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Slash Bridge: Rinse and Repeat


What Perv doesn't love sexy man on man action? The truth is so many of us Pervs love slash fic that we can't just be called a team. We're the whole damn brigade! Batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies 'cause the ladies of the Slash Brigade are here to rec some slash fic.This Slash Brigade Pick is...

The Slash Brigade pick is...

Title: Rinse and Repeat
Author: Fr333bird
Chapters: 4
Words: 14, 664
Reviews: 149
Summary: For Twikinkfest. Jasper has low self esteem. He gets drunk and has sex with just about anyone. When he sobers up enough to go home he feels even worse about himself, but his roommate Peter is always there to pick up the pieces. Adult content. AH

Emmy - Now I think you all know that I am normally not much of a Jasper fan. But I completely am in this fic. It’s a short and (bitter)sweet tale of flatmates: Jasper with issues, especially around intimacy, and Peter who admires Jasper from afar. Peter is always there for him, but how long can he hang in there and watch whilst his friend falls apart? Whilst his friend gives himself away so carelessly to others. Others who will not care for him.

This was written in response to a TwiKinkFest prompt and I think Fr333bird more than does it justice. It’s sexy, as anonymous dirty sex is. But then it becomes more. As Jasper’s angst and pain comes through loud and clear. It’s not only Jasper who is hurting, but Peter, too. Boy! We really do feel his pain as he tenderly tends to the boy he loves as a friend, and perhaps as more?

The writing of these scenes is top notch. Fr333bird really pulls it off. It is not easy to write both sexily and painfully. It’s a very fine line which she masterfully balances. Some scenes are sexier and others are just downright painful to read:

"Sorry," I mutter, ashamed. "I can suck you instead, if you want."

He pulls out and I turn around. He's older than me by ten years or more, dressed smartly, nice looking. I don't meet his eyes, just drop to my knees in front of him. He pulls the condom off and I take his cock in my mouth. He's long and uncut. I taste latex and the bitter salt of pre-cum. He pushes in deep and I gag around him, my dry mouth filling with saliva. He twists his fingers into my hair and I suck hard, feeling the drool escaping from the corners of my mouth. I reach for my own cock and fist it quickly, impatient for release. He doesn't take long. I let him fuck my mouth, but he pulls out when he cums, painting my face with thick white stripes. The shock triggers my own orgasm and I gasp and grip myself harder, coming all over my hand and his shoes.

Peter is just wonderful. He’s an absolute dreamy, top bloke!

Peter grips my wrists gently and pulls me up, wrapping an arm around my waist and supporting me as I stagger towards the bathroom. The bath is full of water, vapor curling up from the surface in delicate twists. The mirror is steamed up and I'm glad that I can't see my reflection. I don't want to see this broken, pathetic person.

He helps me out of my clothes. His hands are careful as he helps me pull my t-shirt over my head. When I fumble with my fly he brushes my hands away, his fingers warm on mine. He unfastens the buttons quickly, efficiently and pushes my pants down. He supports me with his hands on my shoulders as I step out of them and kick them aside. I manage to shove my underwear down and step out of those too.

I feel exposed in front of Peter, naked in a way that I never feel when I'm being fucked by a stranger. I step into the tub, wincing as I sink into the steaming water. I sit, hunched over, hugging my knees to my chest and let my head rest on my arms. I feel numb, somewhere outside myself again. I lack the energy to do anything other than sit there and let the warm water soothe me.

Peter wets a washcloth and runs it over my back, the fabric scratches a sore spot and I wince. He stops and I feel him lean close to look.

But how can he help Jasper when Jasper doesn’t think he is worthy of his care? We see how both Jasper and Peter suffer from Jasper’s decision to withdraw from Peter and his old ways of living.

This story is compelling. You ache for both Jasper and Peter to get the happy ending they deserve. The love they deserve together. But life is not easy or straightforward and this is written so well. As I said that balance of pleasure and pain is so well communicated and the tender hope of both Jasper and Peter alongside their pains and fears is perfectly written and captured. A brilliant fic. Must read!

Jeanne - I love how beautiful things can grow in the most dirty, wounded places in the world. This fic was written to answer a prompt for the TwiKinkFest and I am so grateful to those brave ladies for laying fertile grounds where fantastic fics like Rinse and Repeat can bloom. It is not pretty, but it is precious.

The story starts out rough, as in dirty, degrading bathroom sex that I will admit turned me on as much as it also disgusted me. Seeing poor Jasper debasing himself for the sake of the escape that comes through hot, anonymous sex both broke and won my heart in the space of a few paragraphs.

While Jasper’s torment is graphic and raw, so is the way that Peter lovingly cares for him. That’s what won me with this fic the contrast of degradation and transcendence. At the heart of it all is love, Jasper’s clumsy, desperate need for the kindness that only Peter can provide to him. The gentle, sweet sexiness of their sex scenes are a stark departure from the rough, filthiness of the sex Jasper has with other men. Through that comparison we see the blinding beauty of their bond and love.

