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Fandom Hopping: Harry Potter


Some may say we’re easily distracted.

Some may accuse us of giving up on Twilight (NEVER).

We say, “Why limit ourselves to just one fandom full of smut when there are soooo many other possibilities out there?!?!” And so we give you Fandom Hopping, a place to poke your nose into another universe, meet some new characters, and enjoy all the pervy possibilities when a writer fucks with the universe someone else created. Don’t worry, friends, Edward & Co. will all be there waiting for you when you get back, but for now, take a walk with us down a different path.

Fic: The Love You Take
Author: Subversa
Summary: Hermione is cursed by the Death Eaters, and Dumbledore believes Professor Snape is the only one who can help her and keep her safe. Hermione is 18 years old in this story, but she is still a student.

Chele - This is, quite possibly, the best smut-centric work of fanfiction I have ever read. From the initial build of UST-laden interactions to the height of erotic shared passion, there is a constant revelation of character and personality which made me absolutely fall in love with Severus and Hermione both as individuals, and as a couple.

The premise of The Love You Take is made for smut and awesomeness. Voldemort has cursed Hermione with Eternus Perturbatio- which causes her to imprint upon the first man she sees with a raging need for sexual relief that can only be supplied by him. Again and again. Forever. (Note: This is the Twilight Pack imprint fic I wish had been written. I will beg you to do it.) Dumbledore thrusts this responsibility on Professor Snape, whom he trusts to handle the task honorably and gently. The Professor attempts to do this by satisfying her aching need as clinically and efficiently as he is able, requiring her to guide their interactions, right down the the placement of his hands.

The UST builds to volcanic heat as Snape denies his own sexual desire by refusing to fuck her, until Hermione demands a more thorough attending to. It is delicious and awesome.

‘I have very little choice in this,’ he said, panting slightly as he rained smacks on alternating sides of her bum, ‘but what choice I have, I will exercise, Miss Granger! Is that clear?’

The only thing that was clear to Hermione was that this ignominious spanking was heightening her arousal. Squirming forward slightly, she parted her thighs further, offering her fanny as well as her bum for spanking.

She could not see, but felt her professor’s consternation, for he stopped spanking and remained motionless for what seemed an eternity to the needy naked woman on his bed. At last she spoke. ‘I apologise, Professor, but I can’t reach your hands to put them where I want them – would you please spank me and finger me until I climax?’

Teacher spanks student? In the hands of a lessor author this could have been crack-fic, but the way she has written Snape, he is dripping sex, power and control and the result is shockingly erotic.

Subversa weaves an intricate plot, intense physicality and overwhelming emotions. While Hermione is 18, she is still very much a student, and the scrutiny and societal dogma haunts their relationship as they begin to develop true emotional attachments. While this would be complicated enough, Snape is still embroiled in subterfuge with the Dark Lord and any weakness could be exploited to the peril of the entire wizarding world. I am driven mad by the stark contrast between Severus’ velvet tender treatment of Hermione while he retains all his sharp, jagged edges and rapier wit. He is brave, strong and intense. She is spirited, brilliant and passionate. Together, they are beautiful and perfect and brilliantly real.

In the interests of full disclosure. I’ve never read the Harry Potter books, nor seen the movies. However, within the first hundred words the cadence of the writing and the premise of the story hooked me, and reeled my smut & plot-loving heart right in. This fic has inspired me to dive in relentlessly to the original work so that I can better grasp the wonder of these characters.

Yes, this fic is so good, I want to go read 7 other books so I can know Snape and Hermione better.

It is a rare indulgence to see a fic with such amazing writing bring together edge-of-your-seat storyline with wicked eroticism. This is that fic. You owe it to yourself. Spend a day in a dark room reading. Indulge.

Jeanne - I am a Snape fangirl to the core. Even at the end of Half-Blood Prince my faith in his heart was never shaken, not for a second. Then again, I have a tendency to fall in love with the easily dismissed and misunderstood characters in fiction. If there is a more maligned and misread character than Severus Snape please feel free to point him/her out to me.

