Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lemon Report 11/29/11

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment.

In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.

Acronym Guide
AU - Alternate Universe
AH - All Human
WIP - Work in Progress
O/S - One Shot
OOC - Out of Character
WP - Wussperv
Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.


Jess - I adore C/B always. So, when Jen sent this a while again, I tucked it away for a later time. Last night, in the midst of reading a bunch of angsty, dark one-shots, I realized I needed something MUCH lighter. This was the perfect fit. Single dad, Carlisle, and single mom, Bella, are neighbors. From day one things just... work. And boy do they work WELL. So yummy.

Laura - This is such a sweet O/S! I enjoy a good C/B story and this absolutely fits that bill. This story brings the fluff but some heat as well. Thanks for the rec Jess & Jen!

AU, O/S, Carlisle/Edward, Slash, Cross-dressing

Jen - I think I’m going to need to admit to myself that I can no longer claim that cross-dressing and gender play are not my thing. The White Dress has pretty much convinced me that, yeah, this turns me on. avioleta is like the queen of Carlward. I adore her stories, and this one is my new favorite. The build-up is amazing, and when Carlisle and Edward finally allow the spark to grow into an inferno... just dead. So amazingly hot and tender and unf.

Jess - Like Jen, this isn’t normally my kind of thing, but this was hot!

Emmy - I too had reservations going into this. But I got caught up in the sexy storytelling of avioleta. Very well done. Subtle, then sizzling.

Teal - I can’t even...gah! I never could have imagined that something like this would be so fun, but it was!

Harry Potter Fic, O/S, Hermione/Scorpius, Hermione/Draco,
Warning:There is some deceptive dub-con here. And also some serious kink, but no incest.

Chele - I’m glad that my obliviousness of the HP universe allows me to stumble on pairings/situations that would otherwise drive me away, because it means I can find dirty awesomeness like this on accident. Ritualistic, rite-of-passage sex, and intensely emotional red-hot fucking all in one tidy, naughty little package. This O/S will tempt your ability to resist the wrong within you.

Jeanne - I love Chele for dropping dirty little gems like this into my inbox. Holy shit, this kinky little romp takes you right up to the edge of being not okay, and then it pulls you back, throws you on the bed and fucks you stupid with it’s awesome. I LOVE swarthy older Draco, and Hermione is surprisingly devious in her own right. Poor Scorpius so wishes he was as much of a badass as his dad. UNF!

Jen - Chele’s words about this o/s might just be what I need to convince me to dip my toe into HP fic.


Jess - I love seeing these two so happy. Even though a wrench has just been tossed into the mix, it’s still amazing to see them work through things instead of escaping/running away from them. Together, they can make some beautiful sweet love!

Jen - Yes! What she said. Loved them making some happy memories in the barn.

Emmy - This chapter killed me. Their pain? Gah. I adore these two. They deserve so much happiness. I was even slower than Edward on the uptake in this chapter! A great chapter, in a great story!

Laura - This has been on my “to read” list for quite some time, looks like it just got moved up the list! I definitely need to start reading this, immediately!

AH, J/A/B/E, O/S

Nicoconsd - An entry for Kink Fest it def lives up to the contests title, nothing like a steaming hot boy on girl on boy on girl on girl or however it went I’m too flustered to remember, one shot to get you going in morning. :)

Jen - *&%^$@! I would not mind being Bella in this equation. js’

Jess - As a general rule, I rarely read stories like this... too much, too many... gah! But holy sweet lord this was deliciously sinful and oh so hot!

Laura - I. Have. No. Words. Okay, that’s a lie but I am as close to speechless as a wordy girl such as myself can get! That was hotter than hot and everyone should read this.

by Anonymous
AH, O/S, Bella/James/Edward

Jen - There was much flailing and squirming during the reading of this fic. We need more dirty talking James in this fandom. More Bella expanding her sexual horizons. More Edward watching. What a delicious treat; I’d thank the author with gropes, but alas, it’s posted anonymously.

Jeanne - True confession time. I was the one that left the anonymous prompt that this fic is written for and I am SO glad I did it, because this is one of the best fics I have ever read. There’s not a lot of Cuckolding fic in the world, much less in Twilight fan fic, but this fic proves what I have always believed, that Twi is made for this kink. Edward’s canon traits of guilt, hesitance and need for control are all realistic base for a cuckolding fetish. Here we understand the reasons why this fetish isn’t just about Ed watching someone else (fuckhot James FTW) fuck Bella, but is actually complex mixture of desires and needs.

