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Team WussPerv: Hide in Plain Sight by Fangmom

PhotobucketTeam Wussperv, this team is made up of myself, Emmy aka Pippapear, Jess aka Jessypt, Kim aka Kimpy0464, & Trin aka TFX or NaughtySparkle. Plus we might every so often have one of our other pervs crash our party, as the fluffy goodness appeals to them too much!

I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck a wussperv is, right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon

B) Loathes angst (when in massive doses)

C) Loves smut

D) Needs a Happy-Ever-After

We love to read new fluffy recc’s. :) Please let us know your favourite WussPerv friendly fic. It might be Team WussPervs next recc!

The Team WussPerv Pick is...

Title: Hide in Plain Sight
Author: Fangmom
Chapters: 33 (complete)
Words: 263,910
Reviews: 1619
Summary: Edward is an actor, hounded by paparazzi and fans. His financial advisor Jacob invites Edward to stay with him and his family in Houston. Can Edward hide in plain sight and will his relationship with Jacob's wife Bella tear a close-knit family apart?

Emmy - O.K. WussPervs. Listen up! At first this REALLY might seem that it is not a WP friendly fic. I must confess when Jeanney-Jeanne first recc’d this to us, I was like erm no. Bella with Jake is normally a turpentine and a half for me. In fact I bugged the ever-living shite out of poor Jeanne, by repeatedly asking her if it was safe for me AS she was trying to read it. She kept reassuring me, but hadn’t finished it. SO I had to bite the bullet and read it for myself, just so I could find out if I could read it! Lol. Yes I am that mad....

So the point of my waffle? Is that this fic, despite it sounding like it is far removed from a WP friendly fic, it really ruddy is! Its the perfect WP read. Yes there are some sad or tense times. But my goodness the UST and fluff factor of this Edward and Bella makes it a soft and sweet WussPerv pick, but one with bite.

The bite in this story comes from the supporting cast. I think all are exceptionally well done. In particular I like Bella’s best friend, Angela and her no-nonsense take on life. Its refreshing to see a more rounded Angela than we got a hint of in the books. Fangmom has really fleshed her out into an interesting and believable character. I also love the different way that some of the supporting cast, like Marcus, Claire, Quill and Aro are used in this story. It was a refreshing change, and really added to the story. I also thought pairing Edward with Jane was very clever - Jane in this story has a different relationship with pain, a clever twist on the canon Jane. She’s not at all likeable as his blonde co-star and lover, but she’s great to love-to-hate!

Edward in this story is top-notch. Sometimes a tad bit based on Rob, but hey its a sexy visual so who can blame Fangmom? But this actor has much more going on than Rob does. He’s been sucked up into the Hollywood machine, without really knowing how to escape, how to unravel it to get back to who he is and what he wants. He has some great staff around him, Alice in particular, but are they really putting his needs first as a human or as an actor or commodity? Edward is sensitive, so caring and considerate, intelligent, funny, very artistic and very lost. Edward finds a home with Bella and its not as Jake thinks because Bella is motherly - although the way she nurtures and encourages Edward doesn’t hurt. Its because she see’s him for who he really is and who he could be. They share interests and passions and can just be with one another. PLUS their sexual chemistry is scorchio!!! But its how Edward and Bella connect on a spiritual or soulful level that is so good. They unlock something in one-another. Bella as the housewife living a lie, given-up on all her dreams, putting up with an absent husband and pretty much part-time father to their child - Bella has nothing left of her High-School dreams. Without Edward would Bella have ever woken-up or found the strength to pursue her own happiness, so used to meeting the needs of others? But as she discovers more about who she really is, she also discovers with Edward that the passions she kept from Jake, that she repressed and put onto the back-burner for the sake of her marriage and appearances, the right person would encourage, foster and share in. Her loves of literature, cooking, the countryside, travel and music - she can embrace with Edward, as opposed to hiding from Jake.

As I touched on above, this story has potential WP triggers, drug abuse, infidelity, some violence and trauma, unhappiness, Edward and Bella both having different partners at the beginning of the story - Edward is dating Jane the Harpie, and Bella is obviously married to Jake... BUT, this story really didn’t read to me as an angsty fic, I think the central (at first hidden, even from themselves) love story, and the chemistry, tenderness and fun between Edward and Bella keeps it floating in the sweet for me.

So what about the smutty? Come on, I know you lot are all about the smutty, smut, smut!! LOTS of delish and scrummy build-up in this one. Edward and Bella spend A LOT of time skirting around, and flirting around their feelings for one-another. They get carried away. REPEATEDLY.. They get lost in the moment of one-another, and are doing many things unawares. But for a long time don’t cross that line. They fight against crossing that line. As neither of them want to be *that* person. But luckily for us, that lust eventually bubbles over and all hell breaks loose. Bella is a sexy woman who discovers what she has been missing out on ALL her life, years of a shitty marriage and putting everyone else’s feelings, thoughts and needs before her own has built up into frustration she wasn’t even aware of. So when sexy, young, sexy, fit, passionate, humble, sexy, intelligent, artistic, sexy, (did I say sexy?) Actor starts to show his true feelings towards her, the real Bella is revealed. The strong, fierce, passionate woman who knows what she wants comes to the fore thanks to Edwards many, many, many talents. Some of the sex scenes are intense as they flirt, kiss, grope and then eventually fuck all over the shop. Swimming pools, fields, cars, showers, kitchens, beds.... Rarrrrrrrr.

