Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fandom Hopping: Batman and Wonder Woman


Some may say we’re easily distracted.

Some may accuse us of giving up on Twilight (NEVER).

We say, “Why limit ourselves to just one fandom full of smut when there are soooo many other possibilities out there?!?!” And so we give you Fandom Polyamory, a place to poke your nose into another universe, meet some new characters, and enjoy all the pervy possibilities when a writer fucks with the universe someone else created. Don’t worry, friends, Edward & Co. will all be there waiting for you when you get back, but for now, take a walk with us down a different path.


Fic: In Darkest Light
Author: Meljean Brook (also find her as Josephine and Ugly Girl at JLA Unlimited)
Summary: A strange encounter with Batman leads Wonder Woman on a darker journey than which she is familiar. Batman/WW shipper fic. Mature themes Language/sexual situations/some mild violence

Guest Perv: AltheaJams - It starts out with a bang that opens their eyes to the attraction that they feel for one another. Wonder Woman has recently suffered the personal tragedy of losing her mother, and this awakening of sorts jars her into doing some serious soul searching. The curiosity behind her encounter with Batman brings her to Gotham. While there, she comes to Batman's aid and ends up taking on some of Batman's methods - a posture, an approach that is so different from hers. Seeing the effect he has on the city and its citizens, Diana (Wonder Woman) starts questioning her mission of spreading peace in man's world and wondering if she's helping or hurting. Meanwhile, both Diana and Bruce struggle against the crazy attraction they feel for one another.

She advanced on him. "Bruce Wayne is just a function of Batman. Dick is a function of Batman. Everything you do is a function of Batman." Her anger built. Standing toe to toe with him, she said, "Cold, calculating Batman. Don't let anyone in, don't care about anyone." She knew it wasn't true; she had seen how he cared for his family, his city. But she couldn't stop. She pushed against his chest.

He didn't budge. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Diana, don't. I'm sorry. I know this is about Hippolyta, but don't --" The anger swelled, overwhelmed. She grabbed his costume, lifted him, slammed his back against the cave wall. She put her face close to his.

"Don't mention my mother," she whispered dangerously. She dropped him, stepped back. Her breath hitched. What was she doing? Yet she still didn't stop. "You don't have a monopoly on grieving for your parents, Batman," she said.

The change came over him so quickly and he moved so rapidly that she barely had time to register it before he reversed their positions, holding her up against the wall, pressing himself against her. He was furious, she realized.

"Careful, Princess." His voice was soft. She wished that he would rage, would match his anger against her own. His eyes stared down into hers, the shadows making his irises look like midnight. He suddenly buried his nose in the crook of her neck, inhaled. She felt the brush of his tongue, and her anger started to change to desire.

"I feel, Diana," he breathed into her ear, and pushed his hips into hers, pressing his erection against her belly. His mouth trailed fire down the line of her jaw. She tilted her head back, parting her lips. He brought his mouth close to hers; their breath mingled. "I'd like nothing more than to take you up to Bruce Wayne's bed and fuck you until you scream my name out loud--" Her eyes widened, in surprise and arousal, "--and to lose myself in you. But I can't." He let go of her, stepped back, leaving her filled with frustration instead of anger.


He smiled grimly. "Hawthorne spent his life looking for the secrets of men's hearts; I've spent my life searching for mine. And what I've learned, Princess, is that inside of me is a scared boy who just wants his parents back, and its dark in there. I walk a fine line; the difference between me and the Joker, Diana, is control. And if I let go of this control, give into lust, then what's next? I give into my desire to finish the Joker off once and for all? Then maybe I'll decide to take out someone else: Two Face, or some punk on the street. It won't stop."

Diana stared at him, amazed that he had opened up to her like that. And every sense told her that he was telling the truth, that he believed absolutely in what he was saying. She knew he was better than that, though. Stronger.

"It doesn't have to be that way. It might not happen like that," she argued.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose as if fighting a headache. Or an inner battle. "I never am going to take that chance and find out."

Diana bit her lip as two more truths hit her with the force of a locomotive. Her own truths.

She was in love with the Batman.

And he would never, ever allow himself to love her back.

What is so frickin hot is the Eclipse Edwardian strength Batman uses to fight against his urges for Diana. He has made a commitment to fighting for justice and feels like losing control, even if just for one ecstatic evening, could threaten his ability to maintain his control over his urges in every arena of his life. That UST is palpable as both Wonder Woman and Batman fight against the heat they feel for one another. Their journey together takes an epic turn and the story becomes an action-filled adventure.

Chele - This story is freaking awesome, and has converted me from an eye-rolling anti-comic smutfic snob to a drooling Batman/WonderWoman fangirl. What starts off as a bit of fluffy smut when our hero and heroine are caught in a compromising position after a bit of magic goes awry, quickly turns into a deeper story about trust, honor, and desire.

