Monday, July 13, 2009

How Often Do You Have Sex?

This week's Match Game

With a partner? A few times a week. Solo-daily.

A few times a week, twice on Sundays. It's a holy day after all


Ericka said...

I've been bitchin' about my lack of lovin' lately. I went on strike because the last few guys I've been with were unnaturally small (I'm talking golf pencil sized length and girth hard - no exaggerations). I'm still so appalled that I feel the need to share that info. But before that, for someone not in a committed relationship, I seem to have managed well a few times a month. Of course solo action is always more, but definitely not as fun. I'm ready to give up my strike now, but pickings are slim where I currently live. College certainly facilitated some fun times.

lisa89 said...

I'm in music school. We're hurtin' for straight guys whose heads aren't up in the clouds. Their other heads should be up in something else... ;)

Anonymous said...

you need an option between 'every day' and 'once a week'!
I bet a lot of couples would fall somewhere between those two, I know me and my partner do.