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Slash Brigade: Sixty Five Hours by owenic


What Perv doesn't love sexy man on man action? The truth is so many of us Pervs love slash fic that we can't just be called a team. We're the whole damn brigade! Batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies 'cause the ladies of the Slash Brigade are here to rec some slash fic.

The Slash Brigade pick is...

Title:Sixty Five Hours
Chapters: 18
Words: 56,187
Reviews: 1,823
Summary: Jasper and Edward are Advertising Executives and have Sixty Five Hours to pull together the campaign of their careers. Sixty Five Hours to get along. Sixty Five Hours to not kill each other. Sixty Five Hours to fall in love. AH JxE Slash. Rated M

Emmy - I am a huge fan of every story that owenic has ever written! She has a beautiful, relaxed writing style. But I think I have previously intimated in our Lemon Reports that I was becoming really quite meh about the Edward/Jasper pairing. That I felt that people were only writing them as they were deemed the ‘canon’ slash couple... (whatever the feck that actually means! lol). But Sixty Five Hours makes me forget that. Instead I get caught up in her stories and her characters. Their story.

Jasper and Edward are both very talented, very successful, very handsome, very sexy and pretty arrogant ad execs, with Edward’s father’s advertising company. But despite their similarities they are very different: They charm and dazzle in very different ways. And at the start of this story they are not friends, not even associates and they certainly are not confidants. We follow them over 65 hours (& beyond!) as they work on putting together a blinding pitch for Lurex. Sixty Five hours is all they have to pull it together. How can they do that when they have never worked together before, and don’t seem to even like one another. . . . . .

This might seem like its a story that you have read before, it might seem like you can predict exactly what will happen. But wait! It is not. Instead of these two having a stand-off, or some mega meltdown, they have to work together and it’s through collaboration that things start to really move along for the tempting twosome. This and the beautiful unfolding and charm of the story as written by owenic sets it apart. I think its a complete delight to read as owenic writes with charm. This creates a fic that is light, care-free yet still full of story. Still full of emotion, sexiness, tenderness and fears. One of my favourite scenes shows the charm and adorableness of this tale:

I shake my head at him, but start to massage that foot too. He grins and closes his eyes as I press my thumbs into the ball of his foot. "You have talented thumbs," he says with a quiet moan.

"You're not the first person to tell me that," I tell him, and his eyebrow lifts, though his eyes don't open.

I watch him as he simply allows himself to feel; with his eyes closed, his head lolled back and a slight curl to his lips, he sure is something to look at.

If someone told me this morning I'd be sitting on the floor in Edward Cullen's house, massaging his feet, I'd have thought they'd lost their fucking mind.

He opens his eyes and looks at me. "So," he says casually. "You know my secret. Tell me something about Jasper Whitlock that no one knows."

Uh oh.

Well, shit.

Fair's fair, I guess. "I um...I have...a thing for feet?" My uncertainty makes it sound like a question.

His eyes pop open, darting from my face to his feet; one in my hands the other resting in my lap.

"Feet? Really?" he says with a smile. I glare at him. He grins, but his eyes are warm, kind.

"I can stop massaging if that's a problem..." I trail off.

He wiggles his toes and laughs. "No problem. Not a one."

He stretches the foot in my hand, flexing it and wiggles his toes. Then he does the same to the foot on my thigh. I can't be sure, but I think he's playing.

So I hold his foot with both hands and start rubbing it in a pumping motion. It takes a moment for him to realize, but I can see it in his eyes when he does. They widen, then darken and fuck me, I think we have ourselves a moment.

All too soon, he pulls both feet away and clears his throat. "Uh, it's late," he says quickly, looking at the clock.

So yes as sweetly sexy as this tale is. It's also sexy sexy!!! These boys have lots of, ahem, tensions to relieve and their dynamic personalities and chemistry leads to dynamic sex!!! But it's also always more than sex. There's a beautiful connection there.

The recent outtake with Carlisle's POV , Edward’s father, was a great addition and made me weepy!! But then you know what a sap I am!!

This story is a charming, refreshing and sexy wee read. Give it a whirlie. You will love it! Promise.