Batman is stoic and sexy and his awesome sense of self-control had me wanting to lick him within the first hundred words or so. WonderWoman is beautiful and larger than life - everything I looked up to as a little girl, but the kind of flawed, real strength that I still admire as a woman. Reading as these two dance a UST laden tango of desire fulfilled my every voyeuristic fantasy.

They each take turns battling down their demons and desires as they fight the inexorable pull toward one another.
"What if you don't lose control; what if I take it from you?" she whispered, her breath hot against his cheek. She sat up, grabbed his collar and ripped the top of his uniform in half, shredding the body armor like cobwebs. "What if I change strategies? You force justice, what if I force … love?" She looked down at his chest, licked her lips. "I've seen a lot of men with flawless bodies, Bruce, but I've always looked at them as if they were Greek statues: perfect, but cold. But you…every scar, every mark on you makes you more impressive, more human."

Batman kept his expression impassive as she ran her hands over his torso, rested her arms on his chest, her bracelets surprisingly warm from the heat of her wrists. She dipped her head and kissed an old bullet wound; it burned straight to his heart. He wanted to give in, wanted to let her take him.

But he couldn't.

Nor, he realized, could he throw her from him. She needed to be brought to her senses with logic, not with violence. "It's the chaos talking, Diana, not you. Think. 'Forced love'? It is impossible. This isn't what you stand for."

She licked a knife scar, then looked up. "Yes it is, I - how did you put it once? Ah, yes. I 'force peace.' Why not this, too?"

The writing is intense and incendiary.

This is not an overwhelmingly smutty story (though now that I’ve had a taste, I’ll be begging Althea Jams and Jeanne to send me the porn), but it is an awesome adventure and romance, steeped with subtle eroticism which illustrates the price paid by the individual in their quest to save the masses. It is a beautiful glimpse into the lives of characters which have always been bigger than life in my imagination. It makes them real, and real heroes are awesome.

Jeanne - I’m a Batman fangirl, like to a hardcore, mildly obsessive degree. Add to the that a life long hero-worship of Wonder Woman (I dressed up as the Amazon princess for too many Halloweens to count) and you have one of my all time favorite comic book pairings. The Amazon Princess and the Dark Knight are two sides of the same coin, two aspects of justice and are two extreme complex people in very different ways.

Despite all that this story is about the people the live behind the mask and powers. About a man and a women, who are friends, but never really knew each other. It is also about how love doesn’t necessarily concurs all, but trust and courage can really help it along that path.

As Althea points out Bruce has a lot of similarities to what we Twi Fan Fic readers love about Edward. His intense need to control the part of himself that he feels is dangerous and uncontrollable. This belief that he is walking a thin line between good and evil is part of what is so alluring about Bruce. What’s really surprising (especially for me) was how much Diana (Wonder Woman) reminded me of Bella (or rather the aspects of Bella I love). She is determined, fearless and completely open to loving until it kills her. This surprising, yet wholly believable vulnerability in this powerful woman is compelling and very relatable.

The Joker rubbed the silk of Diana's dress between his gloved fingers. "Nice, but I have to admit I like your biker chick outfit better."

Diana grabbed his hand, grinned, a wild light in her eyes. "I'll wear it for you if you lend me your Harley to ride."

While the relationship (and sex) between Batman and Wonder Woman is fantastic the main plot of In Darkest Light is an addictive adventure/mystery. It has all the components of a comic book story. We get to meet and laugh with the members of the JLA (Justice League of America), as well as the Batfamily (Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Oracle). Not to mention a kickass Alfred.

"Amazons are hunters as well as warriors, aren't they?"

"The best in the world, Alfred."

"I suggest then, Miss Diana, that you change your demeanor and approach from that of a warrior to that of a hunter." He smiled very slightly. "Gotham is more like a jungle than a battlefield. If you go in as Wonder Woman, no costume can hide your identity."

"I *am* Wonder Woman, Alfred."

"No." Alfred turned her to look in the mirror again. "Tonight you are Diana, goddess of the hunt."

We even get one of my favorite portrayals of Batman’s nemesis the Joker. Honestly, what happens to him at the end nearly made me cry (Joker fangirl is showing). We even get a tour of the Underworld, per Greek mythology, that sheds light on Diana’s background.

This story is lush, multilayered and irresistible. Whether you are a fan of the Batman/Wonder Woman comic books or the movies (or the Wonder Woman tv show like I was as a kid) you should give this fic a try. Hell, if you’ve always craved a fic with a Batman like Edward read this story. It will seduce, enchant and make you fall in love with it.