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Fandom Hopping: Merlin

Some may say we’re easily distracted.
Some may accuse us of giving up on Twilight (NEVER).
We say, “Why limit ourselves to just one fandom full of smut when there are soooo many other possibilities out there?!?!” And so we give you Fandom Polyamory, a place to poke your nose into another universe, meet some new characters, and enjoy all the pervy possibilities when a writer fucks with the universe someone else created. Don’t worry, friends, Edward & Co. will all be there waiting for you when you get back, but for now, take a walk with us down a different path.

This time we are turning to a slashy and magical fandom. The Merlin fandom...

I (Emmy) have been tempted over to this fandom. Mainly from the promise of good smut and beautiful slashy boy love! It’s exploding all over twitter. With recs and yummy images galore! Some of the ladies or the authors they have rec’d below have aided in my temptation. With us this time we have some beautiful helping hands, who will share their favourite smutty Merlin fics and why the fandom has them so turned on..... I am hoping they will turn you and my fellow Perv’s onto the magical delights!
Marilyn (a.k.a. OnTheTurningAway) - The best thing about falling headfirst into a well established and talented fandom like Merlin is the sheer volume of quality fan fiction available for consumption. There are numerous fests, two annual big bang challenges and a ridiculously well run kinkmeme, which has literally been going on for years. For months, I'd seen fandom friends tweeting about Merlin, both the show and the fic. It was difficult to resist, especially after looking at TuesdayMidnight's frequent (and utterly lovely) Bradley James (Arthur) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) picspams, but I held firm because I was up to my eyeballs in other fandoms.

All of that changed in early September when I asked ArcadianMaggie for a 'handful' of recs to load up onto my Kindle for an upcoming two week vacation overseas. She came through like a champ, and I returned having devoured everything Maggie recommended and watched the entirety of Series 1. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've since read over 200 fan fics - but I honestly can't be, because the fic is just that good. Add that to the often-campy, sometimes heartbreaking BBC show that is rife with slashy subtext, a cast chock-full of eye candy and Colin Morgan's sinfully perfect mouth, and you end up with the thing that has taken up more hours of my life than I care to admit!

I believe there is something in the Merlin fandom to satisfy just about anyone, and I've come up with six recommendations I hope you'll enjoy. I'm still in the moony-eyed OTP stage, so all of my recs are Arthur/Merlin (or Bradley/Colin, in the case of RPF), though I managed to slip in a mention of an absolutely gorgeous poly love story. :)

Photobucket Maggie (a.k.a. ArcadianMaggie) - Small fandoms are great, but they have a downside; voracious readers like me eventually run out of fic! So when there was a lull in TSN (The Social Network), the chatter about other fandoms drew me in. Friends were reading Adam Lambert fic (which I had moved on from, having read closer to his American Idol season), Jonas Brothers (I’m old; they’re babies), of course faithful standbys like Spork and Drarry, and then… Merlin. I had never seen the show, but I had seen plenty of tweeted pics of the gorgeous Colin Morgan and Bradley James. I asked TuesdayMidnight for some links; she suggesting starting with some RPFs, and after one story (The Colour of Cartoon Sunshine by junkshop_disco), I was hooked.

I then moved on to Arthur/Merlin Modern AUs, began catching up on the show, and now read anything and everything, from canon era to reincarnation stories. As Marilyn notes, coming into a healthy fandom several years strong, there’s so much incredible fic. And the show… THE SHOW! It’s like the old Xena series, but better. A little bit campy, a little bit cheesy, more homoerotic subtext than you can shake your sword at, and oh so much pretty. So. Much. Pretty. Gratuitously shirtless Bradley, Colin’s insane cheekbones. The knights. Giles!! (Anthony Head plays King Uther.) Stories of honor and bravery, friendship, betrayal, redemption. Someone’s always at death’s door; there’s always a new evil to vanquish. Merlin and Arthur, sorcerer and king. I’m still in the honeymoon stage and haven’t yet surfaced from my total immersion in my new favorite fandom. I’m happy to do my best to try and drag others down with me by rec’ing a few of my favorites.
Frenchie (a.k.a. MySlashyFriend) - Around the start of the year, Pastiche Pen tweeted something about Merlin slash and I was all, ’link me up?’ because I love Arthurian legend and knights and well, who could resist? But then I found out the pairing was Arthur/Merlin and that’s just wrong. I mean, Merlin is oooooold and . . . not attractive. PP assured me it was awesome though, and so after about a month I opened the link and ended up getting 3 hours sleep on a Sunday night because I couldn’t. stop. reading.