Jen - Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly read another Edward/Jasper fic, owenic started posting something positively irresistible: Sixty Five Hours. Sexy, cocky Jasper has a hilarious, quick-witted inner monologue. Edward is equally arrogant, and seems to despise Jasper. What happens when they’re given sixty-five hours by their boss--and Edward’s father, Carlisle--to create a campaign to win a huge advertising contract for Cullen Advertising? Sparks fly, of that you can be certain.

As Em has already mentioned, owenic’s stories are all such fun. Her characters have an innate sweetness that just makes me instantly fall in love with them. Jasper may be arrogant, but you can tell he’s a little bothered that Edward is either indifferent toward him or straight up hates him. He’s a professional, though, and will do his damnedest to be sure that Cullen Advertising wins the Lurex contract even if it means being holed up all weekend with Edward. The story is in JPOV, so we don’t really know what Edward is thinking; we only have Jasper’s observations of Edward to go on. Jasper wonders if perhaps Edward is homophobic. Despite Edward’s attitude toward him, Jasper hasn’t failed to notice how completely attractive Edward is, and he makes no bones about checking him out.

The tension crackles between them, although we don’t know yet that it’s sexual tension. Edward presents himself as a straight man, and as an ad man, he’s completely successful at selling that image. It’s to Jasper’s great surprise that Edward tells him he’s jealous of Jasper for living completely openly as a gay man. While Jasper always respected Edward for his work, he now has a wider view of Edward as a person.

It’s a joy to read these two as owenic writes them. There’s banter, innuendo, flashes of irritation. You’ll smile, laugh, swoon. They work so well together because of the ways that they differ.

In the name of research for their campaign, the boys go out to a club. This is where things start to get really exciting and... tingly.

Slowly, I rock against him to the beat of the music. I have hold of him, moving us. I'm aware of Ellie filming us, moving around us, but I'm focused on the man in my arms.

I can feel the moment he surrenders; he relaxes, moves more fluidly and his hands grip onto my sides.

I keep my face at his neck and ear, breathing into the hair at the nape of his neck. I can feel him. All of him; his chest, his abs, his denim covered dick, his thighs, his hands on me.

I ain't gonna lie. It feels fucking good.

It feels...fucking great.

I know he can feel my hardening cock. It should shock me, or at least remind me, that I work with this man. I have to face him in the sober light of day. But it doesn't.

I want him to feel me.

I want him to know I like it.

I want him to know what he's doing to me.

Then he moves his hands; one slides down my waist to grip my hip. Just when I think he's about to stop me, his other hand slides around to the small of my back, and he pushes me closer to him.

I think I moan.

I know I shudder.

I know because he chuckles at my reaction; the sound tickles my neck, and his chest vibrates.

Just so I can watch his face – watch his reaction - I pull my head back to look at him as I run my hand down his back and palm his ass.

Then he moans.

And he shudders.

And it's me who laughs.

I'm not sure how many songs we dance like this... Grinding, swaying. Playing.

And I've all but forgotten about being on film.

He breathes on my skin; his hands hold me, his hip bone teasing my cock. The music is loud and luring, the heat off his body, off other men, is consuming. The sway of the dance floor moves us; I can feel the bass beat in my chest.

I can also feel him. Oh fuck, can I feel him.

His long fingers claw at me; his hands are so sure and demanding. He moves his hips, swaying with me, and as he presses against me, needing friction. I can feel how turned on he is.

I turn in his arms and rub my ass against his hard-on. His fingers dig into my hips. His skin is so warm, his chest expands against mine with every breath he takes and I lean my head back onto his shoulder and he moans in my ear, "Mmmmm." He rubs his dick against my ass. "Didn't think you'd like that?"

I smile at his implied question. He wants to know if I top or bottom. Chuckling, I turn around in his arms, melding our hips together and tell him, "I am ambidextrous."

His eyes roll closed and he groans. I swear I can feel his cock twitch.

UNF! That isn’t even half of the intense attraction between them, and the sexual tension ratchets up til you think you’re going to die if they don’t get together.