On the other hand, I’ve always had a bit a tumultuous relationship with Hermione. While I love her intelligence, tenacity and loyalty to her friends I just never got...Ron. Like at all. Don’t get me wrong I heart Ron, but he’s a bit thick. While I could buy a young, inexperienced Hermione having a schoolgirl crush on one of her best friends (Harry being the more likely object of her affection, in my opinion) I just couldn’t see it lasting. I mean what the fuck would they talk about?

Now, when I look at these two characters together, pushing aside the social conventions that say their relationship would be inappropriate, I see two intelligent, driven and rather pig-headed people that actually have a great deal in common. Scratch the surface, look at Severus’ past and it’s easy to see that he was the Hermione of his era. Likewise, without her friendship with Harry and Ron it’s very easy to see Hermione becoming consumed with her school work and alienated from her fellow classmates. All of this is easy for me to see in canon, but it’s not that easy to show it to the less easily convinced. Subversa creates the perfect scenario for these two to become intimately acquainted and for these similarities to be highlighted.

The Love You Take is one of the most well written, heartbreaking and romantic fan fictions I have ever read. Even as I make this statement you must not forget that the male lead of this story is Severus Snape. He is not a white knight full of flowery words and noble intentions. He is arrogant, snide and often unforgivably rude jerk.

She stood before him in naught but his own pathetic grey nightshirt and with a low sob of anguish she cried, ‘Why did he bring me to you?’

For the first time since she had woken in her professor’s private rooms and this whole nightmare had begun to unfold, Severus Snape’s face showed emotion: complete and utter disdain.

‘I suppose because it is a headmaster’s privilege to delegate less enjoyable tasks,’ he spat. ‘I assure you I did not beg for the job.’

The animosity that exists between Hermione and Snape in canon is ever present in the beginning of this story, and it serves to make the situation that much more uncomfortable. Yet, the necessity of what must be done to alleviate Hermione’s torment wins out over their mutual animosity.

‘Will you help me?’ she asked, thinking he would surely deny her and wondering if he would be more amenable to killing her, for she would surely go insane if something was not done soon.

‘You have only to ask,’ he replied steadily, the sneer gone from his face now,
replaced by the impassive mask he had worn since she had first seen him tonight.

‘Please, help me,’ Hermione cried. ‘Make it stop!’

She could not have explained the difference, but her Potions master shifted in his seat, so that his posture was open and welcoming. The black hair hung like curtains about his thin, sallow face and the endless black eyes never wavered from her face.

‘Come along, then,’ he said, and Hermione collapsed into his lap and buried her face in his neck, giving herself into his capable hands.

Both of these quotes come from the same scene, and the demonstrate how skilled Subversa is at navigating these two through this impossibly awkward situation, while still keeping them completely in character. That is part of the magic that makes this story so compelling and spellbinding.

The narrative is in 3rd person limited, switching each chapter back and forth between Hermione and Snape’s POVs. This allows us to see both their journeys as they adjust to this new wrinkle in their relationship, and also see how it effects them emotionally.

...he had not stopped running since Dumbledore had walked out, leaving him with an eighteen-year-old girl who would, for the foreseeable future, be in a nearly constant state of sexual arousal with Severus as her only focus.


Determinedly, he simply held her cradled in his lap, ignoring the fluttering of his own libido. This was not about him – and he was damned if he would permit it to become about him. From the goodness of his heart, he was performing a duty – as a favour to Dumbledore, his general in war. He would do exactly and precisely what needed to be done – no more! And he would never do anything but what was requested of him.

I love Snape’s internal monologue, it plays as a lovely, often contradictory counterpoint to his words and actions. Despite his appearance of aloof, irritation with Hermione and the burden she brings, we see in his thoughts the truth that, at times, even Snape does not. He is desperately lonely, and he has given up on hope that it will ever change. In fact, because of his past mistakes Severus believes that he is not entitled to even the smallest sliver of happiness, not even the enjoyment that he could find in his assistance with Hermione’s situation, namely sex that he doesn’t have to pay for.

Damn and blast! He had reckoned without his body’s reaction to the girl’s – the woman’s – need. Her body was perfect in form and lovely in her longing – and he was a damned geriatric pervert for thinking so! Miss Granger was his student, who deserved his protection – she was a fellow Order member, who deserved his loyalty – and she was a witch of uncommon skill and cleverness, who deserved his respect.

Yet here he was, remembering his fingers inside her slick heat and wishing it had been his cock, instead.