So don’t worry about the Jake factor. Or the married factor. Focus on the great characters, their interesting journey, the hot build up and lemony action and a beautiful love - across continents and ages.

(PS, I don’t think I made a big enough deal out of this. JEANNE found this fic. JEANNE recc’d it to the rest of us. YES! That is correct: Jeanne pimped an Edward/Bella fic. No really. I’m not lying! Read her recc below if you don’t believe me!! Our special honourary wussperv for the month!!! Doesn’t it warm your cockles?? I need to do something to celebrate this auspicious occasion, like buy her more pretty pink notebooks... )

Jeanne - What in the fuck am I doing on a Team WussPerv rec? Well, I’ve got to admit that I have a weakness, not for WussPerv fic, but for well written fic with an irresistibly charming Edward. Hide in Plain Sight is that kind of fic.

Now, before I even get started I want to address what you’re already thinking or the what you’ve already heard about this story. Namely: “It’s an RPF in disguise.” Honestly, I don’t give a fuck if it is or it isn’t. To me, it is a well developed story with unique three dimensional characters (a few of which I have fallen in love with). At first glance there are superficial resemblances between the characters and the actors of Twilight, but the characterizations take on a life of their own in this beautiful story.

Edward is the centerpiece of this story, with his self-deprecating humor, vulnerability, and youthful enthusiasm. He is strongly linked to canon Edward, because at his heart he is a romantic that falls head over heels for Bella from the first time he meets her. For her part, Bella is a very convincing order version of her canon counterpart. Think of self-sacrificing Bella, that always took the needs of others above her own, from the first book in the series (before she met Edward). How do you think she would be at the age of thirty-seven? A happy housewife and mother that is completely unaware of the vibrant life and love that is waiting for her out there.

Part of what also makes this story so entrancing is the cast of supporting characters. From Bella’s best friend Angela, with her colorful hair and language, to Edward’s Personal Assistant, Alice, who is terrifyingly efficient at running his life. The each have their own voice and personality that not only lend credibility to the story, but, at times, their lives are just as fascinating as Edward and Bella’s. Now, I have to warn the Jacob lovers out their, he isn’t treated to well, but one of the reasons I can handle it is because it character actually very different from canon Jacob. He is arrogant, self-focused and bit of a sexist pig (totally not my beloved wolf boy). He is however very convincing foil to Edward’s hero. Bella’s daughter, Claire, is also a very convincing self-absorbed teenager that at times is very hurtful in how oblivious she is to her mother’s feelings, but she is never purposeful cruel, she’s just young. An adorable addition is Claire’s best friend Quil, who has a painfully obvious crush on her. Then there is my personal favorite Bella’s father, boarder patrol agent Swan. Oh, Charlie! Anyone that knows me knows I love Charlie Swan in all his many incarnations, but this one is up there on the list. He is the dusty old cowboy that I imagine a Texas Charlie Swan would be.

Texas is also a prominent character in this story. Not so much the city of Houston, but the suburbs, quirky locals (like a certain frozen custard stand) and even the weather create a romantic, almost storybook quality to this unusual love story.

That is what I love about Hide in Plain Sight. It’s not the same old same old AH Ed/Bella love story. Edward is a young, British celebrity. Bella is an older (hey, only a year older than me), married, housewife. They come from different worlds, but the more time they spend together we see how beneath the surface of these superficial personas they have a great deal in common. The charm of this story is in the quiet, private moments between Edward and Bella. When they share a cup of tea and talk about their childhoods, or when they relax on a sunny Texas afternoon in a hammock.

This story is like their love slowly sneaks up on you. At first, you think it’s going to be a quick, straightforward smutty little fantasy where the bored housewife gets to have sexy times with her dream guy, celebrity actor, and while there is insanely hot sex that leaves you quivering and panting. What the story is really about is how two people find who they really are, underneath the perceptions and expectations of the people and world around and how they find love hidden in plain sight. ;)

Trin - Before I begin please refer to Jeanne’s rec first. I was one of those that felt at time the story felt a little “RPF” at time, but just as she said it is such an enjoyable well done story that the similarities just seems to fall to the background.

