Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Team Spank Me Reads The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation

Team Spank Me is bringing you this week's Team Rec! Team Spank Me consists of Emily, Steph and myself, MsKathy. The Spank Me team will be tying up and reviewing BDSM-themed stories.

If you've got a Spank-worthy rec for us, send it to me!

Title- "The Anti Pleasure Dissertation" Author- erinmiyu

Summary- She's a feminist, he's a realist. Watch them grow and develop as they learn and challenge each other through differing ideas about sexuality and life in general. AH ADULT THEMES, LEMONS

Emily- TAPD feels very different than most bondage/BDSM fics I have read. Erinmiyu dives deeper than just the physical aspects of bondage play and I can really feel the mental aspects of the power exchange. I think that the mental "mindfuck" aspects of this kind of relationship are equal if not more important than the physical acts. Quotes like this "You restraining me isn't about me giving up power, it is about you taking control of my needs. Our needs." draw so many parallels to how I play that I was very intrigued by this story. I love that Bella is a feminist and her struggle with being a strong women and sexually submissive. The smut is good but I like how this story makes me think, not just about power exchange, porn and fetishes but also about art, life, and relationships. If you want some intelligent BDSM smut TAPD should be at the top of your reading list.

MsKathy- I couldn't agree with Emily more on this one; TAPD is a wonderfully complex, intelligent story. It happens to surround two people working out the intricacies of BDSM together (he's more established in his security, she's trying to figure herself and her role out). I knew from the very first chapter, which was done as a one-shot in the "Cock and Twat Tease Contest," that I would love this story, and I do. Erinmiyu does a wonderful job of bringing in so many of the psychological aspects of sex and sexuality that I love to explore and discuss.

Steph- “You restraining me isn’t about me giving up power, it is about you taking control of meeting my needs. Our needs.” TAPD is, to me, a riveting look at Bella exploring sides of her sexuality that she hadn’t before. She’s a self-touted feminist who determines that she’s into bondage and submission and trying to reconcile that in her own head. There are some seriously fucking hot sex scenes. Of course, who wouldn’t want to have Edward tie them up and videotape it to watch again later while he’s fucking you?


erin said...

thank you ladies for reviewing! and special thanks to mskathy for continual support and being the awesomest cheerleader ever.

Anne said...

This is an education in itself. The story line (yes a real one)is great. Read this one! Where is chapter 14--MORE....