Eyeing the bar of soap, still wet from her earlier shower, he imagined her standing where he now stood, passing the soap over her flawlessly smooth skin. He wanted to touch her in all the same ways the soap had done – and he was disgusted afresh when his cock twitched at the notion.

With a groan of defeat, he pressed his forehead to the icy marble tile. How could an impotence potion be expected to work when all of that out-of- control passion was directed at him? He had been so sure that deeply-seated compassion would prevent his arousal on some level – but he had never dreamt that she would behave to him with such particular desire. She has asked him – her ugly, old teacher – to kiss her wanton lips – then she had kissed him – as if she could not help herself. Was he not just a useful pair of hands – a convenient mouth – for that matter, a handy cock? How could she make it so bloody personal?

In this moment of unguarded contemplation, you can see not only Snape’s deep seeded sense of honor, but his intense loneliness threaded with self deprecation. These are the thoughts of a soldier at war, a man that wouldn’t know salvation if an angel landed in his lap. Which in this case is exactly what has happened.

Now, let’s talk about the sex. It is in this fic a lot. In fact, most of the first half of the story is comprised of Snape and Hermione fucking a lot. I think you get the picture.

She sat unclothed upon his bed, her bushy brown hair a tangle upon her shoulders, her eyes fixed upon him with a hunger every bit as naked to him as was her flesh to his eyes. Unable to resist the impulse, he ran his thumb again over the sole of her foot, and she shuddered, her thighs parting, the scent of her need evident to him.

That is fucking hot and there is not a single mention of pussy or dick in that entire paragraph. Don’t get me wrong Subversa isn’t above using words like clit and cock, but she has a sense of balance and purpose to her word choices. The spell she weaves with the language is amazing. While at times I did find myself giggling over the use of the word “quim” (because at heart I’m a twelve year old boy), even I cannot argue that it’s use adds to the atmosphere of the story. You feel like you’re reading a book set in a different time and a different world, which to me augments the eroticism of the story. Then again she’s not above slipping in some modern conventions of erotica that seems to fit these character’s dynamic to a tee.

He pushed the satin robes from her body and stepped away from her again, letting his eyes roam in a leisurely way over her black lace demi-bra and the lacy suspenders attached to her black stockings; it seemed to her as if his eyes travelled very slowly down her legs to the shoes. She reached behind her back to unclasp the bra, but he said, ‘I would like for you to remain as you are.’

Hermione stood upon the carpet in her elf-made sling-back stilettos, knickerless, and watched her professor undress before he took her wrist and led her back to the bed. She ached for him in every cell of her body. ‘Please...’ she whispered.

‘Lie down,’ he answered. ‘I should very much like to fuck you, now.’

She bent to slip off her shoes, but he stopped her.

‘As I said – I want you to remain as you are.’

Hermione looked at the spiked heels of the shoes. ‘I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.’

With a strange, blazing expression in his face, he said, ‘I’m not.’

I swear when I read that scene I nearly fainted. Talk about a fucking word picture. I still can’t get that image out of my mind, and honestly who the fuck would want to? Oh and did I mention that this single fan fiction has more cunnilingus than all Twilight fan fiction combined? I AM NOT JOKING! Doubt me? Count for yourself. At times, I was so overwhelmed with the sheer awesome of all the tongue-loving on lady parts that I nearly passed out cold. UNF!

Now, with all these sexy times I’m sure you’re asking: “Where is this plot that you and Chele keep talking about?” Oh trust me baby, it’s in there. What’s wonderful about The Love You Take is the sex is an intrigal part of the plot. Sex is how these two connect, grow and eventually fall in love with each other. Their sexual connection grounds their emotion relationship, and through this connection they both gain strength and confidence that neither knew that they lacked. It is magical how Subversa tricks us with all this delectable sex, and then slips us a mickey in the shape of a fucking fabulous story.

Speaking of magic. It is one of the primary elements in the Harry Potter books, and it is in this story too. Subversa doesn’t skim on the plot of the richness of the world. Instead she enhances it, adding new types of spells and magical objects that fit the erotic theme of the story, while still making them feel authentic to the wizarding world. The idea of Eternus Perturbatio- or any sexual spell - makes sense as a dark, unspeakable type of magical torture that Voldemort would use as a weapon. In fact, the use of it on one of his on lieutenants explained a great deal of that character’s behavior in canon (no spoilers, read the story to find out who I’m talking about *evil grin*.) Even the use of the tale of Merlin and Nimüe story as a parable for Snape and Hermione’s own love story is a stroke of genius worth of a seasoned novelist.