I had a vague recollection of watching part of the very first episode of Merlin in 2008 and scoffing because that isn’t how is goes! They’ve obviously played with the legend a lot – Merlin is younger than Arthur and the show is fantasy, so we get dragons and other magical creatures. Once I stepped off my pretentious high horse and gave it a chance, I fell in looooove. I’ve always been a sucker for swords and sorcery.

PhotobucketBoo (a.k.a. Badjujuboo) -  So I'm PRETTY as in one month and counting new in this fandom, but I’ve burned through nearly 170 fab fics with MORE TO COME (because I read at least 1-5 a night... I am obsessive and probably have a problem O.O) ANYHOO! This fandom, I had Frenchie throwing fics and pretty pictures of Colin and Bradley at me earlier this year, but I was SO caught up in the wonder of Harry Potter fiction that I kept putting it off. Then, when I was neck deep in fest commitments and slightly blocked with my own words I begged Frenchie, Arcadian Maggie and otta_ff for their top three Merlin reads to suck me in. And O M G how they did! The girls have all mentioned above the fics that they sent me and I can’t stress enough how much you should give them all a go! I fell into a massive RPS pit (and still swim around there) and after seeing Colin with Frenchie on the weekend, I can’t see it being a pairing I will be giving up on reading for a long, long time. BUT this is me and any of you who’ve known me in the past (when I had a Miztrez before the boo and read twific and blogged about it … a lot) then you’ll know I rarely have a STRICT OTP, no, I love a good read, pairing or not. SO I’m going off topic here and giving you a selection of three extremely hot and different Merlin pairings.

Fic: The Sorcerer and the King
Author: misswinterhill
Summary: (Canon era, NC-17) Merlin's death is only the beginning; with no-one to protect the kingdom, Camelot falls to an enemy sorcerer and Arthur is forced to serve in the court that he once ruled. When an escape attempt goes horribly wrong, Arthur is rescued by someone he never expected to see again -- and it's their destiny to put things right.

Marilyn -
"Arthur wondered why he'd let his father kill Merlin."

*gasp* Yes, you read that right. I loved this long, plotty, beautifully written spin on canon, which opens with Arthur standing silent while Merlin is burned at the stake for being a sorcerer. What follows is an epic tale of betrayal, guilt, role-reversal,, distrust, redemption and love. It takes a good bit of time for Arthur and Merlin to reunite, but when they do, sparks fly in more ways than one. Please note: Though not mentioned in the author’s warnings, this story earns its rating for descriptive violence as much as it does for sexual content.

Maggie - I had a few minor quibbles with this story, but overall it’s a fantastic read. I love these longer plotty canon era fics. I especially liked how Arthur grew into a king from the ground up.

Fic: Five Days in New York
Author: giselleslash
Summary: (Modern AU, NC-17) Arthur and Merlin in NYC. Five random days and everything that's attached to them. (Or, really, just Merlin and Arthur being completely dumbface in love.)

Marilyn - This is the epitome of pure, blissful romance. Giselleslash has a quietness to her writing that pulls you in and wraps you in a cocoon of warmth and comfort. Here, she presents us with a series of snapshots in Arthur and Merlin’s lives after they’ve left the familiarity of England to pursue their dreams. Filled with beautifully descriptive, swoon-worthy love, this story surpasses any fairytale romance I’ve ever read. The possibility that a love like this can exist, even if only in the author’s (and this reader’s) mind, is more than enough for me. If you enjoy this, check out the sort-of sequel as well as giselleslash’s unrelated but equally gorgeous Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin poly story.

Maggie - *swoon* That is all.

Boo - *see Maggie’s commentary*

Fic: The Colour of Cartoon Sunshine
Author: Junkshop-Disco
Summary: r/NC-17 (sex and swearing)As filming for the second series draws to a close, Colin thinks his biggest problem is evading one of Bradley’s goodbye hugs. It isn’t. It’s that he’s about to do something that’s fourteen different kinds of stupid: fall in love.

Emmy - This is actually the first fic I had read in the fandom. I did a general lament of woe tweet and asked for good fluffy, smutty, fic and someone wonderful said to me, read this slash. I was so glad I did as my temptation began......
Frenchie - Because the tangerines and tequila scene is one of the best things EVER.

Boo - I don’t even like fluff, ever (a bare few fics have changed my POV on this, especially baker!wardo in TSN but that’s another fandom altogether) This has so many, many moments of pure joy, of giggles and portrays a love so wonderful you actually need this to be more true than anything you’ll ever read about Bradders and Cols.