Rinse and Repeat isn’t an light read, but it is worth your the journey to see these two boys find each other and love. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it. I promise.

Jess - I fell in love with this story from early in chapter one and was practically begging for more by the time I got to the end. I am ecstatic Fr333bird actually continued this, because I needed to see how Jasper and Peter came through on the other end.

The girls have already laid out a pretty clear picture of what this story is about and how utterly heartbreaking it was to watch Jasper’s self-loathing and need for something, anything, fill that void. I think what I’d like to focus on is Peter. He is amazing in this story. He has loved Jasper for years, suffered in silence that his affections haven’t been returned (partly because he never said anything), and watched Jasper come home drunk and reeking of sex too many times to count. The opening chapter gives us a glimpse of the tender way Peter cares for Jasper as he draws him a bath, bathes him, helps him dress, and then holds him while Jasper falls apart.

But last night – last night was the worst I've ever seen him. The sight of him in the bathtub, so vulnerable, marked by careless teeth and fingers made me want to weep. I roll onto my front, burying my face into my pillow and clench my fists as I feel the hot tears prickling behind my eyelids. I don't know how much longer I can bear to watch him do this to himself.

The next chapter is all Peter, and it feels good to get into his head, to feel his pain, and to see why he does what he does and why he sticks by Jasper’s side after everything. Of course, the journey they take as individuals and together is fraught with difficult times, but the way the learn to forgive and love is so fulfilling and perfect.

This story will punch you in the gut, but damn it hurts so good. I am itching for the promised epi! I cannot wait to get a glimpse of what lies ahead for these two boys.

Teal - Did someone say Peter and Jasper? *grins*

When I first saw the premise of this story, I was very hesitant to jump into something that would have angst and Teal-heartbreak between my two favorite boys - my OTP. Thankfully, my Pervs steered me back on track and encouraged me to get reading. Gah! So glad I did!

Jasper is fucked up. There is no doubt about that, and it’s from the very first word of the story. The beautiful part is that as many issues as he has, this turns out to be a story about the power of friendship and love. (And, oh yeah, really fuck hot boysecks!) Even when it kills him Peter is there for his friend, giving Jasper the support and care he needs. To Jasper, that means more than anyone else in the world.

In a short, concise package, this is a beautiful love story, a heartwarming journey of healing, and a hot-as-fuck erotica. I don’t think I could have asked for more with these boys.

*prints copies and snuggles with the pages*

Jen - Rinse and Repeat could not be more different than Fr333bird’s previous Twific, He Who Dares Watches. Luckily for us, Fr333bird writes angst just as well as she does funny and sweet.

The first chapter finds Jasper in the middle of an anonymous sexual encounter. It’s clear pretty quickly that Jasper is a very troubled man; that he isn’t seeking sex for pleasure, but as a way of numbing and punishing himself. For years his roommate and best friend, Peter, has ached, watching the man he loves indulge in self-destructive behavior. Peter is there for him, no matter how it kills him to see Jasper so broken. Even if Jasper can’t see it and Peter finds it impossible to say it, Peter’s love for Jasper comes through in the tender way he cares for Jasper when he couldn’t possibly care for himself.

One of the things I love best about this story is that there isn’t an instant fix for Jasper once he and Peter have sex. It’s hot, of course, but Jasper can’t believe that anyone, let alone Peter, could love him.

The way he looked at me while we were fucking... no one's ever looked at me like that before. He looked at me as if I was something precious, something wonderful. And while he was moving inside me I could almost believe that it was true. But once it was over I was swamped with self-loathing again.

Jasper avoids getting wasted and going to clubs for a while, even though he’s pushed Peter away after their night together. But eventually he can’t resist his need to numb his pain, and he goes out. Something happens, though, when he’s about to let himself be fucked by another stranger: Jasper decides he can’t let it happen.

"I couldn't go through with it. Something felt different. When it came down to it, I didn't want it. I didn't want to be touched by someone who didn't give a shit about me." I clench my fists, my fingernails cutting into my palm and my voice comes out as a hoarse whisper. "All I could think about was you."

Fortunately, Peter is strong enough to both admit that he wants something more with Jasper *and* to set some ground rules before trying for a relationship. So many times in fic we hear the line ‘I’ll take you however I can have you’. I cheered that Peter respects himself enough to demand more from Jasper. As Jasper recovers and they figure out what it means to be a couple, the UST grows and grows. When they do sleep together, it’s not just fucking, it’s truly making love.

Like the other girls have said, it’s not an easy read. The ugliness is pretty intense, but it just makes Jasper’s recovery and their blooming love that much sweeter.


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