Monday, November 7, 2011

Give It Up: Twilight Kink Fest


We Pervs are constantly on the lookout for new sources of smut. Contests and writing challenges are a great place to troll for sexy one-shots to feed our appetites. Do you have a kink you’re dying for someone to explore? Here are the details for a writing challenge that you’ll love. Go, get writing and feed the PPSS beast!

Have you ever wanted to read a fic about your personal kink? Is there a kink you’re dying for someone to explore?

Then The Twilight Kink Fest is right up your alley!

The Twilight Kink Fest is a two-part challenge designed to allow readers to submit kinky prompts and for writers to take a stab at making them real.

Part 1:
Submit your kinks!! What plotline are you aching to read? Do you have a kink you'd love to see represented in the fandom?  Give them to us!

Be specific, give writers a good grasp of what you’re looking for. For example: “Edward/Emmett, AU, Emmett is into feet—licking, sucking, etc, and Edward is the only one who knows. Edward decides to give Emmett what he’s always wanted for his 150th birthday.”

Prompts - words or pictures - may be submitted and claimed between 7-13 November.

Part 2:
Share, share, share those fics! Once you’ve written your fic, post it either to The Twilight Kink Fest tumblr or to your FFN/Twilighted/LiveJournal account and submit the link.

All fics must be submitted between 14 November-16 December.

For complete rules, dates, and submission guidelines, please see The Twilight Kink Fest tumblr, or find hosts sadtomatoff, tuesdaymidnight, TheRainGirl4, Fr333bird, or TwiKinkFest on Twitter.

If you are hosting a smutty fan fiction contest or challenge and would like to be featured on Give it UP contact us at