Marilyn - I’ll just reiterate what everyone has already said in this blog post - Junkshop-Disco is an RPF god(dess) and can do no wrong with Bradley & Colin.

Fic: Good News (is on the way)
Author: derryere
Summary: (Modern AU, NC-17) Arthur, a travelling businessman, decides to rent a room with the Wyllt family while in town. Hunith is charmed. Her son, Merlin, is not. Warnings: UN! DER! AGE! I mean—there’s nothing done under the age of consent (in the UK) but there IS a grand ol’ age difference thing going on and if that’s not your cuppa, I’d say steer clear of this one and all will be well :D

Maggie - This story might very well have become my favorite story of any fandom. There’s a big age gap between the characters and while this is not one of my kinks, I don’t have an issue with age differences. But, it turns out, Arthur, a businessman who has returned to England after his former fiancé runs off with his best mate a month before their wedding, does. He finds himself becoming more and more attracted to the surly young son of the family he’s staying with—Merlin, attempting to maintain a sort of big brother relationship while becoming increasingly involved in their lives. The slow burn culminates in a trip away together and their coming together is both scorching hot, and wildly tender and romantic. The angst level in this fic is off the charts. It will take you apart and put you back together and make you feel all the feelings. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read this since it was first rec’d to me.

Marilyn - Oh this fic. THIS FIC. I will be forever grateful to Maggie for telling me to drop everything and read it. The story is absolutely gorgeous. Out of all the Modern AUs I’ve read, this is my absolute favorite Merlin and I think the author captured his innocence and youthful determination perfectly. A must read.

Frenchie - derryere is one of my favourite authors in this fandom - everything she writes makes me feel uncomfortable and raw and turned on and in love. This story . . . it could be the poster fic for the It Gets Better campaign. Arthur and Merlin break my heart BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE IT GETS BETTER.

Boo - THIS fic! The end of this had my heart breaking, but because I love the angst and live for those ALMOST moments this will always be a favourite and a definite recc for first time fandom readers.

Emmy- Oh cripes! I am not sure if I can take this fic. It sounds Ah-Maz-zing. But. You all know what a tragic, tender soul I am! Girls, will I survive it?

Fic: In Time Of Trial
Author: Shine
Summary: (Canon era. NC-17) Uther fears his son's power, and Merlin has helped Arthur flee to escape imprisonment. Now the two of them must fight to regain Arthur's rightful place in Camelot.

PhotobucketMaggie - This is one of my favorite plotty canon era stories. I simply could not stop reading once I had started. There’s a creeping tension and unease in the beginning as Uther, under evil influence, slowly turns against Arthur. The relationship between Arthur and Merlin is the heart of the story, however. Arthur’s trust and Merlin’s unwavering loyalty shine through at every moment from the initial escape to their combined efforts and strategy while they work together, relying on each other, to regain Arthur’s rightful place. There are so many wonderful moments, such as Merlin’s simple statement that his role is serving Arthur, to their first kiss, to the knights pledging fealty, culminating in an epic battle where Merlin gets to go all completely badass sorcerer on their enemies. It’s epic and romantic with a great supporting cast. Plot, characterization, romance, intrigue, hot sex… this story has it all.

Marilyn - This is one of my favorite canon era fics. I could not put it down and the climax (har, har) was intense!

Frenchie - Merlin gets to use his magic in this one and WHOA it’s so satisfying.

Fic: One Star Fell and Another
Author: i_claudia
Summary: (RPF, NC-17) Written and originally posted for the kinkme_merlin prompt: “The reason Colin is so defensive about slashing Arthur and Merlin is that he secretly reads and/or writes A/M slash and is terrified of anyone finding out. Bonus points if the discovery of Colin reading/writing stash leads to some Bradley/Colin action.” The title is from a Conrad Aiken poem with the same title.

Marilyn -
“God, you wrote about all those filthy things and I want them all, want to do them to you.”
PhotobucketEpic, angsty Merlin & Arthur tales are fabulous, but sometimes I just want to read something light and porny. This fic has a fun 'when fiction becomes reality' vibe and stars the gorgeous Bradley James and Colin Morgan. The author filled the prompt to a tee. There is a bit of flangst, some sweet, humorous banter between the boys and lots of seriously hot porn. i_claudia wrote a smutty follow-up to this story, based on the line “I want to fuck you all day, fill you up and lick you until you’re clean again.” Prodigal is pure PWP and is delightfully filthy.

