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Slash Brigade: Parade of One-Shots

This month’s Slash Brigade features one-shots we love!

Perv: Jeanne
Title: Sexurity Checkpoint
Author: TruceOver
Words: 3,643
Summary: I love a man in uniform.

I’ll let you in on a not-so-big secret of mine. I love James. I’m talking giant puffy hearts love. Right now, I’m doodling his name in my bright pink, Barbie journal. He’s dreamy and sexy and...WHOA! What the fuck? Yeah, I know, that shit was totally out of character for me. Just like most people’s version of James in fan fic.

Too often in fan fic writers take the easy route with James, making him the catch-all villian/rapist/abusive-ex you name it. This is sad and so shortsighted in my opinion. James is a complex and still rather mysterious character. He’s an unknown factor, and that makes him dangerous. Human James holds these mysterious and dangerous quality. Where you don’t know what he’s going to do, whether you’re really safe, but that’s what’s so sexy about him. These are just a few of the reasons that I love him.

The ever talented TruceOver
has taken on the task of writing James as well as one of my other favorite Twi vamps, Riley. In this all too short one shot, poor Riley has been stopped by TSA during a routine security check, because of some suspicious items in his bags. We are also gripped with the same terror and embarrassment as he is escorted to a special room so they can do a thorough search of his bag. This is where Riley meets James and things take a sexy turn.

God, I love TruceOver’s slash, but I especially love her smut. Sexurity Checkpoint does not disappoint.

Take a little adventure with these two naughty boys. You will not regret it, I promise.

Perv: Teal
Title: Scintillating Pattern
Author: Whitlock-Masen
Words: 13,914
Summary: Geeky Edward has had a crush on his older brother's best friend, Garrett, for years. When he finds himself sharing an apartment with Garrett, it seems he just might get what he wants - but things aren't always what they seem. Written for theladyingrey42.

Did you know that there are only 36 Garrett-centric fics in all of FFn? And did you know that you could count on one hand how many of those are slash? What are we waiting for, people? IMO, Garrett is prime for some slash loving: he’s a free spirit, a drifter, and an adventurer - the man who was game to try almost anything. Hellooooo, why aren’t we paying him more attention? Thankfully - oh so thankfully - Whitlock-Masen heard the soft little cries of those of us who love both Garrett and slash and put together this lovely story about long-time crushes, firsts, and misunderstandings, coupled with a taste of angst and eventually the sweetness Garrett deserves.

It all starts when Emmett graduates from college and sets his little brother Edward up with a place to live. That just so happens to be sharing an apartment with Emmett’s best friend Garrett. Who Edward has been making goo-goo eyes at since high school. Through flashbacks and memories, the progression of their friendship is revealed, paving the path for the frustration and UST that this charming Garrett and D&D playing Geekward both feel.

Don’t worry, though. It all works out in the end. With the UNF and the aww! and a plethora of delicious mental images. Don’t miss out on this one!

Perv: Chele
Title: Until I Got High
Author: SamieJamesBait
Words: 3,225
Summary:I was going to seduce my straight best friend...until I got high. Lucky for us - he didn't smoke weed. Jasper/James slash Originally entered in the High Times Contest

The amount of dirty blond boy awesome here is only barely contained within the confines of this short story.

Jasper has been not-so-subtly crushing on his friend James for a while, and it’s become obvious that James, despite his protests otherwise, is feeling the attraction as well. One afternoon while hanging out in Jasper’s bedroom, we get to find out exactly how interested James is.

Originally a High Times Contest entry, I love the way that SamieJamesBait incorporates smoking within this story. The way Jasper’s body feels like lead, allowing him to be completely at the mercy of James’s attentions removed any questions regarding the desires of either participant. In fact, it made me wonder if James has just been biding his time until Jasper was in a position to let James take control of the situation.

Boy do I like it when James is in control.

I loved seeing this pairing. I can totally see these two hanging out, making out, and eventually, coming out.

Perv: Jen
Title: The Lighthouse
Author: ICMezzo
Words: 9,384
Summary: Salt and rocks. Edward and Jasper. Ocean, tears, and a chance to find their way home. A sequel to the one-shot "Rocky Shores." AH, slash, angst, rated M

Don’t tell the other Pervs, but I’m cheating a little bit. In order to get the most out of The Lighthouse you really do need to read another o/s first: Rocky Shores. ICMezzo never planned to add on to the T-rated, angst-o-licious o/s, but I guess Edward wanted a chance to tell us his story.

ICMezzo ratchets up the angst in The Lighthouse while also painting a lovely picture of two men falling for one another. It’s a tough situation--falling in love over just one week with a person who lives in a different city. Add in the fact that this person had his heart broken, and, while he’s mostly recovered, still considers himself broken it feels like a nearly impossible situation.

Lucky for us this tale of longing and heart-achiness is broken up with steamy lemons. The attraction between Edward and Jasper was obvious in Rocky Shores, and from their first kiss to full on naked sexytimes in The Lighthouse they are on-fire hot.

If you like your lemons with a healthy serving of angst, get thee to The Lighthouse asap!

Perv: Emmy
Title: Never Who You Think You Are
Author: Sweet Moi
Words: 13,225
Summary: Winner in the Two Is Better Than One Contest! Seth is unexpectedly faced with his teenage crush during a visit home. This time, Seth's eager to show Edward he's not the boy he was way back when. A collaboration by Sweetp-1 and faite-comme-moi for AH, OOC


This is an interesting fic, and NOT my usual read I must say... It’s not a happy, fluffy or kinky fic. Neither is the Edward in it, my usual kind of fave main character. So why I am reccing this then? Well it’s a very good read. I like the lessons and learning within the story. I really really like the characterization of Seth in this. I love the reality in this fic, and the consequences of stupid decisions. I also liked the lemony action. Blow jobs, hand jobs and sex? Why thank you & yes please!!! You know how I like my fics....

I also like this fic as it has one of my fave slash characters in it - Riley! I started off the fic being thrilled it was Riley, then being annoyed with his finger-snapping, bitchy way, and by the end of the fic I was missing him and hoping that bridges hadn’t been burned. PS: Can people PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of god write me some more Edward/Riley? There is really a huge gaping wide deficit for it in the fandom. Thank you! ;)

But yes. Do read this fic. Its deffo a bit different (at least for me) and well worth it! Thanks! E. xxxx

Perv: Liz
Title: Prohibition
Author: Tuesday Midnight
Words: 2477
Summary: Massachusetts, 1925. Edward and Riley have been engaged in a secret relationship for nearly a year. Can Edward forgive Riley after their last argument? Can Edward come to terms with Riley's unfortunate family ties? AH. Slash. Rated M.

I don’t normally enjoy ‘period’ fic because it seems most writers tend to get a little heavy handed with period references. This is a very fast read using subtle details and language cues to evoke the feel of the roaring twenties, without hitting us over the head with a copy of The Great Gatsby. The story is a parting encounter between two men caught in circumstances neither of them can change. In merely 2500 words, Tuesday manages to deftly pack in jealousy, mafia intrigue, closeted homosexuality, passion and heartbreak.

Riley and Edward are lovers, closeted to protect their families from scandal, soon to be separated by Edward’s move to Chicago, and a marriage to Victoria that Riley can’t escape. Their parting encounter will leave you breathless and wondering if they can manage to overcome the obstacles before them and remain together.


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