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Slash Brigade: Our House by NanaMun

This Slash Brigade Pick is...

Title: Our House
Author: NanaMun
Chapters: 4 (WIP)
Words: 31,265
Reviews: 174
Summary: Jacob meets the new neighbors - 3 odd, but beautiful men, who share an unconventional connection. And he feels it.

Teal - It may be hard to believe, but two or so years ago, you would have seen me approaching a poly fic like it was a bomb. I was skeered. Then slowly, very slowly, I found the rare but great fics that made it work, but they all had a common element: they were either M/M/F or F/F/M. That being said, when one of our Pervs nudged me in the direction of Our House , I had a little trouble swallowing how a relationship between four men could possibly work. Would this just be a smut-laced PWP? How could she pull it off?

Well, needless to say, I’m so glad that I gave it a chance. There is so much more to these characters than their penises and some stereotypical, never ending desire to get some. I was truly surprised by how deep NanaMun has delved into each of these characters. It all begins with Jacob noticing his new neighbors; not much time passes before he realizes that the three men living together are far from being roommates. They’re intimate and loving, and it’s not just limited to a pair of them. He finds it hard not to stare (or gawk in some cases), and his mind drifts to them quite often.

As friendships develop and Jacob becomes less guarded, he really gets to know Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. There are interactions with all of them, big and small, as well as the input about the others from each man. He learns more than he ever expected, and the individual and group dynamics they all share are truly fascinating to watch unfold.

What I really love about this story is that it give hopes for everyone to be much happier as Jacob slowly becomes an integral part of the group. Where there is fire between him and Emmett, there is tenderness with Edward and insight with Jasper. There’s no indication where the relationship(s) will go, emotionally or physically, but there is just so much potential and possibility that it’s impossible not to sit at the computer with your hands folded, praying to the writing muses that dear NanaMun will give us more soon. The sooner the better!

Emmy- I want to preface this recc by saying I haven’t read the new chapter that is BURNING a hole in my inbox yet because of ruddy work - and I needed to get this recc in.. So anything that happens in this chapter isn’t mentioned or alluded to in this recc...

I can’t remember what story of NanaMun ’s that I loved and led me to put her on author alert.. But I am so RUDDY glad that I did. As it meant that this baby landed in my lap from chapter one. I remember emailing the pack with a “GOOD LORDY, READ THIS” type email. Yes me a wussperv emailing round a recc for a Poly fic. Strange times eh?

Well no not really. I’ve always loved slash. And this is one of the best slash fics I have read in donkeys!!! Its sweet, sexy, tender and feels so real. Each dynamic, each pull, each thread and tangle in the lives and loves of this four feels so much. Makes me feel so much. Makes me yearn and tingle. Makes me want a love so ruddy big and intense...

Now some of you might just want a slash story for the sexing. For the lemony, sweet and salty sex. Well this fic has plenty of sexy moments (no real sex as of yet) but lots of hot wanking and honest to god UST and clinches.. Oh yes lots of clinches and passion. The imagery of these four and their interloping dynamics is wonderful. So plenty to keep the slags amongst us (me included) happy here...

But the characterisations and storyline is what makes this fic. I love that Jake takes centre stage, a vulnerable yet resilient and lonely Jake (sounds pretty canon eh?), and his match in Emmett - strong, protective, with shed-loads of love to give. The biggest heart around. Throw in a complex and sexy Jasper who has a fierce and determined passion and a very vulnerable Edward? Wowoow. Quite the potent cocktail. I especially like how this Edward is so very different from other Slash manifestations of Edward than I have read. He’s very off-canon. He’s vulnerable and needy, (wait! That sounds like canon after all!) but has none of the canon predator, obsessive, dominant qualities. Instead he is affectionate and then-some, he’s clingy, anxious, but very very sweet and very very loving, with a sexy demeanour and an irresistible pull. **Fans self** Edward in a fic is very important for me. He’s my fave character in all the series and he has to be appealing or well constructed no matter how central a role he has in a tale. So double thumbs up from me for NanaMun .

In short. I ADORE this fic. I love how its not neat and simple. Its like life, complex, messy, sweet and at times sad. The way life should be. Its also sexy and passionate as hell. Showing how life can be, how life shouldn’t just be shoved into a neat and tidy box that doesn’t fit those inside. Instead we can tailor our life so that it makes the most of us, and means the most to us. So that we can give the most to others and receive the most in return...

Read it. Its fabbio and one of my fave fics.

Chele - A polyamorous love story which involves Jacob, Emmett, Edward and Jasper? Is there ANYthing about this premise that I do not find awesome? No. It is completely made of win.

The only thing that makes it better is the execution of said premise, in which Jacob finds himself crushing on his neighbors across the street as he deduces that the trio of sexy men are all, in fact, in a relationship. Together. ZOMGSOFUCKINGHOT. The viewpoint from Jake’s observations lets me feel like a voyeur.

I couldn't help noticing how tightly Emmett's hands clenched the firm ass of the tanned blonde or how Jasper's fingers gripped and tugged on the short tendrils of Emmett's hair. I also couldn't dismiss a surging jealousy in my gut, but I really wasn't sure why it was even present.
"Boys," Edward scolded, "Guest."
"Mmm," Jasper moaned, when Emmett pressed against his ass, grinding the front of their jeans together. I felt my cheeks- my whole body- grow hot. I couldn't help imagining if that were me…
Thoughts of a writhing pile of four sexy bodies aside, this is, foremost, a story about emotions. I’m pleased that NanaMun takes time to deal with the mental weight the process of incorporating another person into an already established relationship can carry. There is care given to showing the reader the tenderness and passion that exists already, and how it ramps up when Jacob comes into the picture. Each character’s personality is fully flushed out, and each brings a unique perspective and complimentary charisma to the mix.

Our House is a beautiful, heart-squeezy and swoonworthy glimpse into polyamorous love of the four men kind. I’m not too shy to beg NanaMun for a few smutty outtakes to give us a glimpse of the beautiful, loving future of smutty possibility ahead of these four wonderful men.

Liz - I’m always down for slash fic, and poly slash is even better. What makes this fic such a great read to me is that NanaMun is taking her time to establish her characters as people, before just turning on the fuckpile. We see a little of how each of the primary trio ticks, what drew them together, what’s missing, and where exactly Jacob might fit as a 4th in an otherwise tight-knit relationship between Jasper, Edward and Emmett. We get glimpses of the passion they share early on, but just enough to keep the reader anxious for more, and feeling Jacob’s intense need to experience for himself a bond like what he sees between J, E and Em.

The potential for intense sexual chemistry between the four of them is insanely high, but just like in real life, the best things are worth the wait. I’m glad she took this scenario seriously enough to give them each a back story and personality, because sex with people you know is SO much better than.... oh, who am i kidding? FOUR hot guys, all aching for each other? It’s a no-brainer.


RicJinSarang said...

My heart just melted. Thanks to a quick heads up I received not a half hour ago, I was able to catch this review of "Our House". I am gushing. I really appreciate the rec and am absolutely floored that people enjoyed the boys as much as I did. It was really hard letting them go and I'm sad about it, but its great to see others got something from Jacob's smutty yet tender (poly) love story.

Thanks so much you guys!


Anonymous said...

I would normally NEVER read a fic with Jacob as a central character, but I'm so glad I gave this one a chance thanks to your rec. I loved every chapter of this one and wish there were more. The 4 of them together is just fascinating, and I enjoyed seeing how it would all work out. Wonderful rec this week! Thank you!