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Talk Nerdy To Me: Animate Me by abstract way

A periodic taste of geeky goodness from our resident GeekPerv©, Trin.

Title: Animate Me
Author: abstract way
Chapters: 5 (WIP)
Words: 21,714
Reviews: 683
Summary: Professional animator Edward worships cartoon exec Bella from afar by day and draws her in his comic book late at night. When this Daffy Duck-loving geek comes face to face with his dream girl, will his fantasy world come to life?

Trin -

“There you go with the breasts too big again.”

*SWOOOOON* How can you not love a story that starts off with that? Edward is a shy, geeky and slightly socially awkward animator at Animation Nation where he works with Bella the smart, sassy, curvy cartoon executive.

Even though they have worked together for a while their first real encounter is when Edward is helping out his friend filling in at Geek World...wearing a pocket protector. After Edward helps Bella with a computer problem and some fun banter ensues his feelings move from just being interested in the beautiful Bella Swan to feeling the need to know everything he possibly can about her.

This story is only 5 chapters in but I am already a smitten kitten over AnimatorWard! He falls asleep listening to self-help books, has an appreciation for pin-up girls and is not embarrassed to call his brother for advice on ladies. The friendship that develops between Edward and Bella over daily coffees is sweet and innocent and I am always a sucker for a friendship before dating situation. Even though Bella is seeing the head honcho, Aro, at Animation Nation there is a definite chemistry between her and Edward. This story is only from EPOV but abstract way does such a fantastic job of writing this story so that you are able to decipher some of Bella’s feelings starting to come out.

I love that Bella is a successful executive, but she doesn’t just look at her job from the business side but also really appreciates the art and talent that it requires. She is pretty self-assured (except for where Aro is involved, it seems) which is so refreshing in a story for Bella to have confidence but not in the “I’m trying to prove something” kind of way. Her personality helps Edwards lose some of his nervousness and awkwardness without making him feel like he has to be someone he isn’t. It’s just like any good relationship it helps you to be the best person you can.

Since this is the Perv Pack I want to be upfront and say there hasn’t been any full blown lemons yet, but oh the UST. However, there is one hell of a sexy wank while Edward fantasizes of Bella as well as a very sweet make out session.

In the sanctuary of my room, with my sheets pushed down, I'm picturing Bella crawling over me. If thoughts are things, then I'm watching her lift up and sink down, straddling me with her lush thighs pressed against my hips. I moan as she begins to slowly grind over me.

This story is the perfect mix of nerd references, sweet shy Edward, and sexy that leaves you dying for more. Which I am!

Emmy - I cannot remember who sent the call around The Shack to read this... But I am very grateful that they did.

This is one of those stories where I get all excited to see an update, even though there isn’t any actual full blown lemon’s yet....

I love both this Bella AND this Edward, and that rarely happens. Edward is adorable, he’s super-smart, super-talented, super-funny but also super anxious. Adorkable anyone? ?? He so is.
He is anxious, not about his talent but about his life and how he’ll make his dreams a reality.. He’s confident in his drawings and his ability at his job. But he is not the kind of guy that can put himself out there. He also is extremely anxious about his personal life. Edward is not good with women, except for his good friend Allie. Somehow though he manages to start talking to one of the managers Bella, and they become friends.

Bella however is going out with Aro, as in chief whip, as in top-dog, as in own’s the company Aro, what chance does wee artist and designer Edward have in catching her eye?

Bella is a refreshing character, we only see her through Edward’s POV, but she is smart, funny, happy to be his friend, full of life and snark. She’s a geek girl of the highest order. Full of class and is definitely keen to bring herself pleasure. What we don’t know at this point is how Edward fits in apart from being her ‘friend’. She obviously likes and respects him but does she lust after him???? Edward fecking things up in his geeky way at each turn, doesn’t help matters much but Bella hasn’t run for the hills yet.

There is not much in the way of smut in this story. But there is a hot wanking scene. Which I am always a fan of...... And some killer UST. Ding ding.

Jeanne - Okay, the first thing that caught my attention about Animate Me was the title. See, I’m not just a big ol’ geek, I’m a multi-layered one. So when I saw that Edward is not only an animator, but he illustrates his own comic book on the side...I nearly broke glass with my squee of geek glee. As you read this adorable story of Edward’s fumbling attempts to woe the woman of his dreams the geeky treats just keep on rolling in.

If you love Geekwards this story is for you. Edward is a dedicated, and talented artist. Thanks to abstract way's knowledge in art and geekdom his internal monologue about his work is not only believable at times it’s eye opening. It feels like we get a special peak into the world of animation. Seeing the ins and outs what it's like to be a working animator at Animation Nation, the studio that Edward (and Bella for that matter) works at. We also get to see Edward’s equally quirky co-workers. My particular favorite is Alice or Ali as she likes to be called. She’s the kind of girl that’s used to hanging with the boys and holds her own. Speaking of holding her own, oh my god I love this Bella.

She is smart, self-possessed and dead sexy. From the first moment she sashays into the story she commands the readers attention and appreciation as much as Edward’s. She’s a geek as well, fluent in the language of animation culture and she’s also a successful executive at Animation Nation. Oh yeah, and she’s also the CEO, Aro’s girlfriend. GAH! *flails*

The interactions between these two is rife with UST. Edward’s imaginary sexual escapades with Bella are volcanic, and when they final get a chance to get a little physical I nearly went in to cardiac arrest.

Abstract way has a talent for capturing what would seem to be a very unglamorous world, and makes it fascinating. Her characters come off the page, and capture your heart. As for the love story, well it’s timeless. Boy meets girl, falls in love and promptly fucks up every opportunity he gets to win her heart. Edward's own anxiety and insecurity are the real antagonists of this story.

Animate Me has seduced me, and keeps me coming back for more. Give it a chance and I’m sure it will win you over too.


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