and rejection can break into pieces.

Jasper escapes Maria's army and heads north, looking for a change. In Chicago, he meets an unusual vampire who teaches him a different way to live and, by a twist of fate, to finally feel. Entry for the Slash Backslash 3.0 contest. Vamp slash, ExJ.

Jess - I loved the unique take on mating and Edward’s change that bmango brings to life. When things finally heat up... good lord... just, yeah. Go read it.

Chele - Just when I think I have no interest in reading Jasper/Edward together, a wonderfully talented author comes along and changes my mind in the best way. Refreshing perspective and red-hot erotica. A girl can’t ask for more than that.

"And if you send for me I will feel and kiss and hold you. And if you send for me I will share my beating heart. Doing everything with you will be alright. And make sweet love until the morning light." AH, Slash. Entry for Slash Backslash 3.0

Emmy - The pairing first drew me into this fic. It is not often that you see Carlisle and Seth paired together. A very interesting premise about denial, disappointment and heartbreak written. With some voyeur-style action thrown in. Written very well. We really feel what Seth feels. An angsty mix.

Chele - Excellent use of first person point of view. The desire and agony is palpable. It’s quick, it’s dirty and it’s desperate. I love this pairing and would really like to see more.

The Volturi find a new prospect in Forks. "All I know is, I think I'm gay for Edward Cullen, and in two days I'm supposed to die." Slash Backslash 3.0 entry. Post Breaking Dawn.

Jen - I’m not even sure how to describe this fic. I will tell you I abso-fucking-lutely loved it. Mike and Edward get to know each other during Mike’s imprisonment in Volterra. Aro wants to turn Mike, and recruit him for the Guard. Things get personal in the small cell, and eventually things get really intimate. Intense and heartwrenching.

Slash/Backslash 3.0 entry. When a Seattle surgeon's car breaks down near Port Angeles, he meets a hot mechanic who salvages the trip. But will barriers prevent Carlisle & Jake from turning a fun weekend into a true relationship? AH, C&J are adults, slash

Jen - Appearances can be deceiving; what could mechanic Jake possibly have in common with Jaguar driving Dr. Cullen? Crazy chemistry, for one thing. Jake and Carlisle share similar tastes in all sorts of things (and I’m really not trying to be dirty here). So hot seeing them work out that chemistry and fall in love.

Jess - Carlisle again... FTW... and paired with Jake... as a mechanic... yeah, you get the idea. This was a nice read. It wasn’t heavy on the angst, and it was full of the normal back and forth one would expect in new and challenging relationships. Things between these two are freaking hot! Get in on it!

So there you have it.

So much slashy fun, you're sure to find something that fits your taste. We certainly did.

Although we must admit the smallest disappointment that there wasn't more of this:

What can we say? We're pervs... want to write some for us?


Seylin said...

:D! Always a good feeling to see one of my stories featured on here.

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Seylin, thanks for the heads up. We added the summaries. :)