He crossed again to the desk and picked up his quill, scrawling Hermione on the folded parchment on the blotter, between the decanter of Grandfather’s cognac and the figurine of Merlin and Nimüe, which he had moved from the top of the cabinet to the desk.

He picked up the figurine and the note and strode from his room to Hermione’s. He placed the sorcerer and his enchantress on Hermione’s bedside table, slipping the note between the two figures where it held securely. ‘She put you in the crystal cave and took your power,’ he told the figurine, ‘and you’re still known as the greatest wizard who ever lived. I’m not doing that poorly.’

The Love You Take isn’t just about two people fucking to deal with the effects of a magical curse. It’s not just about a teacher unintentionally becoming infatuated with his student. It’s about Severus Snape finally getting the love and happy ending that he deserved (and was denied in canon). It is also about Hermione Granger becoming a woman that not only knows what she wants, but does whatever she needs to get it (including telling off a well-intentioned, but realistically concerned Dubledore, which is one of my favorite moments).

If there ever was a fic to show you the beauty, potential and down right sexiness of smutty HP fan fic it is The Love You Take. Take a chance, set aside what you think you know about these two characters and open yourself up to the possibilities. I promise you’ll like how it feels, and I swear I’ll never tell anyone. It’ll be our naughty little secret.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the best stories I have read in fan fiction. It is absolutely delicious, and most excellent in form. Thanks to you for the rec. xoxA

Anonymous said...

Just finished it, and I totally loved it. Read quite a bit of HP fanfic, but was never a huge Hermione/Snape fan. But this read has me looking for more. Thanks for the rec!

Anonymous said...

I'm another who has never read the Harry Potter books but this review intrigued me got to say I loved loved this story! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm another who has never read the Harry Potter books but this review intrigued me got to say I loved loved this story! Thank you!

briana_elizabeth said...

Up until this point I have avoided reading and HP fanfic because I always felt that I didn't want to mess with the universe that JK wrote. Because of your rec, I took a chance on this story, and I have to say it was phenomenal. Thank you so much for turning me on to this story.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story! I devour it! I wish you could share more HP fanfic! Thank you

LJM64 said...

Because of this post, I decided to pop my Harry Potter fic cherry....and, god, what a first time experience. I was all in the mood for some well written lemons (and these are no doubt) but the story was utterly compelling. It was just breathtaking in so many ways. I just finished the last chapter yesterday evening and I swear I was trembling it was so beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for recommending this amazing piece of work! I need to go and thank the author as well.

Anonymous said...

"I just never got...Ron. Like at all. Don’t get me wrong I heart Ron, but he’s a bit thick. While I could buy a young, inexperienced Hermione having a schoolgirl crush on one of her best friends (Harry being the more likely object of her affection, in my opinion) I just couldn’t see it lasting. I mean what the fuck would they talk about?"

I get that you have you own opinion, and each to their own and that, but you've got to remember that their relationship has a foundation of seven years. I think, as far as relationships go, the strongest are those that are rooted in friendship. They DO have a lot in common, and they've managed to make conversation for seven years just fine, so I don't really get your point.

And saying all that in the same breath that you describe why Snape and Hermione are suited towards one another *really* doesn't make sense. Hermione, who is more than anything else a genuinely nice person, being suited to her teacher who bullied and tormented her and her friends for years? No, that makes no sense.

You ship Snape/Hermione. I get that. And I respect it. Like I said, each to their own. But don't disprespect other ships (especially if they're canon) just because you ship something else. Especially when what you're saying makes little to no sense.

Jeanne said...

If the history of the Harry Potter fandom has taught us anything it's that fighting over whether one ship is better than another or one is more (canonically) valid than another does nothing but ruin everyone's enjoyment of fan fiction.

So let's just leave it with everyone has a right to love the ship they love and should ignore the ships (and posts recommending fan fiction about ships) they don't like. Okay?

Thanks for reading.