Maggie - A little meta, a lotta UNF!

Emmy - Wowser. Both the first part, and ESPECIALLY the sequel are ksajfubvhcvxfihbfjgjfklgjignfbgffijjkajsnfkloafdhghjfjdklesjnjkuejxnjeirhjngbghb wow.

Fic: Drastically Redefining Protocol
Author: rageprufrock
Summary: In which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell promptly breaks loose.

Frenchie - Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock was the first fic I read in Merlin. I just reread it this weekend and it is still amazing. Merlin is a junior doctor and Arthur is the Prince of Wales and it’s a modern AU with magic. Pru’s style is witty and intelligent and her characters are adorable. Plus, rape dogs! (not really. Read on.)

"Oh God," Merlin said, feeling a sudden urgent fear that not only had he made an ass of himself in front of the Prince of Wales, he'd probably offended the entire royal family and by extension most of the more inbred members of the peerage. "What if I'm sent to Guantanamo? What if I'm sent to Guantanamo Bay to be raped by angry rottweilers and waterboarded?"

PhotobucketDRP is about 46k but it has a bunch of sextras (note: avoid Five Secrets That Ought to Be Kept (And One for the Road if you are a wuss). If you love DRP and want to read more modern AU’s where Arthur is the Prince of Wales, try The Student Prince, Not In This Land Alone, and Possibly Maybe I’m Falling For You.

Marilyn - DRP was the first Modern AU I read, and I absolutely loved it. I guess I’ll have to raise my wuss hand because one part of the Five Secrets... extra Frenchie mentioned broke my angst loving heart.

Maggie - This fic is a great intro to the fandom if you’re just getting started. I have to admit that the Five Secrets extra, as angsty as it was, is my favorite of all the extras. For me, it added a layer of reality and honesty which elevated the series and gave it additional depth. (It is angsty as hell, though.)

Boo - This was the second fic I read and it has so many lines and moments I can still remember with clarity. This just may RUIN you for all other fic.

Fic: Favorite
Author: astolat
Summary: Arthur was tipped back against the wall, his mouth open for breath and staring at the small arrow-slit window over Merlin's head, trying to work out how it could possibly be that good with Merlin, of all people.

Frenchie - I didn’t really get into canon fic until I’d watched the series, and most of what I read is in the same vein as the show – humour with a touch of romance and a PG rating. Astolat’s Favourite is a wonderful porny one-shot that manages to be in character with a smutty storyline that isn’t impossible (even if very unlikely given the family audience). I love stories where Arthur takes advantage of his manservant.

Marilyn - Astolat was one of the first authors I read when I dove into canon fic and I promptly devoured her masterlist. I particularly enjoyed Onfindan and its tiny epilogue.

Maggie - I’ve read a handful of stories by this author and as canon era stories go, they’re great. Loved both stories mentioned above. I especially like the way she writes Arthur.

Fic: Bend All Your Notes For Me
Author: onelittlesleep
Summary: Written for the kinkmeme prompt: Merlin is given to Arthur as a pleasure slave (or somehow makes his way unwillingly? into Arthur's possession). He has been enchanted (cursed?) so that he must have Arthur's (or whoever owns him) seed within him at a regular basis or he will start to get sick and eventually die.

Frenchie - I LOVE slave!fic when it is well written. This is canon AU and Arthur is scandalised by this gift of a slave and refuses to feed the bond at first, but when Merlin sickens, he reluctantly gives in.

The boy seems to take his pause as uncertainty, because he goes earnest and stammers "you don't have touch me. Just...just finish in my mouth. You can just finish--"

"Don't," Arthur says sharply, for it is too much. He begins jerking open his laces. " the gods, look away-"

But the boy's eyes devour the pluck and tug of his fingers, mouth parted for the quick sweep of his tongue. "Please, hurry," Merlin says, voice pleading.
Onelittlesleep writes the very best porn, so, you know, here’s some more of that.

Marilyn - There’s something stripped down and viscerally human about onelittlesleep’s porn, even in a magical universe. She pushes lots of limits, but if you’re willing to dive headfirst into the taboo deep end, read her short and filthy Fuck Flowers, or From Here to There for some HOT train sex!

Maggie - My notes on onelittlesleep’s fics look something like this: “PWP,” “Another ridiculously hot fic,” “Scorching,” etc. Or, what they said.

Emmy - OH RUDDY FECKING HELL! Jesus. I am all a-blush...
"In my mouth, in my mouth," the boy begs, straining against Arthur's grip, blinded.