Sixty Five Hours is so much more than a sexy, UST-filled story. There are many touching moments, especially in the Carlisle outtake recently posted. I can’t say enough what a fun, delicious, and satisfying story this is. Go on now, check it out. I guarantee you’ll love it.

Teal - If you’re a fan of Queer as Folk, you already know the appeal of a confident, sexy, sometimes cocky, charming gay ad exec. Well, ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to owenic’s Jasper Whitlock, the newest and boldest Senior Advertising Executive of Cullen Advertising, Inc. To his great frustration, the other top exec is the boss’s son, gorgeous Edward Cullen, who Jasper believes hates him...because he’s gay.

Things aren’t always what they seem, though, which Jasper learns over the course of a long weekend lock-in with Edward. The biggest campaign bid of their entire collective career has been dumped into their laps with barely any time to plan, and Carlisle doesn’t give them a choice on this one. They are the best, and they must work together. Armed with a bag full of condoms, lube, and sex toys, Edward sets the countdown clock and their work begins.

As the author herself jokes in one A/N, there is so much build and sexual tension between these two once Jasper realizes Edward is gay, UST could probably be listed as a third character in this story. So true! If a brothel’s worth of sexual paraphernalia weren’t enough, the atmosphere of creating a campaign driven by sexuality and sensuality - all while in the company of someone you can’t help but be attracted to - clearly drives Jasper mad. We can’t see inside Edward’s mind, aside from his body language and the bits and pieces he admits to Jasper, but he’s clearly affected.

As you’ve already been told, this fic is completely unpredictable. It seems as though you could probably guess it’s direction, but there are constant turns, sometimes sexy and other times tender, that keep you on the edge of your seat (or with your nose pressed close to your screen, I should say).

What I really love about this story is that while it’s one of the hottest Jasper/Edward fics I’ve read in a long ass time, there is so much more to it than the porn. These characters do more than secure their career and success over their sixty-five hours together - they learn much about themselves and what they want from their lives. Edward flourishes, and Jasper is tamed. It’s such a true testament to what finding your “person” does to you.

The eventual sex is eyeball melting because it’s more than fucking. It’s fun and teasing, but they both want so much more than to get off. They crave one another, because six months into working together, they’ve finally gotten to know each other, and neither can get enough. They are sexy, sweet, and beautiful together.

Not breaking the kiss, I lean over him, so I'm lying on top of him. I rest my weight on my elbows and my hands cup his face. He groans when I settle my hips against his, our cocks touching through the fabric of our pants.

He tilts his head and opens his mouth wider, as he's running his hands over my back. He pulls my shirt out of my suit pants, and then I can feel his hands on my skin, over my back, my shoulders, he grips me. His fingers try to find purchase, but my shirt must get in the way.

Because then he's trying to undo the buttons; his mouth kisses down my jaw, and he growls in frustration. I can feel the urgency in how his hands tremble.

I pull his hands from my shirt front and pin them at his sides. His eyes widen, and I smile. "Slow, Edward. Slow," I say, kissing down his neck. "I said I wanted to take my time with you."

He whimpers, so I nip at his Adam's apple. I can feel his cock twitch.

I let go of his hands and get to my knees; one each side of his hips. I finger the buttons on his shirt, popping each one slowly, teasing. His eyes are dark, his lips are red and swollen, but he smirks. "You're gonna kill me," he says, his voice thick with desire.

I pull his shirt open and lean down to peck his lips. "Many deaths," I whisper, my nose touching his. "Many, many deaths."

Add in cute little nuances, like Jasper’s affection for feet and Edward’s silly sock collection/obsession, and you have a charming, fun “cover to cover” read. It’s now complete, including a genuinely heart-melting Carlisle POV my other Pervs have mentioned, and the promise of a couple more outtakes. All the more reason to go hide yourself away from work, kids, or whatever else nags at you on a daily basis and enjoy some guaranteed amazing boylove! Unlike Emmy & Jen, I've never read any of owenic's other stories, but you'd better believe I will now.


kazbar65 said...

Owenic is the bomb! her writing of Slash is so much more than two boys getting it on. It is a tale of two lives intertwined and what becomes of them. Thanks PPSS for recc'ing her. She deserves so much more. And an Aussie as well.