Don’t be afraid, this fic is definitely edgy, but at its heart it’s about Edward and Bella expressing their love for each other in one of the most intense and rewarding ways.

Jess - Um... wow! Just go read this, because it is SO damn dirty and hot!

Trin - Please hold while I slow my breathing. This was just so fucking hot! Like Jeanne said this a wee bit scary for B/E but it is so so so worth the read.

Chele - Blown away with awesomeness. So glad some brave soul was willing to go here.

Laura - Just when you thought this report couldn’t get any hotter, it did. Sweet jaysus, that was dirty in all the best ways!

AH, O/S, Ed/Seth, Slash

Jeanne - I LOVE Ed/Seth fic, and this one does not disappoint. Our sexy boys have a naughty, dirty night at the carnival that is sure to curl your toes and explode your pants. UNF!

Jess - Smoldering and so fun! At a carnival... no less!

Trin - I have to agree I love E/S slash the best I think, they are always so much fun and add in a carnival and it’s just a delicious read.

Emmy -HOW THE FUCK HAD I NOT READ THIS???!! So very good! Edward and Seth fics are very good. My third fave pairing after Ed/Riley, Ed/Carlisle!

AH, O/S, Alice/Esme

Jess - Who would have thought a prompt like “AU. Flower Porn. Stamens. Penetration. Fuck reality. I think that's all ;) You choose the character.” could be so hot! And femmeslash to boot! It is. Go read it.

Jen - Gorgeous and sexy. I’m kind of in love with Alice & Esme.

AH, Drabblefic, WIP, E/B

Emmy - I do love a good GeekyWard story. And this comic reading sweetheart Edward is great to read. There is no real lemon as such but lots of self-loving and exploration. An easy, light and fun sexy read.

AH, Complete, SLASH, E/J

Emmy - This former Slash Brigade pick has a fluffy outtake this weeek! Plus a yummy blow-job to boot! Slashy and fluffy fun? Just what the doctor ordered...

Teal - This was totally sweet and silly! A very humorous break from what the rest of the story was like, and it was wonderful to see these hot boys together again.

AH, O/S, KinkFest entry, SLASH, 3Some, J/E/R

Emmy - I am THE biggest slag for Riley and Edward together in a fic. So I loved this! & devoured it! I am still hopeful that there will be more Edward/Riley to come from TwiKinkFest. (PLEASE WRITE IT FOR ME!). But this was done very well. Jasper is deffo the star in this. But the special guest appearance from Riley was a yummo yummo delight!

Jen - I don’t even know what to say here. Maybe that on Thanksgiving I said I was thankful for the organizers of the TwiKinkFest for bringing us such goodies? This was just delicious. Jasper’s kind of devious, Edward will go along with most anything Jasper suggests, and Riley is taken by surprise but totally on board for debauchery. Yes please!

Laura - Well, this was awesome! I never thought I would love slash the way I do, I’m glad I expanded my horizons. Some of the best stories in the fandom are slash and this is a terrific example of that. Give this story a shot, it is ridiculously hot.

AU, O/S, SLASH, Dark, Carlisle/Alec

Emmy - Slightly horrorish, angsty and yet beautifully sweet. Tender, tender and heartbreaking. I loved this fic!

Jen - Wow! This is a situation I’ve never seen Carlisle in- on the run, hiding from the Volturi after taking drastic action to protect his family, and, zomg, having a lover. It’s like Em says- such a mix of emotions and pure unadulterated hotness!

Harry Potter Fandom, WIP, Draco/Hermione

Chele - Don’t be intimidated by the size of this fic, because it is amazing, and you’re going to be unable to stop reading it until you’ve had every chapter. Following the disaster on the Astronomy tower, Draco is placed in hiding at Hogwarts in Hermione’s rooms where their initial hatred for one another eventually turns to an amazing and passionate relationship. The smut is intense and perfectly placed. The writing here is superb and it had my emotions tied in knots. So good! Quick, someone read it so you can flail with me!

AH, O/S, E/B, spanking

Jen - There’s something so hot about the way Bella takes care of her husband here. She knows what he needs, and makes sure he gets it. It sounds like they don’t have a full on D/s relationship, but it’s something that they play with when Edward needs it. I love how it plays with the canon aspect of Bella as the sexual aggressor. Unf!

Jess - I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a crying Edward but wow. Bella taking charge, giving him what he needs and owning him in the process like that... and then caring for him perfectly... so good.