"Oh gods, shut up," Arthur pleads hoarsely, cock hard enough to bludgeon.

He beats off hastily, staring at the boy's parted, expressive mouth. At his hand covering the boy's eyes. His knuckles are red, brutal. The boy's mouth is red too, red and ardent and--

Fic: Stay (Broken)
Author: rufflefeather
Summary: Merlin is a hooker, Arthur is clueless. Unhappy times ensue.

Frenchie - If hooker fic squicks you out, this isn’t for you, BUT if you love good angsty porn, then you MUST read this. Arthur picks Merlin up in a club, not realising Merlin is actually a hooker (“Really?” Merlin laughs coldly. “Do you always pull that easily then?” “As a matter of fact, I do,” Arthur says.) Great twist in this story and I love how manipulative Merlin is.

Maggie - This was the first Modern AU fic I read. It gave me a little bit of a Harry/Draco vibe with manipulative Merlin and the lack of an easy HEA.

Marilyn - Angst! So much angst. I agree with all of the above and *almost* could have done without the epilogue.

Fic: Fucking Pendragons: A Christmas Story
Author: lolafeist
Summary: The one where Merlin’s sort of bisexual and Morgana is evil and Arthur buys a tiny tree.

Frenchie - Okay, this is getting a little lengthy, but I couldn’t possibly not rec lolafeist’s stuff. This one is PORN. It also has Morgana and bit of threesome action (and thus the slightest touch of incest. But I SWEAR it’s not in the bad way). It’s also painfully earnest in places and is one of the few stories that gives me chestclench and then makes it all better by giving me a boner. Idek. There’s also Fucking Pendragons: A Halloween Story which is angst free and just, yeah. Porn.

Marilyn - I love everything of Lolafeist’s. I say everything because I literally lost days reading ALL of her fic. From cracky tentacle!porn to an angsty western, I’ve loved it all. Go read Lola’s fic!

Maggie - I, also, love absolutely everything I’ve read by Lolafeist. Her Seasons series (3 out of 4 one shots are currently complete) is right up there in my all time favorites. You can’t go wrong with this author.

Boo - I read all of Lola’s NC17 os in one weekend, and it was THE best weekend (obviously I have no life and fictional characters are my FRIENDS) Everything she writes is different, amazing and will ALWAYS leave you satisfied.

Fic: Maybe the Seaside is the Place
Author: junkshop_disco
Summary: (RPF, hard R/light NC-17) Colin’s unbreakable rule about not doing anything romantic with his co-stars leads to a heart broken into pieces around his Merlin boots. Years later, an unexpected reunion with Bradley gives him another chance -- assuming he can make room in his schedule between jobs and existential crises for love, that is.

Maggie - Junkyard_disco’s The Colour of Cartoon Sunshine was my first Merlin fic, and it remains a favorite of many, but this is the one that really stood out for me. I think I may be something of an angst h00r. It’s somewhat of a reversal from a lot of Bradley/Colin fic where Bradley is the obtuse immature one. Here, Bradley has grown up, and it’s Colin struggling to find his way—full of regrets and loneliness, and in the middle of an existential crisis. This story deals with infidelity in a gritty, messy, authentic fashion and will break your heart, but won’t leave you broken. Absolutely gorgeous writing that will have you savoring every sentence.

Marilyn - I can only echo what Maggie said so eloquently. I have a special fondness for the sea and simply adore how the author worked it into this gorgeous story. Definitely my favorite from this year’s RPF big bang challenge.

Frenchie - I propose we kidnap Junkshop and make her write RPS for us forever.

Boo - agreed. ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Fic: Straight and Strapped
Author: Fr33bird
Summary: Arthur and Merlin meet in the waiting room at 'Straight and Strapped' and Merlin recognises Arthur from Uni. It's all a bit awkward, and Arthur enjoys it a bit too much. Lots of adult content, slightly dub-con and a bit kinky in places. Modern AU.

Emmy - I think everyone knows by now I have a wee bit of a kink for fics that have boys dabbling in porn in. This will not surprise ANYONE who knows me....
PhotobucketThis fic to me is a yummy yet realistic look at two boys needing the money and venturing outside their comfort zone to do so. After Arthur gets more than he bargained for he has to struggle with his burgeoning attraction and confusion. I think this is done so well. AND its ruddy sexy too. But will Merlin ever get what he truly wants? This is sexy and has an edge of realism and sadness too.