Oh how I loved this amazing Edward Fangmom gave us! First off he is British which just makes me want to do a happy dace. Edward is a huge movie star that can’t go anywhere without being mobbed, but he is still a regular guy with insecurities and hilarious inner dialogues. He also possesses a sweetness and innocence that so endearing you just want to give him a hug. Edward escapes to Jacob and Bella’s Texas home and their connection is early instantaneous. Bella is a thirty-seven year old housewife with a seventeen year old daughter and an oppressive husband who has put her entire life on hold to please others. I want to make sure that it is very clear that Bella is in NO WAY a “cougar” in this story. If anything I’d say that Edward is the one who really purses the relationship. Especially since Bella is a married woman who respects her wedding vows.

As much as I adore Edward and Bella I have to say that Angela also made my heart go pitter patter with her brightly dyed hair and full sleeve tattoos. She is out spoken and in so many ways reminded me of the vibrancy and no nonsense side that we often see coming from Alice in many other stories. It was just so much fun to have Angela with the foul mouth and the one who urges Bella to push some of her boundaries.

Even for a WussPerv rec this story really touches on some very difficult subjects like addictions, infidelity, losing ones self, and what some might consider emotional abuse. I truly believe that this story will strike a cord with many of the readers and you will be handsomely rewarded with the happiness, love and tenderness that comes in the end.

Jess - I’m a sucker for any fic where Edward is a movie star. Maybe it’s the fantasy or just a random pretend glimpse into the man behind the movie; either way, it will draw me in every time. So, when Jeanne said, “Hey WPs, I think I’ve got a fic for you... oh, and I love it, too,” I knew I was going to love it.

And boy did I.

The girls have already given a lovely summary of this story, and I echo everything they’ve already said. This story, as Trin noted, is rife with some really difficult subjects and left me in the throes of a moral dilemma on several occasions. The most obvious - the adultery issue. I wanted Edward and Bella to be together, but I also had a hard time knowing she was married - had been for a long time - and also had a teenage daughter. With that said, it became apparent early on that Jake was engaged in all sorts of extracurriculars, using his frequent business trips to *ahem* take care of his needs. So, as Edward and Bella’s relationship - first with his visit, then with phone calls, then with another visit - blossoms, you can’t help but really start rooting for them. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the chemistry between them is freaking intense. Every interaction before and after the inevitable separation is so charged... starting out gradually until it grows into a raging fire of want and need. I can’t tell you how many times the UST junkie in me was like, “OH MAH GAH!” And even better, it all felt perfectly timed and part of the necessary build up and telling of the story. Edward never pushed her, and it was only after she took the initiative that things really got going.

She bent and placed her hands on either side of my shoulders. Then she carefully swung one leg over me, while pushing off from the ground with the other.

The hammock swayed slightly as she straddled me, and instinctively my hands reached up to grasp her waist.

"Bella, what …," I gasped as she settled herself on top of me, grinding down gently on my suddenly rock-hard cock.

"Mmm … this is nice," she murmured, leaning her head back and closing her eyes as she swayed above me. "I've never been in a hammock before."

Please don't let me be dreaming, I thought feverishly. I held my breath, my eyes never leaving her face.

"It's so hot," she said softly, opening her eyes and locking them on mine. Her hands slowly reached up and grasped the hem of her t-shirt. With one fluid movement, she pulled the shirt over her head and dropped it beside me.

Hammock sexy times for the win! As hot as that little scene was, it was really only the beginning.

With that said though, their relationship isn’t just built on physical attraction. They spend hours talking about the future, literature, their passions, and their dreams. Conversation comes easily, and it’s endearing and amazing to watch their relationship bud and bloom with such depth. Here’s just one of the many glimpses at this:

Bella came to a stop in front of a section titled First Editions and Rare Books. She sighed. "This is where I usually spend most of my time."

Her voice was hushed and reverent as she reached out her hand towards the volumes, her fingertips hovering inches from the spines.

"I can hardly bring myself to touch some of these," she said quietly. "They seem so fragile, and so full of history. It's like every book has two stories; the story written on its pages, and the story of where it's been and who it used to belong to."

With effort, I dragged my eyes away from her radiant face and quickly skimmed through the titles. It was an impressive collection. I spotted a translation of poems by Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca, and pulled the slim volume gently from the shelf.

I flipped through the fragile pages slowly.

"Green, how I want you green.
Green wind. Green branches.
The ship out on the sea
and the horse on the mountain.
With the shade around her waist
she dreams on her balcony,
green flesh, her hair green,
with eyes of cold silver.
Green, how I want you green …"

"That's beautiful," Bella murmured beside me.

I looked up and met her shining eyes. I hadn't even realized that I had spoken the words aloud.
I felt myself drowning in the depths of her eyes. Was it the poem that made her react this way, or something else?

I hardly dared to hope.

I loved the little touches of real life she put in there - glimpses from Rob’s previous movies feeding some of this, as well as other bits that we’ve all heard about it. Like Jeanne said, it seems like it would have a very RPFish feel to it, but it doesn’t stand out in the way you would expect; it truly becomes the back drop of the story and just flows seamlessly.

This story is about love and longing, addiction, desperation, and sadness, and so much more. WPs and others alike, give this story a read. You will love it. After all, even Jeanne did. And that’s sayin’ something.