Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' One Shot Rules

Yeah, yeah I know. You're pimping a bunch of o/s again Nina?

Yes. I am. Why?

Because, I feel like it and the world needs more fucking smut, damn it!

So again, I went to twitter/twatter/titter twatever it's fucking called and asked people to send me their in no particular order, here you go...oh and you're welcome.

Title- First Day of My Life
Author- ilsuocantante
Summary-One shot for Magan Bagan's For My Happy Birthday contest. After a four year absence, Bella comes back to Forks to give her best friend Edward a very special birthday gift.

She swallowed thickly. “No, everything off. I want to see you,” she repeated, her voice taking on a husky edge that shot straight to my already throbbing cock. I took them off, and she licked her lips

Title- Screw Control
Author- superstarrh
Summary- How much control can one man be expected to have. When you have the love of your life continually throwing herself at you at some point you are bound to snap.

“Do not,” she utters, “do not even think about stopping anything or so help me you will regret it for the rest of your life.” Not sure how it was possible but now I wanted her even more, angry Bella was irresistible.

Title- The Confessional
Author- Insane Bliss
Summary- What happens when Popeward meets Nunella? Entry for the Age of Edward Contest.

“Shhh, I just want to see you. Beauty like yours shouldn’t be covered up.” I used my most soothing voice; one a person would use to assuage the fears of a frightened child, hoping it would calm her nerves. After gently pulling the offending garments from her head, I began running my fingers slowly through her silken hair, being sure to lightly brush her neck with every stroke.

Title- Birthday Surprises
Author- secamimom
Summary- Bella thinks that Edward has forgotten her birthday. But he has a surprise in store for her. Special one shot written for a friend on her birthday

“Oh, so the birthday girl wants to get fucked? Is that how it is now?” She nods her head and smirks at me. “Well then, by all means, the birthday girl will get fucked. Get up and get on all fours in front of me.” She does as I ask and places her ass right in front of me.

Title- Wreckage Outtakes
Author- lambcullen
Summary- Past/Present Outtakes from my Fic, Wreckage. All one shots. M rated

I could see the beauty of us reflected back at me. Edward moved back up my body, touching the skin of my thighs, ass and back as he did. His lips were at my ear, and he was looking directly at me when he whispered, “Isabella, you look so beautiful naked and aroused for me.”


Stephanie said...

Damn babe, those all look faboo.

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I'm slowly working my way through.
I love one-shots!
However, the first story's URL is:

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I love you for these!!!

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