Marilyn - I loved the honest sweetness of this story. It had just the right amount of realistic uncertainty and angst, and lots of fantastic sexy bits too.

Fic: Evermore; Still Never Enough
Author: lillaw
Summary: He’ll live countless lives and find Arthur in every one of them and lose him all over again. But this will always, always be what he lives for…

Badjujuboo - THIS ONE! this is the one you need to read Pervs. Yes, it does have snowballing (see Clerks the movie by the awesome Kevin Smith) and rimming and is hands DOWN the hottest thing I’ve read in any fandom (and take it from a fandom WHORE this is a HIGH COMPLIMENT!) Imagine, if you will, that your Arthur and Merlin, destined to live out various lives together for eternity, eventually remembering who you are and what you meant to each other. Would the sex still be the same? Would the feelings be so intense, so incredible so NEEDY each and every time that it would always feel like even what you had, would never, ever be enough? This is what lillaw explains and draws you a perfect picture of. You can feel their love, feel their almost TOO MUCH need for each other and wound in amongst the absolutely smoking sex you can feel their love, their connection that will last for an eternity. Seriously Read it NAO.

Marilyn - Who knew filthy rimming/snowballing reincarnation fic could be so angsty and desperately romantic? I absolutely loved this.

Maggie - I had completely forgotten about this fic. It was one of the first ones I read, before I started keeping track of my reading list. Holy hotness. Desperately romantic is a good description. Definitely worth a re-read. Or several.

Emmy - Oh good lordy! this could quite possibly be the most intense fic I have ever read. I read it in Starbucks, and got so caught up in it that I missed someone trying to talk to me for god knows how many minutes. Woah. Thanks Boo. I NEEDED this in my life, and I owe’s you big stylie for sharing it! Gah this fic is so dirty, so messy, so yum, but so more. Such emotion and connection.

Fic: Swearing Fealty
Author: leashy-bebes
Summary: (the summary on LJ is purely PWP... that should say enough but just incase the first paragraph: It's there in the moment they meet, even in the midst of everything, a lurch of desire so completely inappropriate that Arthur almost laughs. He grew up in the company of strong men with capable hands, warriors who have that physical assurance pouring off them, but he has never seen a man like Percival before. And he just wants to give it up there and then, uncaring of the others, wants to offer himself to this mountain of a man who smiles and speaks softly and seems awed by Arthur's presence.

Boo - Arthur/Percival. HOT. Let me just give you an idea on Percival if you have yet to watch (shame on you!) the slash ridden wonder of pretty boys that make up Merlin

Tom Hopper people. His Knight is SO tough he doesn’t even need arm coverage on his chain mail. *SIGH* I’ve just started in on this pairing, and the idea of the incredibly LARGE Sir Percival and his incredibly LARGE member with any of the Knights and Once and Future King or even the manservant having their way with him sends a shiver down my spine. This fic won’t leave you wanting as Arthur takes advantage of a look given by his humble Knight answered in Sir Percival’s need to please his sire. Sire, seriously, you’ll never read/hear the word the same AGAIN after this one!

Maggie - I’ve yet to venture very far from Arthur/Merlin, Bradley/Colin, but I have read a few orgy/gang bang fics which take advantage of the plethora of fine knights provided by this fandom. (So. Much. Pretty.) I definitely look forward to reading more stories with the knights in the future.

Fic: The Hinterland Between Firsts and Declarations
Author: junkshop-disco
Summary:Gwaine puts his hair up. Merlin is moved to discover the hitherto unexplored regions of his neck it exposes.

Boo -Yes another Junkshop fic but HOLY HADES people! The mere thought of the delish Sir Gwaine and his gorgeous locks in a pony tail and what Merlin’s tongue can do to all that SKIN on his neck.. its beyond hot into something along the lines of the centre of a volcano. And really, there’s something to be said about Eoin Macken and his long Sir Gwaine hair (though he has UNBELIEVABLY cut it now and I am bereft. but I have faith it will grow.) This is a pairing TuesdayMidnight and I have a MASSIVE love for, seeing as she turned me onto them in the first place, and its fast becoming my second OTP in this fandom (after Merthur of course)...

IF after all that slashy, porny goodness you are left bereft and wanting more, check out these places for more Merlin goodness!
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I adore Merlin fics, and give thanks on a daily basis to Maggie (and all the other fine ladies) that turned me on to this fandom.

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So much is right in the world because the Perv Pack just jumped on the Merlin train.

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SO glad you enjoyed our magical special on Merlin!
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