Monday, November 7, 2011

Team PackPerv: Turn and Face the Strange


We are Pervs that dig the danger and maybe even the fur that comes with being a Pack lover. Team PackPerv isn’t afraid to take on the shape shifters of Quileute. We welcome all the sexy possibilities that come walking on the wild side. So join us in the sunlight and run with the wolves. As always clothing is optional.

The Team PackPerv Pick is...
Title: Turn and Face the Strange
Author: Tuesdaymidnight
Chapters: 8
Words: 48,371
Reviews: 215
Summary: Jacob Black's life is weird. Not only does he shift into a wolf, now he's fighting with his oldest friend over a guy and dealing with a bunch of vampires no one has been able to spot. M/M slash. AU. The Cullens are human. Rated M.

Jeanne - Well fuck me sideways if I didn’t love this sweet, strange and fantastic AU Jakeward fic! Tuesdaymidnight being Tuesdaymidnight never approaches a story in quite the way you expect and that is especially so when it comes to pairing Edward and Jacob.

Turn and Face the Strange is a story about discovering who you are and finding your soul mate all at the same time. In many ways, Jacob’s journey is not unlike all adolescents. Everything in his world, even his body is changing in strange and uncontrollable ways. The discovery that his imprint is a male, and how that reflects on how he perceives himself is one of the most beautiful and refreshingly drama-free parts of this story.

I’m sure the other girls will tell you all about the main plot of the story, which let me tell is a fantastic re-imaging of the events of New Moon, but I’m a Slash-WussPerv at heart. My heart was won the second I met these two adorable, sincere boys and watched them fall in love. Tuesdaymidnight’s will forever have a special place in my heart because the nail biting, angst in this fic has very little to do with our gay boys relationship. Seriously Tuesdaymidnight, I cannot say THANK YOU enough for that.

I’m not going to wax poetic about this fic all night, though I totally could. What I will say is that it’s a wonderful, well rounded take on AU Slash that you haven’t seen before. Jacob and Edward are themselves, though there are some small differences, and all the other characters are as vibrant as our leads.

Side note: I was extremely charmed by the vampires in this fic, though they aren’t the main focus of the story, and I would love for Tuesdaymidnight to write more about the Nomads. *nudge nudge*

Read this story! This is not a request or even a suggestion. READ THE FUCKING STORY NOW! You won’t regret it. I promise. ;)

Emmy - Well hello there Perv Packers.... I am a huge fan/slut for Tuesdaymidnight and a total slag for Edward with boys :) Regardless of the pairing this is a gorgeous and cute HS fic about finding love and LUST along the way! What makes it extra cute is the way that the two male leads have been written. Adorable (& horny!) = perfection! It was really nice to read a fic where there was no grudge between the vamps and wolves. NO leech versus dog comments. Yep - none of that bollocks!

What I did love about this fic was the gay vamps. Stroke of genius. And a great role model for a sexually confused supernatural being such as Jake. The exploration of Jake’s development into said supernatural being, his imprinting AND his imprinting being on a bloke were all handled with aplomb. This fic is short but sweet.
Looky looky at what I mean!

We kissed then, like in a silly fairy tale, until I killed the moment by my stomach growling.

Edward broke the kiss laughing.

"What?" I said, rubbing my stomach. "I have to keep the wolf happy. I was so nervous I could barely eat all day."

"Then we should probably get you home. I'm sorry you were so nervous because of me."

"Well, I didn't know how you would react to it. I was completely wigged out when I found out about the wolf thing, and I'm one of them. The fact that you seem so accepting of it is weird."

"I've always wanted to believe things like magic were real. It's kind of awesome, really. It's like you're an animagus."

"A what?"

"Ugh, I can't believe you've never read Harry Potter."
Aren’t they just super cutie’s? (plus HP reference ftmfw!)
Turn and Face the Strange has a lovely youthful energy to it. These boys are so ruddy cute! Yes I am a total Edward whore. He’s super cute and slightly clingy to Jake, makes for a gorgeous read.

And I am sure this doesn’t have to be said. But two pretty, yummy and in love blokes fumbling and learning each other? Yep. Delish. As always Tuesdaymidnight’s writes verrah verrah good slash.
Both of us were careful not to leave marks on each others necks to avoid questions at school, but my chest was always spotted from Edward's kisses. He was obsessed with my chest, which was fine by me. One time he got me off just from licking and biting my nipples and letting me dry-hump his leg. It was kind of embarrassing, but it became less so when I reached down Edward's pants and got him off with three pumps of my fist.
So want cuteness? Yummy boy loving? Kick-arse wolves? ADORABLE Jake and Edward? Then this is the fic for you! Enjoy!

Chele - If Twilight were written about realistic teenagers and the author had been a little more fond of homosexual characters, this could have been Eclipse.

Okay, maybe not, because there’s also a healthy dose of sexuality, and emotional depth that is refreshing and wonderful, and is much more than is present in canon. Edward is human and completely adorable. His earnestness and reception of Jake made me swoon. Jacob is on such a roller coaster of emotions from the upheaval in his life that he’s nearly emo, but possesses impressive internal strength, and a wicked sense of humor that make him particularly endearing.

Despite the immediacy and urgency of the imprint, I love the way that Tuesdaymidnight takes her time in building Jake’s realization of it, all while Jake and Edward are getting to know each other, and obviously responding to the inexplicable pull. The UST in the high school cafeteria was intense. It left me tingly.

This fic has all my favorite things: intensity of emotion, a strong foundation in canon, clever characterizations, and an erotic edge. Even if you’ve never given Jacob/Edward a shot, this is the best way to break down that final boundary. If you’re a Jakeward veteran? You are guaranteed to love.

Jen - It’s always a treat to see Tuesdaymidnight’s name in my alerts. NGL, I was pretty thrilled to see that she’d written an AU Jakeward, and I couldn’t wait to have a chance to sit down and read her take on these boys.

I really love Jake’s voice in Turn and Face the Strange. Sometimes our beloved characters are in high school yet act, speak, and think like much older people. Not so here; Jake sounds like a teen, and he’s the laid back, happy go lucky guy we know from canon. Edward is adorable. He, and all the Cullens, are human, so there’s no mind-reading and no opportunity for Edward to be a broody bastard.

Jake is pretty stoked when he finds out that he is a shape-shifter. Though he knows about imprinting, he hasn’t quite put together the warm feelings he has toward Edward with what happened to Sam. Combined with the weird pull he feels toward Edward, Jake no longer has a crush on Bella.

Things get really fun when Edward and Jake start spending time together. It’s apparent to both of them that there’s an attraction, and luckily it doesn’t take them long to acknowledge it. They’re just two adorable boys, getting to know each other through talking and kissing and yummm. I know I keep using the word adorable, but seriously, they are just two sweet high school boys.

I reached across the table and stabbed at his dessert. I shoved a huge bite of the cake into my mouth. As I chewed I could feel Edward's gaze on me, and when I looked up, his eyes were trained on my mouth. His stare was so intense, I could feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment. Thank goodness I didn't have Edward's pale skin.

"Edward," I said, snapping my fingers in front of his face.

"Sorry," he squeaked out. "I know we're supposed to feel bad about hiding this from Bella and all, but I can't be this close to you and not get... distracted."
I closed my eyes, trying to will my dick into submission. It was rough being so close to Edward and not be touching him. What I really wanted to do was jump across the table, pin him to the ground and kiss him until my lips were numb. Though, in all honesty, I would have settled for holding his hand.

How sweet are they?

In case you’re worried about getting cavities from all this sweetness, never fear, there are newborn vamps coming after the wolves. There are good vamps who work with the wolves, and I think you’ll enjoy who they are and the way Tuesdaymidnight uses them in the story. This part of the plot is nicely woven around the romantic plot, and will have you holding your breath in spots.

Turn and Face the Strange was an unexpected treat. It’s Jakeward, it’s a high school fic, it’s sweet and adorable. Check it out, I know you’ll love it.

Jess - Like the other Pervs, I was thrilled to see this fic pop up in my inbox. There are many unique elements that make this story pure win. Number one among them (in my mind at least) is how Tuesdaymidnightused all the canon elements we know and love in a new and different way.

First - the Cullens are all human. As I was reading the first two chapters I kept thinking... “Are they human?” And then of course, I realized they were. Each of the Cullens possess the characteristics we are used to, but in this AU fic, it just felt... different. Second, we have both wolves and vamps, but as Emmy said, there is a different sort of animosity between them. I can’t tell you how many times I thought... wow, what a cool way to bring this aspect of SM’s stories to life. As you’re reading, you’ll see exactly what I mean, but it was particularly poignant when Victoria’s army and the wolves are on the verge of an epic battle. Very cool!

The highlight of this story for me was Jake. We are trapped in his head the whole time, and his thoughts are exactly like a high school boy with supernatural powers. We see glimpses of the awe and respect for the wolf inside, the confusion around his sexuality and how he comes to discover he’s gay - and the subsequent confusion over his relationship with Bella, the process of falling in love with Edward, and the intense desire to protect him at all costs.

Jake was amazing in this story. Despite all the craziness of him being a wolf, he just felt so human to me. There are many examples of this, but there’s one that really stands out. There was a moment early on where Jake is in the car with the other Pack boys, thinking about his mother’s death. Lost in his confusion over his feelings for Edward, I found myself getting teary.

I wrapped my arms around myself in the car and tried not to let the tears threaten my eyes. Somehow I just knew that I could talk to my mom about what was going on with me and she would understand in a way no one else would. Most of the time, I didn't think about it too much. I grew up mostly without my mom being there, but occasionally I really, really missed her, and it just wasn't fair that everyone else had a mom and I didn't.

Tuesdaymidnight captured this moment of vulnerability and grief so well, and then she uses grief as a connection point for Jake and Edward later as they slowly open themselves up to each other.

That connection intensifies as the story progresses. I love how Emmy described their blossoming relationship as them “fumbling and learning each other”. It absolutely was! The tension and uncertainty between them is palpable but not overdone. It felt so, so real to me. Take their first kiss, for example. They were sitting in Edward’s room for the first time, awkwardly giving voice to their feelings. Jake is thinking about his first kiss with Leah and how he knew it would be different with Edward because he actually wanted to kiss him... or more importantly, to be kissed by him. The air in the room is practically crackling as their thighs touch.

We both leaned forward, like a movie cliché unfolding. He started tilting his head to the right, so I did the same. Then our lips met and my entire body was screaming 'yes.'

Edward's hand came up to the back of my neck, and his fingers tugged on my hair, holding me in place. I opened my lips and then his tongue filled my mouth. I pressed my tongue against his, forcing him to part his lips wider. His mouth and his tongue were hot and perfect. A warmth started in my stomach and began spreading to every inch of my body.

And that’s what I call swoooooon! Trust - there’s more where that came from. The fumbling leads to exploration which leads to finding and truly learning each other. There is no extraneous, contrived angst in this fic. The story unfolds beautifully, and every turn of events just makes sense.

If you’ve never read Jakeward or have and want something a little different than the standard AU talk on the saga, give Turn and Face the Strange a chance. Make sure you leave Tuesdaymidnight some love and tell her the Pervs sent you!